“But we have been trained well. We could at least buy some time…”

“General Michelle sent us on this escort mission, and yet we’ve had to rely on Veldora to fight the Super Beasts…”


However, Veldora did not care about it at all.


“Don’t worry about that. So, you call that armor a Powered Suit? Yes, it was quite strong. However, Karman, it’s not very fun just being strong, you know? It’s boring. It was amusing enough the first time. But you wouldn’t stand a chance against Beretta if you fought him again.”

“…That is completely true. They wouldn’t stand a chance. Not even if there are ten of them.”

“Wait-wait-wait. Yes, we did lose to you, but surely it was not by such a margin…!?”


Karman had to argue back when he heard Beretta’s words.

However, Veldora agreed with Beretta.


“No, Karman. Beretta is right. The only reason that Beretta took any damage, in the beginning, was because he did not know the nature of the attack. It is no threat once he knows. Which means that it was not much, to begin with.”


“But, it has tremendous power! It is equipped with the Neutrolauncher, the latest weapon from the Empire!”

“Ah, that thing.”


Veldora nodded.

Yes, that was quite powerful.

Veldora could admit as much.


“But, Karman. That weapon not only has a long gun barrel, but it makes a faint sound when being launched. It would not be difficult to find the target point you know?”


“The target point. Beretta would figure it out and distort space in that area in order to alter its course.”


Karman was about to say something but swallowed it.


The sound?

Calculate from the length of the barrel and predict where it would land?

He knew the timing, and so was able to deal with the attack?


There was a lot that he wanted to say but he knew the answer already.

Beretta was nodding his head as if in agreement, and Ramiris was laughing as if this was all common knowledge.


(Who are these people! I don’t understand. What kind of features must they have to think this is normal…)


Karman was tired of being surprised all the time.

And then Veldora suddenly opened his mouth as if just having an idea.


“Karman. Why don’t you just have the children design you something?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“What? It’s very simple. You can take that Powered Suit or whatever it’s called, and have the children create weapons to attach to it. We retrieved the machines that Beretta broke, so perhaps we can fix them if we have the right parts?”


What nonsense—Karman thought. But the children were very happy at this.


“I want to do it!”

“I’m tired of walking.”

“I want to rest for a while!”


It hadn’t even been half a day since the barbecue, but that was their reaction.


“Wa-wait, Mister Veldora! I didn’t say anything because the children were so enthusiastic, but I don’t think you should expect much from…”


Even Zaza disagreed, but Veldora wasn’t bothered.


“You say that I shouldn’t expect much, Zaza. But I am quite serious! Besides, this thing about the Powered Suits is just a side-project. I was really thinking about acquiring a vehicle of some sort.”

“What do you mean…?”

“If there was a broken vehicle, Beretta would be able to repair it. Then we could travel faster, no? It will be six days soon. If we do not arrive at this destination soon, we will miss the appointed time!”

“Time? What are you talking about?”


Ramiris and Beretta knew.

It was almost 1 week.

In other words, it meant the day that Rimuru returned was approaching, and they needed to hurry up and return to their own world in order to destroy all of the evidence.

They would pretend that nothing had happened and wait before coming back to this world again.

Now that they had read the information of this world, it would be possible to connect the Different Gate to this dimension once again.


But since he had made a promise to Michelle, Veldora intended on finishing the current mission.

He wanted to return to his world after they had escorted the people to the new base.

So with this considered, he decided that it was necessary to increase their speed.

The worst-case scenario would involve him showing his true form and taking everyone there.

But he very much wanted to avoid that.

And so he thought of preparing a vehicle.


“So, what do you think Zaza? Is there such a place where we might find a vehicle and parts to repair it with?”


Zaza thought about it.

He felt that there was no point in asking Veldora as he had no intention of answering.

It would be wonderful if such a vehicle could be acquired, but Zaza didn’t think that it was likely.

But on the other hand, he had witnessed Beretta’s ability to repair things, and so there was a part of him that hoped.


“If I’m not wrong, there is an old Empire testing site up ahead. It’s currently a junkyard for old weapons…”

“Alright. Let’s go then! We can play with all kinds of—we can prepare!”


Veldora said in conclusion.

Sharma laughed. Rindo shrugged.

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