Men had a tendency to romanticize big guns.

And there was a good reason for it too. As long as you did not misuse them, they were very effective weapons.

And so Beretta had no issue with adding high-powered weapons.


“First, the Neutron Launcher. This has quite a punch. It’s a must.”

“It sure is!”

“Hmm. I understand.”



Beretta shouted heatedly.


“If you put your arms together to make a cannon, the enemy will immediately know that you’re about to do something.”

“Whaaat. Why? But it looks so cool!”

“Hmm. Hmm. I thought it looked cool too, but that is a good point…”

“That’s right. In this instance, coolness has nothing to do with it, Lord Ramiris.”

“Ugh… Fine. Next.”


Beretta nodded.

And then they continued.


“As for this weapon, it was probably made in this style due to the confidence that the enemy will not be able to do anything once it is fired. It does not require much time to prepare, and there are no fatal flaws. However, I have a better idea.”


So saying, Beretta began to draw on the ground while explaining.

It was not a wearable Powered Suit, but a Battle Body that could be considered a second body.

He also had ideas for improved Cyber Bodies and new Powered Suits.

The Powered Suit would be equipped with converted high power firearms that would usually only work in a Battle Body.

And while none were able to shoot beams from their entire body, most of Ramiris’s demands had been fulfilled.



“Very impressive, Beretta. This is a design that contains all my hopes and dreams!”


The two of them forgot that they had been arguing, and they stared hard at the designs on the ground.


“I see. This new Battle Body houses a nuclear fusion reactor in its heart from the beginning. Indeed, if I were to use ‘Space Manipulation,’ the space expansion technology could be much improved. It could help with power shortages as well. And…”

“Yes! Yes! The beam weapons are on the outside! Now we can have lots of them and they can be exchanged depending on the need. This is amazing, Beretta!”

“I am not worthy of such high praise.”


After that, they talked about whether they could not make even more interesting weapons with the remaining parts.

The debate grew increasingly more enthusiastic, and their mischievous side took hold, resulting in the most shocking modifications being made.

Of course, the consequence was obvious…


“So, Zaza. Which one do you want?”

“What? What is…”


When Zaza and the others returned from their patrol in the morning, they saw a line of super weapons with fearsome power.




Ramiris looked proud.

Beretta was full of a sense of accomplishment.

Zaza had a distant look in his eyes.

Karman and his men stood there in shock.

The children looked at the buses and the line of weapons with shining eyes.

The adults talked about how the buses had been there when they woke up. It was so removed from reality that they could not believe it.

Veldora watched these reactions and laughed loudly.


“Kaahahaha! Now, all of you. You must ride these vehicles so we can get out of here. Zaza. Stop standing there like a fool. You and Karman must decide who will use what weapon!”

“Wa-wait a minute! Before we do anything, where did this all come from!?”


Veldora tried to run through it as if it was nothing, but Zaza demanded an explanation.

However, it was Karman who tried to calm him.


“Now, now, Zaza. I think it’s time we accept things. Those people are not normal. It’s the way things are. Let’s just accept it and use these weapons.”


He showed surprising adaptability. Karman had decided to accept these weapons as reality.

Sharma and Rindo followed.


“Lord Veldora. How are these used?”

“Miss Sharma. These things happen to be my specialty. Leave it to me!”

“Ah, Rindo. I’ll leave it to you, then. Lord Veldora. Thank you very much. Now we shall be able to travel safely.”


They settled in very quickly.

They had decided that it was a waste of time acting stunned, and it was better if they lived with a positive mindset.


Hey, hey. I’m the only one being left behind… Zaza wanted to cry.

However, no one cared about him. So he had no choice but to get on the bus.


“So, Zaza. Are you prepared to have your brain transferred to the new machine? As we predicted, it’s you and Karman who are best suited for these Battle Bodies.”


Veldora said.

Beretta and Ramiris were currently operating on Karman.

One of the buses had a workshop on the second floor that also acted as a weapon storage. It was possible to perform simple operations there.

Zaza didn’t say anything anymore.

As Karman had said, there was no point in agonizing over what Veldora and the others said.


“Alright, I’ll do it. I, I don’t want to lose any more of my comrades.”


He said, after finally making up his mind.



Karma’s operation finished in less than an hour, and Zaza was operated on next.

As they only needed to transfer the brain inside the capsule and adjust it, it was child’s play for Ramiris and Bereta to perform.

And so Zaza’s operation was finished, and Karman’s men also underwent modifications.

And like that, Zaza, Karman, and his men gained a new power to fight.





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