Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 296

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 14 A Frightful Trap



I want you to help Michelle. Said Jegyll.

She claimed to have been able to escape at just the right time.

It was clear to her that she was not strong enough to take on General Kristoph. And trying something so futile would not help Michelle’s cause in the least–she had decided this and come to this place that Michelle had told her about.


According to her, General Kristoph, the founder of Machinery Arts, had visited South City and talked to Michelle.

But they were unable to come to an agreement, and it had turned to war.


“General Kristoph’s strength is overwhelming. And his soldiers are all first-rate fighters. And… General Michelle was worried about injuring any civilians. She did not fight with her full power. And so defeat could hardly be avoided…”


Still, civilians had died. And even now the chaos continued.

And Jegyll had taken advantage of the chaos and escaped from the city…


“Still, surely you know that even we cannot go against the Machinery Four?”


Karman said. Jegyll nodded as if it were the most obvious thing.

The Machinery Four could not be taken by surprise.

They were monsters that surpassed imagination. The strongest weapons of war in this world.


“I know. I do not expect that much of you. However, I want you to gather the power of the resistance and draw away the eyes of the soldiers. And then I can take our best men and save General Michelle…”


South City was in complete chaos. She claimed that the soldiers were unsure where to stand in this battle between the Machinery Four.

And so this was where the resistance soldiers were to come in.

Jegyll had heard that Michelle had requested that they combine forces. And she wanted to use them in her plan to rescue Michelle. She had risked death in order to escape the city and bring them this proposal.


“I see. The numbers of the resistance are unknown and therefore would seem like a great threat to the Empire, which is now in chaos. If things go well, you might even be able to lure General Kristoph out? But what about the others of the Machinery Four?”

“General Michelle was only taken about an hour ago. I do not even know what they were talking about before that, but I think the other cities are not yet aware of what has happened. After all, he would have to make General Michelle’s crimes clear in order to make the others act.”


Jegyll answered Reiz’s question.

It was unlikely that the other Machinery Four would get involved.

Even if General Kristoph had the highest military authority, he would need definite proof in order to condemn Michelle, who was the daughter of the Emperor.

Jegyll insisted that he had to contain the incident within South City until he could provide such evidence.


“I see. I understand now. As for us, we would like to continue working together with General Michelle. And so we will do what we can. However…”

“We have not yet heard back from the other resistance leaders. And so we can make no promises as of now.”


Sharma and Rindo said to Jegyll apologetically.

They did want to help rescue Michelle, but they could not contribute enough men. This diversion that Jegyll spoke of would require great numbers.


“Jegyll. We can move whenever we’re needed. We’re only alive today because of General Michelle, anyway. So you can use us however you want!”


Karman said with a laugh. His men also chuckled fearlessly and nodded.

Zaza was conflicted about this.


“As for me, I also wish I could go and help her. However, if I leave, no one will be here to protect the others…”


Zaza said.

He did want to go. But he didn’t want to leave the noncombatants unprotected.

While this was a secret hideout, he was still worried.


“But Mister Zaza. What if now is the right time to attack? We may not be as strong as the Machinery Four, but we have Jegyll with us. If we succeed in rescuing General Michelle, we may even be able to defeat General Kristoph! Besides, don’t you think the other resistance members will agree to join if things go well?”


Reiz said as if to encourage him.

Zaza had heard of Reiz. He wasn’t the most serious person, but he was known for being very sharp.

There were records of Reiz’s team fighting the resistance soldiers, and not a single death on either side had resulted from them.

And so Zaza was moved by his opinion.


“Yes. It really is a matter of getting the others to agree to it. If they all cooperated, we could gather a fighting force as we have never seen before. If the rescue succeeds…”

“…We may be able to attack them from both sides along with the resistance forces that create the diversion…”


Sharma said hesitantly. Zaza had thought about it as well, and he sighed and nodded.

It really depended on the rest of the resistance…

But it seemed like there was a real opportunity in front of them to destroy a corner of the Empire.

It was too good to ignore. It wasn’t just Zaza. Sharma and the others thought so too.



—Just then, Veldora’s patience had reached its limits.

He opened his mouth and spoke.


“Wait-wait. Aren’t you all forgetting someone? Someone very great and reliable at such times. Someone who is like a secret weapon…!!”

And just like that, the oppressive atmosphere was blown away.


“Surely you don’t actually mean to help us!?”

“But…wasn’t your agreement with Michelle just to escort us here…?”


Zaza and Sharma asked in surprise. Veldora burst into laughter.

Ramiris and Beretta saw this and began to whisper to each other.


“Lord Ramiris. The time limit is tonight. I believe the presentation is today… I doubt there is a difference in the flow of time here. At the earliest, Rimuru might find out about our actions today. So if you wish to hide your tracks, you must return right now…”

“Damn it, master. Wasn’t he going to leave everything to Rimuru?”

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