She asked as she prepared yet another attack.

It was really just her way of toying with Karman. She was not actually interested in a reply.

All it did was buy her some time.

However, Karman answered politely.


“Yes, maybe I am an idiot. But it’s possible that someone from my old home exists within that Super Beast. You called them ‘purification devices’? So you know the secret of the Super Beasts?”


Karman asked. ‘Ah, yes,’ Jegyll said knowingly.


“Now that I think of it, the use of Six was top-secret.”

“Aye, it’s true. I didn’t know about it either. And I was the captain of a Special Task Force team. So, now I am curious as to why someone like Karman would now.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. We’re going to kill you right here, so the city residents won’t hear anything of it.”


There were still questions left unanswered, but it didn’t matter to Jegyll.

And so she moved to attack.

She was ready.

Her body had been remade and now specialized in combat.

Karman also didn’t let his guard down. His eyes were locked onto Jegyll and Reiz.

Reiz’s men were still fighting the Super Beasts, but he also kept his attention on them.

Karman didn’t have much chance of winning, but he intended on buying his men as much time as possible, so they could find the Powered Suits.

Still, there was some hope for him.

Veldora’s own words… ‘Oh, Karman. The Battle Bodies you and Zaza were given were based on our analysis of Michelle. If you can handle it, you will have the strength of a Demon Lord.’ If he was to believe those words, he should be able to take on the Machinery Four.

He didn’t know what Veldora meant by ‘Demon Lord,’ but Karman didn’t worry about such details.

And so he decided to fight without giving up.


“Reiz. I will handle Karman. You hurry up and get rid of these pesky Super Beasts!”

“Yes, yes. Understood!”


Jegyll ordered him as his superior. And so Reiz obeyed her and moved towards the Super Beasts with his men.


“I won’t let you!”


Karman said as he tried to attack them as a diversion.

However, Jegyll stopped him.

And so he was forced to face her. And the fight began.



As vicious as the fight was, it was mostly Jegyll attacking.

While Karman followed the warning signs that appeared in his brain, it was all rather superficial. He was good at handling heavy weapons, but not at close-quarters combat.

And so he tried to establish the tide of the battle as quickly as possible.


“Hehehe. You’re better than I thought. I was confused as to why you didn’t die from my kick. But now I see it. You’ve undergone some modifications.”

“Yes. And so I’m starting to get used to your movements.”


It was a bluff.

Indeed, Karman was able to react to a certain degree.

However, it was very difficult, even as he relied on his body’s features.

It wasn’t real Machinery Arts. He was just using the official military combat skills he had gained previously. And that wasn’t so useful against a cyborg.

Even now.

Karman aimed his high-power blaster at Jegyll and fired. But she dodged it every time.

Karman clicked his tongue. Jegyll laughed.


“It’s no use. You are like a child compared to me. I was humoring you just long enough to take stock of your abilities, but I have sufficient data now. As you were able face me with such weak combat skills, the features of your body must be at least as good as the Machinery Four. But that’s all it is. It’s still surprising, but you yourself are no threat to me. After all…”


And with those words, Jegyll vanished.

Then she seemed to materialize behind Karman. And she kicked him in the back.




Karman slammed to the ground.

His brain allowed him to trace Jegyll’s movements. And so he understood what had happened.

It was a simple thing. Ultra-high-speed movement.

Karman was able to see it all displayed in his brain as if he had a bird’s eye view. He saw Jegyll appear behind him.

It was twice the speed of sound.

It was an incredible speed, considering that she still hadn’t gone all out.

That was when Karman fully realized that this battle exceeded anything he had ever experienced before.

The speed of his heavy weapons were the same as the speed of sound.

Karman could fight while flying, and hitting his targets determined on his ability to predict where they would go.

Dodging optical weapons was not possible, so he managed by predicting the trajectory and firing time by reading his opponent’s movements.

But now, with an enemy moving around at a speed that was clearly faster than him, it was clear that such strategies would no longer be effective.


“Bullet-firing weapons are pointless against cyborg soldiers. You do understand what this means, don’t you?”


Karman didn’t need Jegyll to remind him.

It was obvious.

You had to use optical weapons to defeat cyborg soldiers. Because cyborg soldiers could move faster than bullets.

Especially seasoned fighters could even deal with beam weapons if they moved before firing.

This was what Jegyll was talking about.

And blaster weapons were slower than beam weapons. Slow enough for cyborg soldiers to dodge them.

Even an ultra-high-temperature plasma took time for the energy to be gathered. And as it was a short-range weapon, it was necessary to get close to your target.

The finished plasma sphere had enough power to burn anything it touched. However, it was practically useless in combat when you are moving at a high speed.

And that was why Machinery Arts had been invented. It was the crowning achievement of high-speed combat.

Even if both people otherwise had the same abilities, the difference between knowing and not knowing it was great.

Karman’s team was able to use optical weapons for wide-range annihilation.

However, once they were close enough to cyborg soldiers that they became visible to the eye, then there was nothing they could do but be trampled.

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