Thank you for the explanation that explained nothing.

Ramiris looked frantic, but I could hear the details about it later.

But it was true. Veldora wasn’t at fault, and if anything, seemed to have worked hard.

I regretted what I did just a little. But then again, it was because Veldora had worked so much mischief in the past that caused the misunderstanding.

So he brought it upon himself.

I would very much like for Veldora to look at what he had done in the past and feel remorse.

However, the Mobius System?

A blackhole as a power reactor? Was this some kind of joke?

I didn’t understand it.

Were they that advanced in terms of science in this world…?

And how did they…


<<In other words, it’s a type of phase shift power reactor…>>


Please make it simple, easy to understand and brief.


<<…To put it simply, when something falls into the Collapser, the matter is converted into energy. It makes use of this phenomenon. By using two toruses, they affect each other and theoretically, would create infinite energy. That’s what they must have thought. But it’s far from perfect and incredibly dangerous.>>


Master Ciel’s explanation was hard to follow.

In other words, it was not simple at all. Still, I barely managed to understand.

Basically, it was an incomplete product.

The imperfect engine was out of control, leading to the current situation—that was all that I needed to understand.

If this continued to spread, it might swallow up the entire universe.

If that happened, would it also affect the other dimensions?


<<No. It will not affect the other dimensions. Only this universe will lose its progress and be returned to 0.>>


Oh. If it didn’t affect the other worlds, then I could just leave it and return home…

But Veldora was trying to save this world.

In that case, I would like to answer to his show of spirit.

But, was it even possible?


<<It’s simple. In a way, this is similar to Beelzebuth. The problem isn’t the release of positive energy, it’s the disappearance negative energy. However, the way of dealing with it is the same. As energy has a direction, you just need to control that…>>


I see.

Growthspeed = the movement of time. So when the world loses its power to expand, then it loses the concept of time as well.

If the expansion of the universe was positive energy, then the phenomenon in front of us now could be considered negative energy. Negative energy was special and was not something you could easily guard against.

Veldora was unaffected by almost every kind of interference wave.

That was how good his ‘Probability Manipulation’ was.

Had this been an attack from an enemy, it would have likely have no effect.

So even if the world was destroyed, Veldora would be returned to his dimension without feeling any effects from it.

Even in a world without energy—in other words, where time had stopped—Veldora would be able to move without any problem.

However, with this phenomenon that robbed everything of energy that was in front of him, even Veldora could do nothing but try to use his immense energy in order to neutralize the effect.

In a way, it was a matter of compatibility.

But it had nothing to do with me.

As an example, if Beelzebuth, which had been my skill, had become uncontrollable, it would have been much like this.

And so even I knew how to deal with it.

Regardless of being expansion or annihilation, there was a direction to power. Energy had a flow and you just needed to stop it.

In other words, you needed to stop time.

If you stopped time, the expanding negative energy would stop.


So Veldora would not be able to deal with the phenomenon.

After all, Veldora could not control time.

There was something called ‘Space Time Control’ in his ultimate skill, Nyarlathotep, but Veldora had never stopped time by his own will. Perhaps he just needed some practice, but it was too much trouble for him, and he never tried to make use of that skill.

He was powerful from the beginning, and he was never interested in anything that he didn’t like. It was a bad habit that Veldora had.

As he could still move while time had been stopped, he did not think that it was necessary to learn to stop it himself.

While that did make sense, it was highly inconvenient in situations such as this one.

But then again, situations like this weren’t common. But I did hope that he would start practicing after this… It was annoying that he only relied on me for help when he was in trouble.

…Well, he was always like that, so I had become accustomed to it.




I understood what was happening now. So it was time to put a quick end to it.

Just as I thought this, people started to gather around.

First, there was a group of fully armored soldiers who came out of a building.

It seemed like they meant to help those who were trying to neutralize the gravity waves, but it was completely pointless.

I could see the despair on the face of their commander, so they must have sensed the futility of what they were doing as well.

Furthermore, an aircraft–well, it was a warship—appeared in the sky.

It seemed like the result of incredible technology, to be sure, but no warship was going to save them now.

I wasn’t sure if they had beam weapons, but shooting the black hole with it would not do anything.

As I thought this, someone came jumping out.


“Michelle! Stay awake! I will reboot you this instant!”


A voice said as they came running.

It was a woman who had lost the lower half of her body, and she was being carried by a rough looking older man.

She was calling to the woman named Michelle in an attempt to have her stop the destruction.

She didn’t seem like she was in the best condition herself, but I suppose she was still more worried about this Michelle.

However, it would be better if they did not get close.

The man was wearing some terribly cool looking armor, and had enough energy for two people. So while he may be able to bear it, the gravitational field here had already been formed.

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