I beat the air with the fan so that it cracked loudly.

Veldora was stunned as his eyes looked to me with worry.


“By the way, about your punishment for acting without my permission…”


I paused ominously and cracked the paper fan in the air again.

I continued only after confirming that Veldora’s eyes were shifting uncomfortably.


“I think I will exclude you and Ramiris from my next plan.”


“…Huh? Me too!?”

“Yes, why shouldn’t I? Both of you broke your promise and went off by yourselves.”


I said. Now it was not just Veldora. Ramiris was getting very nervous too.

Ramiris seemed to assume that she had nothing to do with it. Did she really think that I would overlook her?

If that was true, she was too naive.


“But I have nothing to do with this! I was just dragged in!”

“Wait, Rimuru! There is a reason here that is deeper than the sea!”

“Waaah! It’s not like that, Rimuru!! I was abducted by Master, that’s what happened!!”

“Hey, shut up!! Stop spouting lies! You were quite happy to plot along with me!”


And then the ugly fight between them began.


“…However, I have considered the possibility of not asking about it. Thankfully, I am the only one who knows about your little escapade. So, it you would listen to what I have to say…”


I said this as if it were really too good for them. They immediately took the bait. It was quite amusing.


“KA-HAHAHA! Well, why didn’t you say so sooner. Ask us anything you want, Rimuru!”

“I’ll do anything, okay? Leave it all to me!”


They were so easy.


“…I’m not sure…”

“I swear to keep my promises from now on! We won’t run away!!”

“Me too! Besides, it’s more interesting with you there, Rimuru!”


Veldora and Ramiris made their desperate appeals.

Beretta was looking at them with exasperation. It was as if he knew that this would happen.

Well, no real harm had come from it, and they both seemed to be sorry.


“So, no more forestalling?”


“I promise!”


They might do it again once they forget their fear, but they should be obedient for a while.

This was enough for now.

And so I nodded and forgave both of them.





“So, what is it you want us to do?”

“I’ll do anything!”


Both of them rushed me on as if they were still worried that I would change my mind.

They really didn’t need to. I wasn’t mad anymore.

And so I left it in the past and answered their question.


“I can’t really leave this world as it is, so I want to save it as soon as possible. That will be easy for you two won’t it?”


I said casually.


“Hey, hey. Are you sure, Rimuru? Wasn’t it you that forbid anyone from interfering too much with this world?”

“E-exactly? Saving this world? We won’t be able to do that while looking like we’re not involved?”


It was incredibly rare for these two to say something that made sense.

Perhaps it was due to my daily efforts to educate them. There was a sense of normalcy that had taken root and was growing.

However, it was a bit late for that.


“How can we leave this world and go home, when we know that it’s headed for destruction?”


Not being able to sleep at night would be the least of my problems.

It would be one thing if I didn’t know about it. But now that we did, I didn’t think it was wrong to lend them a hand.


“Kaa-hahaha! Yes, that’s true. Then I will hesitate no further in helping them. That’s what you want, right?”

“Yeah. Do it.”


I gave my permission.

It would be a farewell once we returned to our own world.

And so there was no need to worry about being used over and over.


“All right! All right! Can I wake up the sleeping spirits and share the power?”

“I don’t mind, but that power…”

“Oh, don’t play dumb! Of course, I’m going to get it from you, Rimuru!”


Ah, I knew it.

Of course…


“Well, fine. But only this once, okay?”

“Okay! You can trust me on this!”


But, I don’t trust you at all?

I thought. But Ramiris seemed very enthusiastic. There was no need to dampen her spirit.

Besides, she was right about one thing. Making the spirits active again would mean extending this planets lifespan.

In order to maintain an environment that was rich with nature, the role of spirits was very important.

And so the two began to act.


“Let’s begin then!”


Veldora shouted loudly as he returned to his original form.

A great, black dragon.

The aura he had been holding back was now unleashed, and immense energy now surrounded the planet.

Impressive. Seeing it like this, he definitely exuded a sense of dignity.

Unfortunately, Veldora’s everyday attitude ruined it…


“Kaaa-hahaha! I shall give you my blessing! Fertile Paradox!!”


Immense energy was unleashed into the atmosphere–it purified the toxins and caused a miracle–


Barren wasteland. Contaminated dirt. As I watched, it all started to fill with greenery.

The thick clouds that obstructed the sun began to be blown away by the storm.

The dark clouds that appeared were full of water that fell as torrential rain.

The terrain changed and gained color.

And when the rain stopped, the warm sunlight fell down on them.


–Veldora had revived the greenery, created water, and filled the land.


Well, well. It really was incredible when you saw it with your own eyes.

Now that I think about it, I had received a complaint from Ruminas after the great war.

The deserts had turned into jungles and the cities were swallowed up by the trees.

She strongly reproached Veldora for being excessive.

However, Veldora had run away. So I had to apologize profusely in his place.

Now that I saw the scene in front of me, I could understand her complaint a little more.

In conclusion, it was all Veldora’s fault.

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