Happy Life

Chapter 61 – Regrets – His highness’ Point of View


Even if I regretted getting her involved in this, telling her that only after everything was solved is pointless.

“You don’t have to mind it that much.” Liz giggled and shrugged her shoulders, “Please don’t worry about me, your highness.”

I can’t not worry about it when she was put in danger.

Liz was brought in as a hostage from Welf’s house, and it was probably to put me in check, as it is well-known that I’m obsessed with her.

If there was no rebellion in the first place, Liz would have not been hurt.

“Your highness, you aren’t actually angry at those unfortunate circumstances, are you?” Liz asked me.

“But I got you involved…” I muttered.

“The ones at fault are abbot George and lord Alfred for leading the rebellion.

“Besides, I don’t think any scar was left in my body, so it’s alright.” While Liz said that, she tightly hugged the jacket that was on her shoulders.

It was a large jacket that didn’t quite fit her height. Probably something that belonged to a servant.

I didn’t like it, but there is no way I could take it off her when Liz seems to be attached to it… Not to mention that I could never take away the clothes of a woman who had recently been assaulted in the first place.

Regrettably, I’m powerless.

I’m an existence that can do nothing and just needs to be protected by others.

It makes sense as I’m royalty, but it’s also incredibly frustrating to me as a man.

Why is it that I, an adult, needed to be protected and hide behind someone’s back, while the younger Liz had to ran away in fear like she did? It’s ridiculous.

And in the end, the rebellion was terminated by Liz, her valet and the Steinbert’s child.

Most of the rebellion was suppressed by Welf, but those three were the ones who were able to take care of the masterminds and put an end to it.

And me? I was just standing behind Welf, being protected by him.

… I hated it because I couldn’t do anything. Even when the girl I liked was in danger, I could only watch things unfold while being kept safe.

I could only watch as she dealt with the situation using her own strength and relying on the help of others. Others that didn’t include me.

“… As a man, I’m pathetic.” I muttered.

“I think it was the correct answer to do nothing, your highness. It would be way more reckless to try confronting the rebellion alone.

“In fact, my father was very angry at my own recklessness.” Liz replied.

“How is doing nothing correct…?” I couldn’t help asking.

“Your highness, there is a difference between being brave and reckless.

“I was reckless. And as a result, I was put in an incredibly dangerous position.

“It’s fine because things ended up alright, and I’m glad that I am safe right now, but still, it is much better to do nothing than to be reckless. 

“Doing nothing was the right course of action, your highness.” Liz gave a troubled smile after she finished explaining her thoughts.

It’s not like we had no chance of winning if she stayed still, but… She probably took those actions because she believed that man would come for her.

Liz’s trust rested on her valet, not on me. Even if I couldn’t help her at that point, this still made feel disappointed.

And now, after seeing my expression, Liz seemed to be disturbed.

It can’t be helped. Even if she tells me that doing nothing was right; even that was indeed the best course of action; even if I know that doing an unnecessary action that made everything worse would just create an extra burden on the people around me… I still wanted to have done something.

“… You know, your recent behavior has been quite laudable, your highness. It’s completely different from how you used to keep on trying to claim me for yourself back in the day.” Liz told me.

“Well, I’m already an adult. I can’t keep on being as selfish as I was back then, regardless of what I actually feel.” I told her honestly.

I know I can’t keep on dragging Liz around like I used to, but it’s true that I want her to like me. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate them, those are my honest feelings.

“I’m certainly happy about you becoming more well-behaved now that you’re an adult. You don’t need me to tell you to be a good boy anymore.” Liz replied.

“… But is this enough? Will this make you accept me, Liz? Will you become mine?” I asked her.

“I’m terribly sorry, your highness.” Liz immediately replied.

The same Liz as always. She never gives me a clear rejection, and so I keep on sticking to her.

She knows how I feel, yet she keeps on behaving like that… It’s a bit cruel.

But it’s also her way of being kind, because she doesn’t want to give me a merciless rejection.

“Being this selfish while also looking this gloomy is just like you, your highness.” Liz told me.

“Aren’t you being a bit too violent when referring to my feelings?” I replied.

“Well, you were much more self-centered back then, you know? Even if that side of yours was a bit cute.” Liz giggled.

I can’t refute her words because I know she is right.

And while she giggled, Liz put her hand in front of her mouth.

I could still see her smile though. Her moist lips looked much more mature than I expected.

Why does she look so grow up when I’m the adult here?

“In any case, I don’t think it matters if you’re pathetic or not, your highness.

“And in the first place, I not once thought of you as pathetic.” Liz told me.

“… How is it not pathetic to be protected by a woman?” I replied.

“This kind of stereotypical thinking is worthless.

“You’re the next king, so please start accepting the idea that you need to be protected, your highness.” Liz used a soft tone, but it felt like she was admonishing me.

I could only look down and bite my lips in response.

… Our ranks frustrate me. If I wasn’t a prince, would Liz line up by my side? Would she be willing to stand next to me, as an equal?

No, I shouldn’t start pondering about those impossible situations. They’re irrelevant.

So instead, I just leaned my head on Liz’s shoulder while giving her a bit of a troubled smile.

She seemed to be surprised by my sudden move, but I’d like her to think that this just can’t be helped for now.

However, for just a moment, I felt Liz’s body tremble at my touch for some reason.

I feel like Liz is getting farther and farther away from me with each passing day… But at least for now, I decided to pretend I didn’t notice anything and gently squeezed the palm of her hand.

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