Chapter 5:  Days get old easily, hatred is hard to avenge

In a gloomy prison.

Because there was no sunshine, there was a moldy smell all year round. Spring seemed to never come, and winter felt even colder over here.

Yun Ge lay down quietly on a pile of dry wheat grass—the kind of quiet where there is no sign of life.

Above the prison there was a small window, and from the place where Yun Ge was lying down, a small area of the blue sky could be seen. Sometimes there would be birds flying across, leaving a few happy chirps. But she only closed her eyes and was apathetic about everything.

The jailer put a bowl of rice in front of the fence; surprisingly, there were a few pieces of meat in the bowl, which was rare.

“The new emperor ascended the throne, granting amnesty for the world! Those with light offenses are granted immediate release; as for those on death row, you were exempted from the death penalty. As a celebration, the warden has commanded to give extra meals to all of you!

“Ao ao” cheers could be heard from the prison.

Yun Ge heard the two words “new emperor” and suddenly opened her eyes. Her lips slightly moved, wanted to ask something, but still remained silent.

The man in the adjacent prison cell finished his food in two or three bites, but he still felt insatiate. He stared helplessly at the food in front of Yun Ge. “Lady, the food will be cold if you still don’t eat!”

Yun Ge stood up slowly, picked up the bowl and wanted to eat. But her stomach felt sick, which made her feel nauseous, so she passed the bowl to the man next door.

The man was overjoyed, he immediately put a piece of meat into his mouth, but he also felt embarrassed. “You have not eaten yet!”

Yun Ge shook her head. “You can have that. I can’t eat.”

The man hurriedly transferred the meat in Yun Ge’s bowl into his own bowl. He laughed and said, “I cannot take credit without any contribution. I saw that your face looked pale, your footsteps were feeble—if you are not injured, then you must be sick. Let me take your pulse for you!” Right after he said that, he reached out with his hands to grab Yun Ge’s wrist.

Yun Ge wanted to move away to dodge him, but suddenly her eyes went dark and she fell forward. She grabbed the fence so she did not fall down.

The man was holding Yun Ge’s wrist and was taking her pulse for her. He could not help but shake his head and sighed, “Haih! Another pitiful human. In this death row, there should only be death. When there’s life, it would be suffering instead!” He put all the meat pieces back into Yun Ge’s bowl. “Eat some even if you don’t feel like eating; people who are pregnant should not simply do things following their temper. Do you still have any relatives? Where is the child’s dad? Do you know any of the in-laws…”

Yun Ge only heard the sentence “people who are pregnant”; she felt like her whole body was falling but floating upwards at the same time. Her head was roaring, and she stared at the man blankly. She saw his mouth opening and closing, but she had no idea what he was talking about.

She repeated the man’s words a few times in her mind—that’s when she finally understood what the sentence meant. She grabbed the man’s arm with force, eagerly asked, “What did you say just now? You said I…”

In Yun Ge’s eyes there seemed to be burning flames, which reflected on her face and made her shine. She was like a different person compared to before.

The man carefully said, “You have a baby.”

Yun Ge grabbed him tightly; her fingernails looked like they were going to poke into his flesh. “Are you sure?”

The man endured the pain and nodded. “Although I am not a good doctor, I won’t make a mistake with a pregnancy pulse.”

Yun Ge covered her mouth; there were tears in her eyes that looked like they would fall down. She was dazed for a little while, and she smiled again. “I have a child? I have a child!” Must be that Ling gege was afraid that she would be lonely, so he sent the child here to keep her company.”

She touched her cheek. “Do I look pale? Do I look weak? This is not good for the child, right?”

Yun Ge’s questions were fast and dense; the man only had time to keep nodding his head.

Sorry, sorry, mom didn’t know that you were here, mom did not take care of herself, did not take care of you! It was mom’s fault!

She immediately picked up the bowl on the floor and stuffed her mouth with big bites of food.

“Do you have any jewelry with you? Try to bribe the jailer and inform the child’s dad as soon as possible. See if there’s any way to mediate; at least switch to a better prison, one that doesn’t need to be shared between both genders.” It was impossible that this man knew the reason why Huo Cheng Jun had purposely imprisoned Yun Ge at this place, but he still helped her by providing ideas to her.

Yun Ge stopped using the chopsticks in her hand. Her gaze had fallen on an unknown void. The heavy sorrow in her eyes made people feel sad, as if heaven and earth were both crying. The man was considered as someone who was used to life and death, but he had never seen so much grief, as if at any time it could swallow her body which was thin like the cicada’s wings.

She turned her head and smiled all of a sudden, and said gently, “He went outstation and cannot come back at the moment. But I will take care of myself. I was wrong in the last few days, I won’t do that again.” When she smiled, the corner of her lips rose a little, and there was a strange uncompromising attitude and stubbornness in her.

She lowered her head and ate her rice in big bites. There seemed to be tears on her eyelashes, shining brightly, but they never dropped. After a while, she finished the whole bowl of rice, looked up and asked the man, “Does my complexion look better now?”

The man nodded his head heavily. “Much better.”

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