Yun Ge smiled and said, “Don’t be impatient! When the child is born, I will make you his godfather.”

Ge was totally different from the one of a few days ago! If he knew that she was going to be this “noisy” and this “bossy,” he should not have said anything at first to take advantage! Now, he not only had not taken any advantage of her, but she had taken a lot of advantage of him!

Suddenly, a few jailers escorting a fat official were walking towards them.  

Instantly, Yun Ge sat vigilantly at the corner of the wall.

The fat official stood in front of Yun Ge’s cell, cleared his throat and read, “Criminal Yun Ge, bewitching and has shown bad virtues, after the joint trial of the three divisions, it is scheduled that after seven days, you will be beheaded in the middle of the town, to serve as a warning for the later generations.”  

When the officer was done reading, he heavily made a “snorting” noise with his nose. Using a bureaucratic tone, he unhurriedly asked, “Have I wronged you?”

At the side, the man hurriedly interrupted, “Wasn’t it that the new emperor had ascended the throne, and he had granted amnesty to the world? Besides that, what kind of crime is this? What is the crime?”

The official stared at him coldly; the man shrunk towards the back as he was a little afraid. He looked towards Yun Ge and felt guilty, so he raised his chest and opened his mouth to argue.

“Don’t talk!” Yun Ge shouted.

He ignored Yun Ge and said loudly, “She is pregnant—according to the law, a pregnant lady cannot be beheaded!”

But the official looked like he hadn’t heard anything. He still unhurriedly said, “Since I did not wrong the criminal, after seven days, according to the sentence, the death penalty will be carried out.”

The criminals in the prison protested by knocking on the fence. The jailers swung their whips to warn them, but the noise of the prisoners could not be suppressed. Instead, it got louder and louder. Hearing the noises in this enclosed place, the whole prison seemed like it was quaking.

The official’s calmness was gone; he panicked and wanted to run away.

Yun Ge held onto his sleeves. “You all said that I have committed an extremely serious crime, so you all are going to warn the later generations. Will you all post out notices to announce to the world? The whole world?”

The official hurriedly wanted to pull out his sleeves, and said impatiently, “Of course!”

Yun Ge let go of him. The official looked like a mouse; he used a speed which was disproportionate to his body and ran out of the prison on a leap.

Following the heavy sound of the closing of the prison door, the shouting in the prison disappeared. Everyone looked towards Yun Ge.

Some of them were indignant, some felt aggrieved, some showed sympathy, and some were helpless.

An old man asked, “Lady, did you offend the plutocrats? They not only wanted you to die, they even wanted you to die ugly in front of the whole world—only that would vent their hatred.  

Yun Ge showed a faint smile. Huo Cheng Jun and Huo Guang were not only plutocrats, they were the masters of Chang An city.

Night time.

Four jailers entered, placed a piece of black cloth onto Yun Ge’s head, wanted to detain her elsewhere.

Yun Ge was a bit helpless. Huo Guang was really too cautious; he even made her change places from time to time.  


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