Chapter 1


When Duan Shen came home from work, dinner was already on the table. The TV in the living room was playing a popular funny variety show.

Legs crossed, Lin Xi was sitting on the sofa and munching on chips. When he heard the sound of the door opening across the room, he hurriedly shoved the rest of the bag into his pajamas to keep it hidden.

After a glance around the living room, Duan Shen frowned. “Put your legs down. Don’t sit like that.”

Now completely used to being ordered around, Lin Xi put his legs down, raising his face to give the man in a suit an innocent smile.

The latter stared at him for a minute with a blank face before leaning over, pressing a finger to the corner of his mouth. After a moment’s hesitation, Lin Xi seemed to realize something. He very naturally grabbed the older man’s tie and pulled him closer.

A slight smile came into Duan Shen’s eye, his other hand stroking Lin Xi’s elegant collarbone. Without warning, he shoved his hand down the neck of his pajamas, his hand reemerging with half a bag of cucumber-flavored chips.

Taking half a step back, he straightened up, his expression returning to its original coolness as he showed Lin Xi the crumbs he had wiped off of his mouth. “I said that you shouldn’t be eating junk food before dinner, and you’re doing it again. From today onwards, I’m confiscating all of your junk food.”

“…” Lin Xi leapt up from the sofa, planning to grab all his snacks out of the drawers before Duan Shen could. But he was immediately pulled back like a dog by the back of his hood.

Eyes wide open, he watched Duan Shen lock his snacks into a safe inside of the study, pressing a casual hand on top of the company’s top secret files. It received the same treatment as them.

“Fine, fine, I won’t,” Lin Xi mumbled, pinching his fingertips.

“Don’t even think of buying more behind my back. Every snack you buy, I will find and take from you.” Closing the safe, his eyes landed on the messy cardboard boxes piled up next to the shelf. “Your things?”

Walking around him, Lin Xi opened up the box to show up. He spoke with the pride of showing off, “My figurines.”

Duan Shen hesitated, then frowned. “What do you think you’re doing, setting them all up in the study?”

Lin Xi hummed in a high voice. “There’s too much, it won’t fit inside.”

Saying nothing more, Duan Shen turned to walk into the main bedroom. Hands behind his back, Lin Xi strolled in behind him. Duan Shen’s footsteps paused as he turned around to look at him. “What are you following me for? Go and eat.”

Lin Xi looked away. “I don’t want to eat yet.”

With a few quick movements, Duan Shen unbuttoned his suit. “Have you finished your self-reflection?”

Lin Xi was quiet for a moment before answering. “No.”

Raising his sharp eyes, Duan Shen stared at him and was about to let loose as usual. Before he could say anything, Lin Xi began speaking quickly as possible. “Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t run out on my own today.” To make the point, he pointed at his pajamas, “I’m still wearing my pajamas.”

Duan Shen seemed to hesitate. “Then how have you not finished your apology? What have you been doing all day?”

Lin Xi hesitated, before turning his face to the side with a guilty look. “Nothing…the day just went by so quickly.”

He waited for Duan Shen’s response, but nothing came. When he looked up at the other man, he saw him pulling open the closet door. The moment Duan Shen caught sight of a bunch of slightly small sweatpants, he paused.

His body stiff with anticipation, Lin Xi held his breath, eyes not daring to leave Duan Shen’s back, his whole body showing obvious nervousness. The next second, Duan Shen grabbed his pajamas from the closet and turned around with a normal expression. He took off his suit and passed it to him, “Help me hang it up.”

Lin Xi breathed a sigh of relief and put the suit into the closet without a second thought. Turning around, he saw Duan Shen lift the covers on the bed and pick up the yellow pillow next to the dark one. A chill ran through Lin Xi’s heart as he turned back again, keeping his eyes fixed on Duan Shen’s movements.

But all Duan Shen did was organize all the messy pillows slightly before turning back around. His hand lifted to Lin Xi’s face, then past it to close the closet door behind him. “What are you staring at? Go eat.”

The corners of Lin Xi’s mouth twitched upwards with joy. Before he could even stop smiling, Duan Shen’s deepened voice drifted over to him, “If you can’t finish your apology before the end of tonight, then come with me to the office tomorrow and write it there.”

Lin Xi’s face immediately contorted.


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