Chapter six


At seven in the morning, when Lin Xi was only half-awake, he heard someone calling him. He flipped over impatiently and buried his face into his blankets and muttered, “Stop bothering me, I’m super tired…”

Immediately the blankets on top of him were torn away. Burning with rage, he sat up, eyes still closed, and shouted, “Are you f*cking deaf? Didn’t hear me–”

Something flashed through his mind in the middle of his rant, and he immediately felt awake and scared enough that cold sweat was running down his back. After three seconds of dumb silence, he opened his eyes cautiously to see the man sitting next to his bed with an unreadable expression. Shuffling over on hands and feet, he kissed him and made a pitiful face, “I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault!”

Duan Shen’s gaze was cool.

Lin Xi pursed his lips unhappily, “I’m really tired…didn’t fall asleep until the middle of the night…haven’t slept with anyone since I was five…”

Rubbing his eyes, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. In the middle of brushing, he suddenly turned around, confused, and asked through a mouthful of toothpaste, “…Why did you wake me so early?”

“I reminded you yesterday,” Duan Shen said calmly.

“If you hadn’t finished your apology by today, then you’d come into work with me.”

Lin Xi: “…”

An hour later, Duan Shen reverse parked his car into his spot in the underground lot. Lin Xi came out from the passenger’s seat and followed the man into the elevator, right up to the executive’s office.

Su Heng came over to report his schedule, but hesitated when he saw Lin Xi. “Mr. Duan, your brother?”

Duan Shen’s footsteps slowed as he skipped through the question entirely, “Set up a small table and chair in my office.”

Standing behind the two, Lin Xi was looking at the clean-cut wedding ring on Duan Shen’s left hand. He looked back at his own empty hand and hummed slightly, saying nothing.

Duan Shen had a meeting in the morning, and Lin Xi’s brain was firing off with mischief. He still made an effort to look decent while he was sitting obediently in the office, adding on the remaining hundred or so words to his apology.

After the older man had departed with his assistant, Lin Xi flipped through the whole thing and proofread it twice before stacking it on top of the other man’s office desk and swaggering out of the office. While walking, he pulled out his cellphone, “Hey there Mr. Lu, have time to come out for a gathering?”

Lu Lingxing’s voice was lazy. “Who the hell are you?”

The conference room door opened, Duan Shen returned to his office after his meeting. The apology itself was stacked high on his desk, but the person who was supposed to be writing it had disappeared.

Sitting down, he flipped through it page by page. The first few pages were a thorough reflection of the reason for the apology and his own thoughts, the handwriting messy and lawless, filled with incorrect spellings. By the fourth page, however, the thought behind it seemed to stop, and the whole page was filled with incoherent filler.

Duan Shen frowned, flipping to the fifth page with low expectations, and paused.

Starting from the fifth page, Lin Xi had filled the page with “I love you”s, squeezed together and written in fountain pen, all but revealing his wicked attempts at flattery.

After a while of staring at the page, expressionless, Duan Shen’s tight-knitted brows relaxed, his lips relaxing into a slight smile.

Lin Xi entered the elevator, pressing the elevator button to the lobby. “F*ck, who do you think I am?”

Lu Lingxing continued teasingly, “Oh, it’s the disappeared Mr. Lin, gone for a whole century! Shouldn’t you be heeding your brother’s words and sitting and home sewing like a good boy instead of calling me?”

Cursing at the phone, Lin Xi hung up with an exasperated look. When he looked up at the elevator floors, the door opened and a bunch of company employees surged in.

Pushing his way out of the crowd, he only realized that he wasn’t on the first floor yet when he saw the signs of an office department. When he turned back, the elevator doors were already sliding shut. His expression darkening even more, he leaned against the elevator, his mere presence forbidding anyone to come close as he lowered his head and started playing on his phone.

Two female employees that were coming up were talking about Duan Shen. While his expression was still indifferent, Lin Xi was listening hard.

“Didn’t Mr. Duan just get married recently? How does he have children so soon?”

“Children? How did I not hear about this?”

“Last night when they were in a meeting, our department head heard a kid calling for his dad.”

Lips pressing together, Lin Xi finally smiled a little.

“That’s not a kid at all! That must be the missus!”

“You call your husband dad?”

“It’s kinky.”

“Ah, so do you mean that the missus is really…”

Their voice became quieter. Frowning, Lin Xi quietly took a step back.

“…Definitely. Since Mr. Duan started wearing his ring, he keeps coming to our company. I’ve seen him blush at Mr. Duan a couple of times too.”

“That’s just speculation. There’s no proof.”

“Well there is now! Didn’t the department head say that Mr. Duan’s study suddenly had a lot of toys? A few days ago…put the pictures on Weibo, and the background was the same limited edition figurines that were on that shelf. I’ll find a picture for you…”

The more Lin Xi listened the more confused he was.

“Don’t, don’t f*cking look for it anymore, look over there! Isn’t that the missus at the elevator?”

After a moment of shock, Lin Xi felt his ears grew red. Head lowered, he coughed, raising his head gingerly, looking at the two female employees.

Strangely enough, they weren’t looking at him at all. Their eyes went straight behind him and lingered behind him.

At the same time, the elevator door opened wide behind him. Bodyguards and assistants clustered around someone who walked by Lin Xi. Turning his head, he only caught a glimpse of the person’s pale, delicate features.

Lin Xi: “???”


Author’s note: I’m so hardworking I scare myself! (Translator: same)



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