In the coming weeks, we will be recruiting bloggers to publish under Editorials. Writing can be overwhelming at first but you get better the more you write. I can across this in an article when I was doing some research.

It’s one thing to have credibility in the form of a certificate or degree, but it’s a completely different game when you can show results and social proof.

Who would you be more likely to hire as a writer for your business?

A) The girl who just graduated at the top of her class, studying English Literature

B) The girl with 75 articles published on Huffington Post, and who has her own blog with an audience of 10,000+ people?

The choice is obvious.​

I have to agree, it was a nice read. Here is the complete article:

46 Reasons You Should Start a Blog Today

I do not believe that anything is free, and definitely no one should be working for free. We would be looking to rewards our bloggers, with gifts at a start but a more stable wage in the future.

Contact us below, if you are interested


Xiaoxiao team.

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