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Book I The spring day’s apricot flowers scatter above, who is the youth who walks elegant and quick?

Chapter 40 Asking your intentions

After the fright of the mountaintop and the drama in the palace, Chu Yu was exhausted. She slept and didn’t wake up until the sun was high in the sky.

In her day clothes but with her hair still scattered, she slowly enjoyed the breakfast delivered to her by You Lan. In a strict voice, she noted, “It’s almost lunch time.”

When she was half done with the meal, she noticed that You Lan’s expression seemed tense, as if she wanted to say something. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Princess Shanyin of course had more than one maid. But since Chu Yu had come here, the first female she had met was You Lan. She was the one who had given her a brief overview of her identity. Since then, she had appointed her to be her chief maid, and improved her living conditions in all ways.

Seeing that Chu Yu seemed to be in a good mood, You Lan finally opened up. “Princess, there are people waiting outside the inner yard’s gates since morning. They still haven’t left, even now.”

Grabbing a silk handkerchief, Chu Yu wiped her mouth. “What are they doing, waiting there?”

Seeing that she still didn’t seem displeased, You Lan was secretly relieved. Gripping the treasured jewelry flowers hidden in her sleeve, she lowered her head and said in a humble voice, “They are here for Sir Rong. There are a few projects that require great spending. Without his signature, they can’t go into storage to get what they need. There’s that, and the numbers that need to be checked twice each month, as well as several matters of staff that need to be attended to…” She stopped there tactfully, but the meaning was clear enough. Because of Rong Zhi, all these things couldn’t continue.

Did he really have so much power in the palace?

Chu Yu was originally planning to eat more, but she had to stop now. She thought it over. “Rong Zhi isn’t willing to see them?” Was this his way of getting back at her?

“Of course not!” Surprised at Chu Yu’s line of thought, You Lan shook her head hurriedly, afraid that she would misunderstand. “He isn’t refusing. But Sir Hua is standing at guard in his yard.”

After a moment of silence, Chu Yu put down her chopsticks and stood up, putting on her robes. “All right. I’ll go and take a look.”


Chapter 40


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