Chapter 43 The Wounding Flower and the Crying Crane

Nourishing the kidney? Nourishing the male organ?

Even though Chu Yu had thrown up her guard for this answer, it still made her a little crazy.

Did this guy look like the type who needed nourishment of the kidney?

Who the hell made this porridge for him?

With a cheery smile on his face, Rong Zhi seemed to see through her thoughts. “I’m guessing it was probably someone in the medicinal bureau in the palace who did it.” He blinked, his gaze innocent. “They probably thought I was punished this way for not being able to service my princess properly, and decided I needed some extra nourishment. I’ll go and talk to them in the future to sort things out.”

Chu Yu looked back at him with similarly innocent eyes before she realized what he was getting at: the people in the palace from whatever medicinal bureau thought that he wasn’t putting in………………..Continue Reading Chapter

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