This got requested a lot and I am in a good mood. I will get at least one more chapter out.

Drama Recommendation: I Do I Do 2012

Kim Sun Ah is an angel.

Im Soo Hyang can do no wrong <3

Re-watching shows like this when I am older, wiser and can understand innuendos and cultural cues better is a revelation


Book I The spring day’s apricot flowers scatter above, who is the youth who walks elegant and quick?

Chapter 35 Three Thousand Rich Flower Sword

The sound of weapons clanging together was as constant as the pattering of rain. Because of how difficult it was to turn her head, Chu Yu could only eye it before straining once more to pull at Huan Yuan, flashing him a pained smile. “Stay with me a bit longer. It won’t take long.”

Just as she predicted, after a few flashes of swords and screams of agony, there was the sound of several heavy objects thudding to the ground. Very quickly, someone ran over and grabbed her, preventing her from slipping down further. Yue Jiefei went ahead and rescued Huan Yuan from his difficult situation.

Chapter 35


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