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Tensei Slime

Chapter 228 Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 3


They were slowly coming to an agreement, ignoring Dino’s scream.

Thinking that, at this rate, it won’t turn out good, Dino started speaking of the plan he just thought up.


“Wait, how about this? A knockout competition? Let’s fight one by one and decide the outcome. How about it?”


To Dino, this was his last resort.


Being told by Zero to buy them some time, he had to be persistent somehow.


If a fight breaks out in this situation, in 8 or 9 cases out of 10, it will end in Dino’s defeat.


rather, if one were to speak of Dino individually, he probably wouldn’t last a few minutes.


(This isn’t funny at all. If those two are my opponent, I won’t even be able to achieve my biggest goal, to stay alive…)


He had to have his way here some way or the other–that was what Dino thought.


If they were to fight one by one, it would buy him time and moreover, if things go well for him, Zero’s preparations will be done by the time his turn comes up.


(But even still, nobody would listen to an insect like me normally. After all, it would be too convenient for me—)


Dino thought that it would be impossible after all but…



[Yep, okay! That is better for us too so—]




[Oops! Ignore that. It’s nothing worth thinking about! And so, I, Gabil, will be going first then~!]



Benimaru and Ramiris were having a questionable conversation.


Looks like the other party was also looking to buy time but even then, the situation was favorable for Dino.


(So far so good! Looks like luck is on my side!)


And like this, without even inquiring into Ramiris’ conversation, he was honestly happy that his suggestion was accepted.


And as such, the fight had started in the form of pro wrestling.






The first two to fight were Gabil and Pico.


The fight had turned into an aerial one as the two moved about in three dimensions.


Their weapons also resembled closely, being spears, and the fight was going on well.


(Wait a minute, this guy… his abilities have increased abnormally, haven’t they?!)


Pico was astonished deep down.


Compared to when they had a bout before, he had gotten so tough that it felt as if it was a different person.


His abilities were drawing near that of Pico’s — close to that of an awakened demon king level.


Although she had her doubts, Pico properly gauged the situation. And like that, they went on intensely fighting mid air for a while.


Pico had confirmed Gabil’s growth and wasn’t underestimating him anymore as someone below her.




After a while into testing each other’s strength, it looked like they decided to go all out.


Both Gabil’s Black flames breath: Flame Breath and Black thunder breath: Thunder Breath didn’t work against Pico. Neither did Pico’s Black thunder heavenbreak: Black Thunder and Divine victory punishment: Heaven’s judgement work against Gabil.


Pico’s Divine victory punishment: Heaven’s judgement is actually a very troublesome ability, inflicting all the damage the user has done to their previous opponents to the target. However, Gabil sealed that ability using his Ultimate Gift: Pierrot Star (The Frivolous)’s Rewrite Fate.


Even Pico couldn’t hide her surprise anymore.



“You-! Are you kidding me?! Why don’t you die? This is ridiculous!”


“Rude!! Are you that discontent with me not dying? But, I also have my reasons for which I can’t afford to lose. Forgive me, little girl!”




Although he had gone and said that, inside, Gabil was dripping with sweat.


After all, he had suddenly used his trump card, Rewrite Fate.


Judging from the fact that that ability, which automatically negates any kind of damage and can only be used once a day, had activated automatically means he would have definitely died from that attack.

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