Golden Assistant

Chapter 26 (Part 1)


Xiao Yi said, “You see, Changzheng doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s never had one, and everyone says that he’s gay.”


Lu Zhou said, “it’s only because there have been too many rumors of him being gay, otherwise, he would have had much higher achievements. In the Chinese entertainment field, people still care pretty much whether a celebrity is homosexual. Do you understand?”


“Oh.” Xiao Yi replied.


Lu Zhou said, “are you unhappy now that I’m talking about Li Changzheng? Well, this is the fact anyway, he has come half out of the closet. Initially, no one cares how people in this circle mess around, whether they look for guys or girls, no one really cares. However, once he’s out of his closet, he can’t get good shows anymore. The directors refuse to use him, and producers now think that he can’t play a role of a straight guy. No one will look for him for jobs anymore.”


“I know about this.” Xiao Yi nodded, “selling homosexuality could create topics, but if he’s really gay, then his development is ruined.”


“It’s good that you’re aware.” Lu Zhou said.


Xiao Yi, “but isn’t our topic about love relationships? How come we’re now discussing about coming out of closet…?”


Lu Zhou, “…”


Xiao Yi said, “then what are you going to do? Are you going to meet my cousin sister?”


Lu Zhou burst into laughter, what Xiao Yi had just said made his mood better. The two recalled about visiting Xiao Yi’s family, when father Xiao suggested about organizing a blind date for Lu Zhou.


“Your cousin sister.” Lu Zhou said, “well, I’ve already got a Tuzki, I don’t want to get married with a female Tuzki…hahaha.”


Xiao Yi, “…” -____-


From January to the end of April and early May, there are people everywhere in Beijing. The catkins of the city were flying around in the haze. Xiao Yi felt that even his lungs were going to mutate. Fortunately, Lu Zhou had taken a pause in receiving shows and he could rest for a while. He had switched on the air-conditioner and air purifier at home.  Xiao Yi had called and ordered some fresh food, and he asked the supermarket to deliver it every day to his home.


During the day, he’d exercise with Lu Zhou. In the afternoon, when Lu Zhou had physical classes, he’d do an hour of facial massage and male skincare. At night, Lu Zhou made some Hubei dishes with Xiao Yi, and they sometimes even read Shakespeare’s play script together.


Xiao Yi once heard someone saying that many artists and performers were just faking their capabilities, but according to his observation, many are actually quite hard-working. Those who are in their forties, who can act and don’t have to rely on their appearances to earn a living are the ones having real abilities. Lu Zhou’s life was more disciplined and healthier than many people at the same age. He was willing to learn and to do exercises, and he’s treating his life seriously.


Ning Yaqing used to learn ballet. Although her acting skills were still immature, her efforts had paid off. As for Zhang Xinran, she had studied folk music before and she always practiced playing the pipa and often did exercises to keep up with her figure.


The other celebrities like Wu Henggu and Hu Yang also worked hard to fill their days. When they were in the same group of Xiao Yi, Hu Yang studied his script every day and jotted notes with Director Guo. Wu Henggu would practice his calligraphy. For a few times, Xiao Yi had seen him practicing with calligraphy when visiting his office. If one wants to look for those celebrities who only go clubbing, drives sports cars and attends parties all the time, he could only find them in a Korean drama.


When Lu Zhou was doing exercises with his legs, he showed a painful expression. Initially, he had wanted to ask Xiao Yi to attend the physical lesson with him, but Xiao Yi ended up threatening Lu Zhou with his resignation, and Lu Zhou had to give up on the idea.


One month has passed, and Du Mei would call from time to time. The most recent time that she did, it was to tell them a good news – “The Age of Leftover Men” had been sold, and although it wouldn’t be broadcasted in 4 stations at the same time, a good station and time had been chosen for it.




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