Another teaser and possible replacement for Slime.



I Leveled Up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much

107 – Again to the Unholy Woods

If I am to go to a huge dungeon like Six Wonder, I must be prepared.

I also had skills I had learned so I guess I will head there after checking up on my status.



Name: Eishi Choukai

Class: Parasite – 49, Machinery – 21, Sorcerer – 30, Swordsman – 23, Priest – 33, Hunter – 24, Shaman – 29, Fighter – 16, Miner – 23, Thief – 24, Spirit User – 25, Enchanter – 30, Farmer – 25, Paladin – 24, Berserker – 17, Woodcutter – 14, Dancer – 18, Trainer – 15

Stamina: 355

Offense: 346

Defense: 319

Magic: 380

Magic Offense: 361

Magic Defense: 388

Agility: 302

Skill: Iceball, snowdrop, delight, magic craft lv3, magic saving, counter, inspiration:physics, inspiration:magic mastery, holy punish, magic restore increase, enhancer, spirit magic lv3, weak extension, curse of the weak, direct boost, efficacy:beast, efficacy:immortality, healing hand, anti-curse barrier, consecutive magic: 2, high magic, berserk, defense penetration, plant kamikaze, axe mastery……



Considering I leeched off the magic academy a lot, the magic related classes have increased and I have acquired many magic related skills as well.


And I am especially happy about iceball, snowdrop and delight this time.

Why? Because I didn’t acquire these skills by being a parasite.

The first objective of the magic academy – acquire a skill without being a parasite — it is the result of that. I was only able to learn very elementary stuff so far but what matters is that I was able to do it.


It’s important ‘cause I now know that I can keep going at it like this next time as well.

Besides, even though it is an elementary skill, with my status and buff (enchantment) skills piled up on top of one another, it can be quite deadly so it’s all good.


Other than that, the spirit class and skills like anti-curse barrier have already proved useful but on top of that, I learnt holy punish from paladin which adds the power of purifying all malignant spirits with the attack so it will probably be very handy at the Unholy Woods.


I have also leveled up magic craft to lv3.

Similar to double parasite and triple parasite, it seems to be a skill which is upward compatible and the higher its level, the more complex shape, size, strength and elasticity parameters can be adjusted.

If it gets to a high enough level, I might not need to carry around tools.

It might be the most applicable skill of them all.


I am parasitizing Trainer, Paladin, Sorcerer and Hunter now.

I should start parasitizing the other ones as well soon. Well, I can think about that later on.

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