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I Went to School to be a Swordswoman, But My Magical Aptitude is 9999!? 71

I Finally Finished My Homework



Exactly one week had passed since the end of summer vacation.

By now, the summer vacation spirit had left most people, and the students studied hard every day in order to become great Adventurers.


However, it seemed that Laura’s summer vacation had not yet ended.

Of course, she did get up every morning and go to classes.

The mentality that you could play all day had ended with her just like it had with the other students.


What hadn’t ended was the summer vacation homework.

It was the most useless and hated culture for students.


It was no longer summer vacation homework the moment you failed to finish it during summer vacation, so shouldn’t it automatically be considered finished?

Laura wondered about this seriously, but it did not seem like a convincing argument.

At least, the teachers were not likely to think so.


And so she had no choice but to work hard.

Thankfully, she was almost finished.

But at the same time, she didn’t have much time left.


Usually, you were supposed to submit it once the second term started, but she had asked Teacher Emiia to extend it by one week.

In other words, today.



She had to finish it today, or who knew what punishment the teachers would give her.

Previously, Laura had broken the glass window to the teachers’ office, and she had been spanked.

But they would likely not be so kind this time.


She found it hard to concentrate in her own room, and so after school, she would go to a corner of the cafeteria and do her homework.

Anna would sit on the opposite side and struggle with her homework as well.

However, these two were the only people who studied there.

Yes. These two.


“Ahhh. The strawberry parfait here really is delicious.”


While Laura and Anna were studying so hard that they were likely to get a fever, Charlotte sat gracefully to the side and enjoyed her parfait.

In fact, Charlotte had finished her summer vacation homework five days ago. She had escaped the death game far in advance.

They had always been together, these three. And they had believed they would be together again.


“Charlotte, you traitor!”


“Hehehe… What could you mean, Miss Laura? We may be friends, but we are also rivals! Don’t think our relationship is so lukewarm that I would hold back in a competition!”


At what point had their homework become a competition?

However, there was no point in blaming Charlotte now.

You had to open the door to your future by yourself!


“I’m going to hurry up and finish this homework. Then I can eat this omelet with a great sense of relief!”


Of course, she was already eating the omelet, in spite of not being finished. However, to truly taste an omelet, you needed to have ‘inner peace.’


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