Chapter 41. Be Quite Ruthless, Also Quite Vicious ( 6 )


“FengYang, I have to head back.” Mo Lian Cheng said, he did not care about FengYang’s unhappiness. Lien Cheng then turned to start staring at Qu Tan Er.


“Already? Elder Brother Lian Cheng?” FengYang questioned.


“It’s not like you don’t know that I do not like staying in the palace” Replied Lian Cheng while he continues to stare at Qu Tan Er even though he was replying Feng Yang.


Qu Tan Er looked down and smiled. She doesn’t mind that Lian Cheng is staring at her. Being stared at isn’t a bad thing anyways.


“So does that mean I can always go to your place?” Feng Yang asked.


“Hmm, that all goes down to whether or not my wife would welcome you.” Lian Cheng replied, while glancing over to Qu Tan Er.


“Why…” Mo Feng Yang was unhappy with Lien Cheng’s reply. “Does the Eighth Queen not welcome me?” Feng Yang asked while glancing over to look at Qu Tan Er.


“You’re worrying too much, Nineteenth Princess. Whether or not you want to come to the Eight King Palace, it’s up to your preference.” Qu Tan Er replied.


“Oh, really?! I should be thanking your generosity if that’s the case.” Feng Yang said.


“You’re very welcome, Nineteenth Princess” Qu Tan Er replied while smiling. She then turned to Lien Cheng and said “My dear, let’s go back”.


They then boarded their carriage and left.


As the horse carriage gets closer and closer to the palace’s main door, Qu Tan Er had a single lucid moment. She now understands the saying ‘Entering the palace is easy, but exiting is hard’. The hard part isn’t because of the guards guarding the gate, it’s about the woman, the woman that the king has by his side.


“I do not like idiotic females” Lien Cheng said, breaking the silence in the carriage.


“Huh?” Qu Tan Er was confused with the sudden confession. “Oh, erm, yes my dear” she said.


Idiotic? Who’s he referring to?


“The palace already has too many people, I do not want to stuff any more people in there.” Lien Cheng said.


“Yes” Qu Tan Er said.


Stuff? Stuff who? Why would he use the word stuff? That’s a bit rude isn’t it.


“You’re my wife.” Mo Lien Cheng continued speaking.


“Yes.” Qu Tan Er said while nodding.


Obviously. Why is he stating the obvious?


“If you do not want your title of the queen being snatched away from you, you better behave like one.”


“Yes.” Qu Tan Er agreed again. Even though she doesn’t really care about the title of being the queen.


“Remember everything I said, and how you agreed to all of them” Lien Cheng said again.


“Yes” Qu Tan Er agreed once again.


“Are there any other words you know except for yes? Lien Cheng stared at her closely, wondering if she’s doing this on purpose.


“Yes” Qu Tan Er replied coldly, once again. She gave a one word answer again.


“Very good” Lien Cheng said.


…’Very good’? She doesn’t get it, how’s that a good thing, she’s being rude and all he said is very good?


That was the last thing Mo Lien Cheng said. He remained quiet after that.


And of course, Qu Tan Er would also comply with not speaking.


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