Chapter 42 : The Battle Between The Two ( 1 )


The silence between the two has never been broken since then, the atmosphere was spine-chilling and scary, it was cold.


Qu Tan Er quickly glanced over to look at Lian Cheng, but all she see was him sleeping peacefully.


“Screeeech” The carrier came to a stop.


“We’re here” Yu Hao said, while opening the carriage’s curtain, waiting for both of them to exit.


Mo Lien Cheng looked at Qu Tan Er for a second, said nothing, and exited the carriage alone.


Qu Tan Er was disappointed with Lian Cheng’s action. She didn’t actually piss him off, yet was ignored by him. That’s not a thing to be happy about.


Qu Tan Er thought it’ll all be over once they got off the carriage. She thought she would just enter the Eight Prince Palace and head straight into her room. But… reality and expectations don’t always go well with each other.


“Elder Brother Lian Cheng! ” A girl shouted out of nowhere. The voice was then followed on by a beautiful figure, who flawlessly ran towards Lian Cheng and hugged him tight.


‘What a sight to be seen’ Qu Tan Er thought it her mind.


“Hi Qing Yun.” Mo Lian Cheng said expressionlessly. Despite Zhao Qing Yun’s sudden action, he did not push her away.


“Elder Brother Lian Cheng. I was only away for two months, and you married her as the Queen Concubine? You promised me to marry me and make me your wife, why did you not wait for my return?” Zhao Qing Yun questioned eagerly.


“Qing Yun.” Mo Lian Cheng said softly, he sounded like he was slightly annoyed.


“I don’t wanna hear it! I don’t wanna hear it!. You’re mine, no one else can have you. How could you go back on your words? Only I can be your wife, no one else can!” Zhao Qing Yun was clearly flirting with that high pitch voice of hers. She keeps on holding onto Lian Cheng, refusing to let go.


Qu Tan Er was standing beside them, she found this scene enjoyable.


Seems like Lian Cheng really is popular with girls. The palace already has so many women, including a mad woman, and now there’s this idiotic woman, what a pain…




Idiotic woman? Who was he referring to? There are already too many people in the palace, do not want to ‘stuff’ anymore in? Tittle of being the queen will be snatched away? Was he… Was he… referring to Qing Yun?


“Qing Yun, don’t act like a child, you’ll be laughed at. My dear wife is looking at us.” Mo Lien Cheng said coldly while pushing Qing Yuan away from his chest. He then pulled Qu Tan Er closer to him into a kissing position.


“Ah” Qu Tan Er was surprised.


“My dear wife, you’re dreaming?” Lian Cheng said romantically.


Dear wife? That’s gross.


Suddenly, as Qu Tan Er was still confused, Lian Cheng tilted his head, and went in for a kiss. His lips were against the beautifully soft lips that Qu Tan Er has.


“Huh? What?” Qu Tan Er was confused.


Qu Tan Er did not realise what just happened until a moment later. And when she does, her natural reflexes was to slap Lian Cheng in the face, but…





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