My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 402 – Nothing Is Impossible (Part 1)


These two people seemed to have made the confirmation already. No matter how quick Qin Chao could be, there’s certainly no way that he could deal with the ten farthest orders within five minutes.


Therefore, Luan Yamano contacted ten of his friends, then, they called one by one and placed the orders for the coffee.


Keiko didn’t know what to do, she wasn’t sure whether to take the orders or not.


Was she going to make Mr. Yamazaki humiliated because of her stupidity?


Obviously, she thought that she was useless, as she couldn’t even help Mr. Yamazaki, and she could only bring him troubles. When thinking of this, Keiko resented herself.


Sigh, initially, it had nothing to do with Mr. Yamazaki, but she found him to be the waiter, and now this thing happened…


Later, if she wanted to apologize, it’d be better to do it on behalf of him…


Keiko felt really guilty, but Qin Chao knew about this incident via the walkie-talkie.


He only used this to comfort Keiko a bit, telling her not to worry about the speed, and she only needed to focus on making coffee.


“This stinky boy.” Zhao Qingshan were looking at the waitress opposite to him, and he hadn’t forgotten to scold his apprentice, “you only know how to fool me every day.”


“Dad, I am thinking about an issue.” Zhao Jingjing frowned and she didn’t look happy, it seemed that she’s worried about something.


“What’s the matter?” This father had no idea how his daughter thought at all.


“I only knew today that Yamazaki belonged originally to a violent group. Tell me, do you think he belongs to a triad society? If we’ve got a gang member with us as an apprentice, isn’t this a bad thing?”


“Hah, my sweet daughter, I was wondering what you were worried about!” Zhao Qingshan laughed, “you can rest assured that Zi Ming is definitely not a triad member. He has been here for half a month. You still don’t know about your junior brother. Although he’s a bit cunning, he’s not a bad person. Trust your dad for once.”


“If you say so, then I have nothing to worry about.” Zhao Jingjing stopped frowning.


She was indeed worried about the identity of Qin Chao.


When the man named Yamazaki Kato came, he only said that he came here for the reputation. At that time, because Liu Dahai was greedy, he received 100,000 yuan directly without informing anyone. He didn’t even carefully check his ID.


Later, Yamazaki had been saying that he was a tourist coming from Tokyo. He lived and ate in the school every day. He could also endure hardships and accepted the hellish training plan that he’d built every day.


And during the few times that he’d fought, he was especially cruel, and he left no chance for his opponents.


According to Keiko, once on the subway, as someone was bullying her, the group of people all had their wrists crushed and destroyed by Yamazaki.


It’s not difficult to destroy the wrists, and Yamazaki was a big and powerful guy in himself, Zhao Jingjing believed that he could do it.


However, his means was indeed a bit cruel.


Regardless of all this, in Zhao Jingjing’s perspective, this method was indeed very effective.


For those who had no intention to change, without a lesson, they would just carry on with their own ways.


But her father was accurate in seeing people. If he said that there’re no problems, she had nothing more to struggle about. In fact, Zhao Jingjing also thought that Yamazaki was a pretty nice guy.


Especially when you need him, he always does something that surprises you, and never lets you down.


Just when his sister was thinking about him, Qin Chao was rushing close to Keiko’s coffee shop. While he was sliding, he muttered to himself.


“Ten people… It seems that I need to use the ability of Xiaobai…”


As he said so, he reached out his hand and grabbed a black flame in his palm. He shoved it into his mouth and swallowed it into his lower abdomen.


“Nine secluded summons – possession!”


This time is the summoning of nine ghost spiders!


In addition to making nets and making drugs, these nine spooky spiders have one of the strongest abilities, that is, the movement in space.


At that time, Xiao Bai made this ability the most vivid. Today, it was the turn of Qin Chao to use it.

After the possession of the nine spiders, Qin Chao felt that his body was full of spider webs. Every corner in the school seemed to be under his own touch.


He followed the spider line and quickly found Keiko’s small cafe.


“Booo!” There was a buzzing sound in the air. Qin Chao instantly disappeared into the air, and in the blink of an eye, he tore open the space and fell on the top of the Keiko Cafe.


“PPPAAANNNGGG!” Qin Chao landed steadily on the ground. His sudden appearance had shocked everyone.


“Address, coffee!”


He directly spit out these two words.


He had already asked for it during the previous conversation in the walkie-talkie. Therefore, Keiko had already prepared them. She handed over a pocket with logo, while her other hand took the note with the address.


Qin Chao had no time to talk to his master and sister, and he rushed out of the café immediately.


Upon coming out, Qin Chao jumped over the shed of the coffee shop. Then, in places that no one could see, he carried out the most rapid space movement.


Everywhere has been easily positioned by Qin Chao. It was basically an extremely easy task for him, the only thing he needed to waste time on was money.


“Hey, this time, I will see how he dies!” Da Chuan Bao gave a look to Luan Yamano, implying that he’s done a good job, making Luan Yamano very happy.


If Da Chuan Bao was happy, he could also get a lot of benefits!


The family of Da Chuan Bao was rich, and he had to flatter this big figure.


Luan Yamano was thinking about it and getting delighted with himself.

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