My CEO Wife

Chapter 70 – What kind of world am I living in? (Part 1)


Since Scarface saw that among the thirty people, most of them were young thugs, they didn’t bother with him at all.

He looked at Qin Chuan coldly and asked him a question directly.

“I am not sure how I should call you.”

At first, Qin Chuan politely handed over a cigarette and asked if Scarface wanted it.

“To hell your cigarette!”

Scarface directly hit away Qin Chuan’s cigarette and yelled, “remember my title, I’m the tyrant of Taiping! And people call me the Mercenary King!”


“How come I’ve never heard that there’s a Mercenary King in Taiping…”


Da Mao was mumbling aside, “so, you think that he’s a small potato like me?”


“God damn it, who do you think I am? How can you assume that I’m the same as you?”


Ma Jun scolded him again, “tell the Mercenary King, who are you?”

“Ah…perhaps not many people know my name…”

Da Mao laughed and touched the light torch on his head, the flashlight made Ma Jun a bit scared.

“Cut the nonsense, what is it?”

“My real name is not nice, but people call me Da Mao.”

Da Mao smiled and said, “today you can call me Master Yi, my sword is your sword.”

While saying so, Da Mao took the Japanese sword in his hand and carried it on his shoulders.

When he heard the name, Ma Jun shivered.

“You…so you’re the one who put Chen Long down?”

“Ah, was the rumor spread so quickly?”


Da Mao shook his head, “I even thought that I was quite low profile. Oh, looks like I have been given the mission to save the world!”

Qin Chuan kicked the guy to the side, then said to Ma Jun, “you’re Ma Jun, right? Let me tell you today, not only our Violet intends to collect protection fee from all the merchants in Taiping district, but even from you bosses. Wasn’t his bathhouse opened in Taiping too? Tomorrow, I’ll ask for protection fee from him!”

“Hell, don’t you expect to be that powerful once you’ve got Chen Long down!”

Ma Jun calmed down, and he began to feel furious again, “Taiping belongs to our brother Pao, and even people from Qinglong Club dares not bother us! Also, who’s Violet? I’ve never heard of such a person!”

“Qinglong Club’s not here, because they look down on you.”

Luo Li looked uncomfortable, “Ma Jun, I can see that you’ve become active again. And you don’t even have Chen Long in the eyes. And you expect us to be afraid of you?”

“It seems that you’re determined to fight with us!”

Ma Jun pulled his face as long as a horse’s.


“In fact, there is nothing that went wrong.”

Qin Chuan shrugged his shoulders, “well, in the same area, there can’t be two leaders. Even our Violet doesn’t bother with your brother Pao, sooner or later, he’ll come to provoke us.”

He suddenly smiled, “and according to my principle, the stronger one always takes the move first! And the one that reacts later will always be the prey!”

“Who do you think you are? You think you could fight with us? My brothers, let’s go! Let’s take them down!”

Ma Jun waved his hand, and more than twenty brothers behind him took their knives, all rushing toward fiercely.

These young guys did have some experiences in a group fight, but there were no bricks that day, they started imitating what Qin Chuan had taught them.

Flashing, hiding, plus kicking the private area!


Even when the thugs of Dashan have been through a hundred battles, they have not been able to defend against this trick!

His opponent had been hit on the face, and he fell on the ground while screaming.

“God damn it, who would fight like you guys?”

Ma Jun saw that his brother was covering his private area and screaming on the ground, he felt that his area was a bit painful too, and his tummy was shivering. Damn it…these thugs…how evil they were!


“Sorry, sorry.”


Qin Chuan hurriedly apologized, “my brothers are quite new, and they lack experiences. I’m hoping that you wouldn’t mind!”


The hell!


Ma Jun was extremely furious, and he could feel his blood boiling. Suddenly, he took out a three-pointed blade in his arms. No one knew how he could get hold of such a thing, since it’s a weapon used in the army, and there’s even blood on it. If he used it to stab somebody, that person would very likely lose all his blood.




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