My Girlfriend is a Mahou Shoujo!

Chapter 31 – Just like wind (Part 1)

Hearing that Li Yulong was going to compete with Zhang Shaoyu, all the girls were extremely excited. One was a sports star who claimed to dominate the track and the field of Nanjiang Middle School, and the other was a recent rising star. This kind of competition would be truly ground-breaking.


And the boys who were beaten to the ground by Zhang Shaoyu also stood up, showing Zhang Shaoyu a fierce look, then cheerleading for Li Yulong.


Li Yulong and Zhang Shaoyu stood on the same starting line, and Lizz shouted at Zhang Shaoyu, “Shao Yu! I’m sure that you’ll win! Show them how powerful you are!”


Zhang Shaoyu didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, he thought, “If I lose in front of the girls, I’ll probably lose face, won’t I? I especially don’t want to lose in front of Lizz. However, Li Yulong had been trained well, and although he’s so skinny, he’s the captain of the track and field team. I suppose that I won’t have a high chance to win with such people?”


Lizz also seemed to see that something was wrong with Shaoyu, she asked with concern, “Shaoyu, what happened to you? You look unwell.”


Zhang Shaoyu murmured for a while, then asked with courage, “Lizz, tell me if you’re going to abandon me if I lose later?”


Lizz was stunned for a while, then started laughing, “haha, what silly stuff are you talking about? You’re still a virgin and you have so much energy. How could you lose to someone who let himself enjoy every single day?”


“Virgin?” When Zhang Shaoyu heard this word, the corner of his eye twitched a bit, and he murmured bitterly in heart, “is she actually giving me a compliment or trying to tease me, since I don’t even have a girlfriend now that I’m already 18?”


“In any case, I’m sure that you’ll win!” Seeing that Zhang Shaoyu didn’t look so confident, Lizz’s eyeballs rolled a bit and she smiled, “what if I teach you a trick that will make you win for sure?”


“What is it?” Zhang Shaoyu was curious, could there be a secret to winning?


Lizz leaned her mouth against Zhang Shaoyu’s ear and said gently, “You just have to look ahead and run fast.”


Zhang Shaoyu almost laughed out loud when he heard it. He thought to himself, “who would be so stupid in the world to not look ahead when he runs? What sort of secret is this?”


Zhang Shaoyu was thinking about laughing at this advice, but he suddenly heard Li Yulong say, “hey! Are you two done yet? It’s been too long since I waited. Either run or leave! What else is there to talk about?”


Zhang Shaoyu looked happy and shouted back, “I like doing it. What could you do to me?”


Li Yulong was furious, he gritted his teeth and sneered, “well, don’t cry if you lose!”

Han Ling also became impatient, and she interrupted, “continue your conversation later, I’m going to yell start!”


Lizz had to sit back in the auditorium obediently, and Li Yulong also started to step on the starter and put on a starting motion. In contrast, Zhang Shaoyu, who had always been an otaku and he never did any exercises, didn’t knew to use a starter at the first place. He only saw it a few times on TV and he kneeled just like everyone else.


Seeing how unfamiliar Zhang Shaoyu’s movements were, people around him started laughing, “this guy doesn’t even know how to use a starter, and he thought that he could win brother Long, he really overestimated himself!”


After being laughed at, Zhang Shaoyu’s face flushed a little. Lizz couldn’t let this be, so she immediately scolded them back, “it’s you all who are overestimating yourselves. See how Shaoyu runs 100m ahead of that whatever Long!”

The people found it funny. This was a 100-meter sprint. How could a person be one hundred meters ahead of his opponent? However, seeing the beauty of Lizz, these boys were also reluctant to quarrel with her, they just looked at her with despise.


When Zhang Shaoyu heard that Lizz was being so supportive, he was incredibly touched. Since Lizz trusted him so much, even if he’d have to sacrifice himself, he had to win this match! He had to win!


Zhang Shaoyu clenched his teeth and tightened his muscles. He suddenly felt that his whole body was full of endless power, and he felt that his whole body was burning. Even the sweat on his body instantly dried up, there was even a little steam.

In fact, Zhang Shaoyu has unconsciously motivated the operation of the sacred core in his body. There was an overwhelming force stemming from his heart, just like flooding, and it had filled his body at once. This power was like a river flowing endlessly in his body, adding a steady stream of vitality to each of his cells.


However, everyone didn’t pay attention to Zhang Shaoyu at all, and they only heard Han Ling shout, “everyone, get prepared! And start running!”



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