Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 516 (Part 1) – A power that doesn’t belong to this world


A person from a different world?

Ye Tianxie’s brain felt all hazy. Suddenly, he felt excited and he instantly grabbed Hua Qimeng’s shoulders. He hurriedly said, “where did you get all this info? Did…did Xian’er…Li Xian’er tell you this? Did she?”


He was quite sure that only Xian’er would know about all these…in this world, the only person who could so much in detail would be him and Xian’er. And there could be no one else.


Unless there was really a “strange person” who knew someone’s future!


“Li Xian’er?” Hua Qimeng asked innocently, then she nodded lightly, “is it the name of the person in your destiny? A name that I had no means to know about.”


Yan Tianxie moved away his hands from Hua Qimeng’s shoulders, and he obviously looked a bit depressed…it’s a kind of look when someone just had hope, but yet again defeated by the reality. Since her eyes were always so pure and deep, she couldn’t hide away any truth. She really had no idea who Li Xian’er was.


“Is it really true that no one ever told you that?” Ye Tianxie asked.


“I already told you that I’m the same as you, and I’m from another world. I don’t belong to this world.” Hua Qimeng replied.


“A person from another world?” Ye Tianxie frowned. This is something that he didn’t understand.


“I know that you don’t understand. And I didn’t understand either. However, when I met you, I started to understand, and I started to believe…” Hua Qimeng looked at him straightly, and she was telling something that Ye Tianxie didn’t understand. After pausing for a while, she raised her eyes and looked at somewhere else, then started to narrate calmly, “since I was little, I have been different with other people…when I was born, I didn’t cry, I just used my pair of eyes to see this world and people around me. It’s only that, no matter how hard I tried, I only saw darkness…”


Ye Tianxie, “!!!”


Looking at her crystal-like eyes, they looked as deep as the vast sky, he could hardly believe anything he’d heard.


“An ordinary baby will only have an instinctive reflective consciousness when making the first sound. And when I was born, I already had an independent and very clear self-awareness, I almost had wisdom of an adult…but I was destined to use my eyes to see this world clearly. Perhaps God has given me special abilities, and he had to take away what should have belonged to me…when I was three months old, I already knew how to speak Chinese, and my wisdom that shouldn’t have existed has kept me silent. I try not to show any aspects that would make me look different than anyone else…”


“The Yun family is far from being bright and peaceful, and the internal disputes are as fierce as those of the ancient courts. Although I can only listen to the voice of this world with my ears and watch the world with my heart, I always feel that their battle is so childish and ridiculous…Right, I was only a little kid, and I was already looking at their childishness with my cold eyes. Even if I couldn’t see, I could easily guess what they were thinking, and I could easily see through their so-called conspiracy. At the same time, an ability that is not tolerated by this world has gradually made me more mature. The function of this ability makes me feel more and more scared. Everything I have in my body is so mutually exclusive and incompatible with this world called Earth. Since I was very little, I have felt that I am not at the same level with them. I am like a person who does not belong to this world. I am like an onlooker, silently perceiving everything that belongs to this world. ”


Ye Tianxie, “…”

“I have always stood by and watched the battle of the Yun family. I have never been involved. I was born blind, and more terrible things had happened to me. When the kind of power I didn’t want became more and more developed, it was like a punishment, making me lose another ability…since the age of six, I have lost the ability of standing up.”

The voice of Hua Qimeng was so peaceful, there’s no sentiment, no sorrow, no self-love nor self-pity. She sounded so calm, as if she was telling a story of another person.


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