Book 2 to Reincarnated as the evil fat pig Villainess in an Otome Game


A young black haired boy with black eyes was sitting on a chair carved of stone. The chair was located in a deep dark cave in the mountain known as the “Mouth of Hell”. No one comes here.

The black haired boy had a grin on his face. Smiling like he had just won the lottery. From his face you could tell he was about 15 years old. Still not a man yet and also not a child. He was in between the age of a man and a boy, you could see his face was handsome. He was an Ikemen. This boy was the Evil God of this World.

His thoughts was as follows. Ahh, ha ha ha, I have prepared everything well. Since I had been training for a thousand years to grow strong I had almost ignored looking at prophecy to see what the future holds. To my shock from prophecy I discovered I was part of a demon king game. It was a demon king game from the planet known as Earth.

I was the Evil God that supported the Demon King in the game, “The Demon King of Colors”. I was supposed to be invincible except for that one weakness which I still have. The hero and the goddess Sarah always defeats me and the Demon King. And both of us, me and the Demon King always end up getting annihilated.

I was shocked when I discovered that, I did not want to die. I had to come up with a plan, my years of planning to take over this World and defeat the Gods of Goodness would be in jeopardy if I did not do something. I decided to take a dead soul from this Earth, the best player of the demon king game to have died and reincarnate him as the Demon King of this World. I told him his fate is now tied to mine. Either defeat and destroy the hero and the goddess Sarah or die together with me at the hands of the hero and the goddess. Huh, it did not take much convincing, as soon as he realized he had no choice he caved in just like that. Now he is very much like my lackey.

Of course I was not just satisfied with this plan, I had many other plans to make sure there is only doom and gloom for the hero and the goddess Sarah. I had created many demons stronger than the demon king to serve me, in fact I created a thousand of these High Demons which is stronger than the Demon King. These High Demons were created from my body from my cells that’s why they are so strong. These High Demons now can be seen surrounding me and protecting me in this cave.

Other than that, I had also imposed the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, into the goddess story. In fact the goddess was suppose to be a beautiful, good and kind girl that became the goddess Sarah. I had just imposed the path of the ugly fat Villainess into the goddess Sarah. So the current goddess Sarah should be a fat ugly pig goddess. Good luck trying to get the humans excited in fighting us or even raising their morale. And it also solves the problem of my weakness in more ways than one. Ha, ha, ha !

I won’t succumb to a stupid demon king game. I am the Evil God, the ultimate Evil God, I have beaten the god of heroes Baldy to an inch of his life. I have taken his power and scattered it. That too is part of my plan to hurt the goddess Sarah.

What I am most proud of is the ability of my Demon King reincarnated from the soul of one of the best player of the demon king game. He has done a wonderful job. He has corrupted the hero. And as we speak he is destroying the kingdom of Colors. There is no way the goddess Sarah can win now. With the corrupted hero. With the weakened and destroyed kingdom of Colors. So, there stupid demon king game, “The Demon King of Colors”, you will never beat me !

Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

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