Reborn Only to Love You Again

Chapter 17 – Calculation (Part 1)

A month later, when Li Qingran’s legs were completely recovered, Yang Li, who had been refusing to leave his home, also encountered some trouble.


“You goddamned man, you have no sense of righteousness! How dared you abandon your wife for some slut? You will definitely be punished by God!”On the heated brick bed, Yang Li’s eyes looked red and her face was almost completely distorted. She kept cursing at the man.


“Stop yelling there!” Kong Daguo immediately punched her in the face, “let me tell you. Whether you like it or not, I’ll definitely divorce you. You have no choice in this matter!”


Yang Li felt dizzy after being hit, and she immediately fell from the brick bed. She wasn’t born with a great character, after being pushed to the limit by a man, of course she’d go crazy in an instant.


“So you want to kick me to death, huh? Then you’ll marry that slut, right? Let me tell you, Kong Daguo, you’re in your dream!!!”


Kong Daguo watched Yang Li sitting on the ground with hair all over her face. Now, Yang Li looked even more fierce with her hair like that, and since she wouldn’t accept to get divorced and she kept scolding him, Kong Daguo felt like being cruel to her even more. He took a few steps forward and pulled her hair, then started hitting her with his fist. Yang Li was agitated and she started fighting back, the two wouldn’t let go of each other.


“Wu, Wu…” The girl who came with Yang Li was the youngest girl from the Kong’s. After seeing her parents fighting like maniacs, Kong Cuiping started crying out loud. She went to pull her grandmother’s clothes, the old lady who’s full of wrinkles on her face immediately pushed the kid away, “what are you crying about? She’s still not dead! Both of you are such a misfortune to our family!” After scolding her granddaughter, the old lady looked at the couple who were still fighting furiously.


“Daguo, hit her! Hit her to death! First you should break her two hands, see if she dares to steal my money anymore!” When mentioning this incident, the old lady started scolding her madly as well. After being “cheered” by his own mother, Kong Daguo became even more excited, and he beat Yang Li even harder. In a short while, Yang Li was already lying on the floor, unconscious.


It’s like someone had poured cold water all over her head.


Old lady Kong looked at her and asked in an evil manner, “tell me! Where did you hide my retirement money?”


Now, Yang Li truly knew that these two people really wanted her death, and she started to be scared. However, how is it possible for her to take out the thing in her pocket?


When seeing that Yang Li was “pretending to have died” on the ground, old lady Kong snorted and used her tanned, dry and thin fingers to take out a needle from her pockets, and without looking, she stabbed it right into Yang Li’s arm.


“Aww—–” Yang Li was in such a sharp pain that she shivered immediately. When seeing the evil flashes in the old witch’s eyes, she yelled, “you’re such a goddamned old fool that deserves to go to hell! You deserve to be a widow all of your life, and you’ll only bring your husband misfortune, you don’t deserve any son nor grandson in this family. You deserve having no descendants!!!”


“You bitch, how dare you scold my mother…” Kong Daguo rolled up his sleeves and he was about to hit her even more.


“Haha…” The old lady waved her hand, instead of being angry, she looked happy.


“How dare you even have the face to say so!” The old woman stuck another needle into her.


Yang Li starting rolling on the floor out of pain.


“You know why our Kong family still has no descendants for inheritance? It’s because of you who’re unable to give birth, you incompetent woman! But now, it’s going to be different. Let me tell you, Xiao Mei is already pregnant with Daguo’s baby, unlike you who only gives birth to something that causes us to lose money, I’m sure that she’s pregnant with a boy. If you still want to survive, then get divorced with Daguo, and it’s time to let someone else sit on your throne.”


“What? That bitch is pregnant with a bastard?” Yang Li was dumbfounded.

There was a reason why she’d suddenly appear in Li Qingran’s home. A few months ago, she found out that her husband and a widow in the village were having an affair. How could she not do anything about it? At that moment, Yang Li immediately made a scene, and that little widow wasn’t the most gentle woman either. The two fought furiously in the village, and created a fuss.

Also, Kong Daguo was a man who would forget about his wife once there’s a hot girl, his heart had belonged to that “little honey” since long time ago. Even after being discovered by wife, he didn’t have any shame, he told Yang Li that he wanted to divorce without even making an excuse. In turn, Yang Li was both angry and jealous, and such an incident had triggered her to take the two thousand placed under the old lady Kong’s box and escape. Since she had nowhere to go, she thought of Li Qingran. All in all, her child would be without her father, and Yang Li had to take care of her from now on.

However, never did she expect that woman could get pregnant in such a short time during her time when she’d “escaped”. She couldn’t help but start to feel regretful.

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