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“Is that so?”


“Siltvelt is a country which favors the demi-human and worships the Shield Hero, and as such, their state religion is also Tatekyou. Iwatani is the same as God there.”


Father-in-law looked towards me with a perplexed expression.


“What happened?”


“No, just that, maybe Motoyasu knows something…”


“Even if you say that, I haven’t heard anything about the future father-in-law coming to this city.”


“Yeah, that’s right.”




As far as I know, there are only a few countries father-in-law has been.

Melromarc, Zeltoble, Faubley and a few neighboring small countries surrounding Melromarc.

And other than that… the country where the Chinese phoenix battle took place?


……Hmm? The Chinese phoenix and I have surely fought but my memories feel vague.

If I hadn’t fought with the Chinese phoenix, I wouldn’t have fought the Chinese unicorn at Faubley.

And most importantly, I wouldn’t have been able to go through with the 12 enchantments of the Four Holy Weapons and the Seven Star weapons.

What? But 4+7=11?

Hmm, it seems some of my memories are missing.


“According to Mr. Kitamura’s story, he generally worked inside of Melromarc and splendidly restored my father’s land after inheriting it…”




“I do want us to go on to the same future but I hear that the path to it is filled with distress… I can’t have Iwatani take such a path. If so, then I will take on the restoration of the land.”


“Eclair…… Hmm, if it’s you, I believe you can do it.”


“It’s reassuring hearing you say that, Iwatani. Once peace returns to the world, I want to control my own land.”


Eclair looked into the far sky with a determined look.



And after this and that, we had reached Siltvelt castle.

The shape of the castle is…… what is that?

It feels Chinese but there’s the characteristics of stonework from the medieval times.

However, the doors, gates and bridges gave off a larger impression overall and there were vines growing here and there.

There were also many therianthropes and it kinda gave off a wild impression.


“If it isn’t the Shield hero and Spear hero, you must be tired from your long journey.”


Once we reached the castle, we were guided to the throne room.


“I am the representative of the Shusaku race, Varnal. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”


“Shusaku race…… If I am not wrong, they are a well-known race among the demi-humans.

Hakuko, Shusaku, Aotatsu and Genmu, was it?

I think there was a person from the Hakuko race under father-in-law in the future but… I haven’t heard about that in detail.

I just know their face.


“N-nice to meet you… I am Iwatani Naofumi, the summoned Shield hero. Pleased to meet you.”


“Love hunter! They call me by the name Kitamura Motoyasu!”


“Motoyasu, they might misunderstand if you do not state your title as the Spear hero, you know?”


“Is that so? Then, Spear hero I am.”




The Shusaku race guy was dumbfounded.


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