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Strongest Naruto System

Chapter 49 – Here Comes The Issue (Part 1)


Seeing Hanabi staying still, Naruto did not hesitate a bit. He raised his palms and pointed at the tail of Hanabi, then spanked it for a few times.


It was a loud, clear sound in the ears of Hanabi.


Hanabi was extremely angry and she was struggling desperately. She was waving her hands frantically. Unfortunately, she only had a bit of chakra left. Also, after hitting by Naruto so intensely, she couldn’t use any of her strength.


Naruto had spanked her for 6 times, and initially, there were 2 times left, and when it’s the 9th one, he found out that Hanabi wasn’t moving anymore. His hands were hanging and his legs felt weak.


He was lying on his own lap and there was no movement.


Naruto couldn’t help but feel confused, then he lowered his head and looked at Hanabi.

At a glance, he saw tears coming out of her clear pupils.


He didn’t expect the arrogant Hanabi to cry so easily.


Naruto suddenly didn’t know what to do. The old problem occurred, and he tried to comfort her gently,


“Little sister, it’s the last time. I promise that I won’t do it anymore after this one.”


Hanabi looked at Naruto, and her tears kept running out, she said bitterly,


“Why did you hit me?”


Naruto did not respond. The system made him to, he had no other way.


When thinking about this, Naruto raised his hand again and hit on the bottom of Hanabi.


At the same time, the system told him that the mission has been completed.


“The special mission is completed and the host gets 20 Chakra of cultivation pills.”


It’s not a ninja skill, Naruto was a bit disappointed. But, the cultivation pills were still a good thing for him.

This was the only good thing that could get him to the top level.


After the spanking, Hanabi felt horrible, she started crying loudly.



She was extremely sad.


Naruto was helpless, and he felt a bit shameful. He spanked a girl less than 8 years old, this was indeed embarrassing.


He told his avatar to let go of Hanabi, then Naruto looked at Hanabi and comforted her,


“Little sister, don’t cry, just think of you being beaten by your father, it’s the same.”


Hanabi pouted and looked at Naruto angrily, there were still tears at the corners of her eyes.


When looking at Hanabi’s angry face, Naruto felt that there’s something wrong with what he’d just said. In this case, hadn’t he become the father? He’s not that old…


He could at most be her brother.


Hanabi was furious and yelled at Naruto,


“Tell me, how will you make this up for me?”

When hearing this, Naruto started laughing,


“Do you want to spank me back?”


When Hanabi heard this, she felt so pissed off that she choked. But when she did, she still looked angry and cute. She held her arms across her chest and said like a little adult,


“My mother told me that girls shouldn’t have their bottoms spanked. So, you have to make this up!”


Naruto was stunned and was thinking that she’s got such a powerful mother.

What’s there to make up with? Aside from his body as a virgin, he’s got nothing. Also, this is a 8-year-old girl, he couldn’t do anything across the line.


Otherwise, he’d have a bad influence on kids.


Naruto thought for a while, then asked,


“How do you want me to make this up? Do you want to spank me back?”


Hanabi said with despise,


“I don’t want to spank you.”


Naruto smiled and said,


“Then what do you want, do you want lollipops?”

Obviously, she was taken as a child, which made her even more furious,


“It’s you who want the lollipops. I’m not a kid anymore, and I’ve told you that.”
Seeing how angry she was, Naruto hurriedly said,


“Okay, you’re not a kid. You’re a little girl.”


Hanabi stared at him and stopped talking. It’s because if she continued, she’d lose her cool soon.


Hanabi pouted, lowered her head and thought. Then, she raised her head, looked at Naruto and suddenly said,


“I want you to marry me.”


Naruto was extremely stunned, he thought that he’d misheard it. Could a 8-year-old kid have said such a thing?

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