The Lover’s Prattle

Chapter 16- The Elegant Lunatic 6 (Part 1)

Xu Nianyang didn’t end up in prison.


When Qingruo saw him again, it was already in early March.


He was wearing a white sweater with a light grey coat outside, his hair was cut short and thinner.


He has always been slender, and his angular face looked very energetic because of his nice-looking contours.


Standing at the side of the car, he was looking at her gently when she was approaching, his white and light gray clothes matched his mild temperament exceptionally well.


Qingruo had just finished class, she still had to study at night, so she seemed to be in a hurry.


At first glance, she looked full of surprises, then she ran over with her schoolbag in both hands.



With a soft smile, Xu Nianyang nodded slightly, he raised her arm and held it, then took her schoolbag. It wasn’t that heavy.


He sounded very gentle, “slow down, don’t run.”


Qingruo held his arm happily, “brother, why are you here?”


Xu Nianyang returned to the Zhang family at the end of October last year. It has almost been five months since he disappeared.


It seemed that the gloomy temperament on him had finally disappeared, and he looked much gentler and stable.


Xu Nianyang didn’t answer her question, he opened the door of the back and put her schoolbag in, then opened the door of the front passenger seat. “I’ve already told aunt, after dinner, I will send you to study room at night.”


“Um.” Qing Ruo nodded obediently in the car.


No matter how gentle he looked now, Xu Nianyang’s cruelty and desire for domination had not disappeared for a bit, and his desire to control was still very strong.

The Zhang family was located in the imperial capital. It took 3 hours to drive from the imperial capital to the K city, it’s not that far but not close either.


Xu Nianyang sat in the car and bent over to fasten the seat belt of Qingruo. When he started driving, he stretched out a hand to grab hers. It’s a bit chubby and warm, making him look a bit happier and as not tense.


“I’ve got a new job and I still need some time to get myself familiar with it. That’s why I only came to see you now, how is Ruoruo doing lately?”


“I’ve been behaving well!” Qingruo tilted her hand looked at him. There were no dark circles on her face and her skin looked very bright as well. However, her dark, deep eyes seemed to a bit red, it looked like she wasn’t sleeping well.


Qingruo locked the back of his hand with her fingers, Xu Nianyang looked down and twitched his mouth, “be well, Ruoruo, I will go back to K city after a while.”


Qingruo didn’t want to ask him about the situation of the Zhang family. Of course, she knew why the Zhang family had accepted him. It might be a good thing now that he’s not in prison, but it might be bad as well.

But it didn’t matter that much.


He stopped the car in the parking lot of the community. The huge parking lot looked very empty with only a few cars occasionally parked there.


In the economic housing residential area near the playground, the construction work had just been completed, and there weren’t many residents.


Xu Nianyang stopped his car, got out of it, picked up her schoolbag from the back seat and took her hand.


As a lot of people were renovating their apartments, people were taking their furniture to the elevators and there was very limited space in them. There were also wooden boards everywhere.


The button on the third floor lighted up, Xu Nianyang let go of the little hand that he was holding and hugged her waist from behind.

The little girl was still small, and he had to lower his arm to touch her waist. Xu Nianyang couldn’t help but let his thoughts run wild. He wasn’t sure how tall she could grow, but it was still good now that she’s short, so that he could hug her easily.


Qingruo looked a little surprised, she turned back to face him, and she had turned her waist for one circle in his warm palm.


“Brother, did you really buy an apartment here?”


Xu Nianyang’s gaze was fixed near her waist, although his fingers were not in direct contact with her skin, he still felt a wave of heat sending from his fingers to his heart.


“Yeah.” He didn’t sound very focused, “I made the down payment but I haven’t started renovating it.”


Xu Nianyang took the key from her pocket, opened the door, and put it directly into her schoolbag.


He pushed Qingruo into the house, it looked very dark and grey. It wasn’t renovated at all, and the walls were still in the original cement form.


Xu Nianyang brought her to have a look at the place, and Qingruo couldn’t help but start sneezing because of the dust inside.

The happiness in Xu Nianyang’s eyes became stronger. He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head. After staying in the place for a while, her hair also smelled of dust now.


After licking his lips, he pulled her out of the door and asked, “what kind of decoration do you prefer?”


Qingruo covered her mouth and nose with one hand, after breathing some fresh air, she looked at him with bright eyes, “I want it pink! And lots of strawberries!”


She’s only 14, it’s very normal to like pink and strawberries.


Xu Nianyang was originally looking at her seriously, and now he had lightly turned his head away, “let’s go downstairs.”


She is only fourteen years old at the age of fourteen, and it is normal to like pink and strawberries.


Xu Nianyang originally looked at her seriously and didn’t overdo her when she spoke, “Let’s go down the stairs.”

“Okay. ” Qingruo pouted lightly, when he was pulling her hand, she shook it away and she sounded a bit strange, “brother, don’t you like pink too ? ”


“I like it, so what you want to eat now?”


Obviously, he had distracted her successfully. Qingruo started thinking about food and she even had to swallow her saliva back.


Xu Nianyang breathed a sigh of relief and he accepted to take her to eat what she wanted.


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