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16 Part 1

Preparatory Exercises and a New Encounter


The following morning, Jin was awoken at [time] by the alarm he has set before he slept. Even though he did drink alcohol yesterday, he didn’t drink that much. There were no issues with his health condition either.


He shifted his gaze down to his lower body to check his health, and then hung a towel around his neck before heading to the first floor. The inn operates early in the morning and the staffs were busy with work since morning.

Jin washed his face in the toilet and ate the delicious breakfast that was prepared for him, although it was slightly earlier than usual. He will be exercising like usual from today onwards so he eaten just the right amount, filling eighty percent of his stomach. Right that, he received a clean set of clothing from the inn’s lady staff and returned to the room on the second floor again.


Jin created a public bathroom amenities set with one set of clothing and two towels, and kept it in the [Tool Bag]. In addition, he kept three towels and a small pouch filled with copper coins, not in the [Tool Bag], but in his shoes as he normally does.

With this, his camouflage preparation is ready.

Last but not least, Jin changed his outfit equipment in an instant with [Change] and headed for the guild from the inn.


There was a reason why he headed for the guild early in the morning. Aria, the receptionist of the guild, explained to him that there was an exercise corner in the guild.

The exercise corner will be open to the public one hour before the guild starts its reception at nine in the morning. Adventurers will be allowed to train there freely. Jin was still lacking in terms of aptitude so he decided to start from self-training.


With that aim, Jin entered into the guild grounds and of course there were no one at the reception area. There were a few staffs in the back of the building, busy with their morning preparations. Jin continued his way towards the exercise corner, located in the back of the building.


There was no one around in the exercise corner other than Jin. As a preparation for the actual training, he started from radio warm-up preparatory exercise first.

He stretched his arms widely above and slowly rotated his wrist to loosen his body. While breathing in the fresh morning air, Jin continued the radio warm-up preparatory exercise earnestly.

Right after he took the last deep breath of the radio warm-up preparatory exercise, he heard a voice from behind.


“Sorry for disturbing you. I have something to ask, what was that?”


Jin turned behind to see a tall black-haired lady standing there. She was slightly shorter than Jin so she should be around 175~180cm. That was quite a height for a lady.

While there was a feminine softness emanating from her body, her body was sturdy with firm muscles. Even so, that does not mean that her physique was broad. She was slim and graceful.

The blackish leather armor on her body gave a reliable impression. It does not seem like she has weapon with her.

Her slightly arched eyebrows and sharp gaze emanated a vibe of an experienced warrior. That vibe was one of sternness, but she was also a beautiful lady with refreshing charms at the age of around twenty-year-old.

‘Dog ears are perking up from her head. No… perhaps those it was wolf?’ Jin was able to capture even that tiny detail in a glance and he realized that he has seen that lady before somewhere.


“Ah, did we perhaps meet each other before in the courtyard of the ‘Traveler’s Rest House?”


“That’s right; I was also intrigued back then but I missed my chance to ask you. I am curious about it. Could you please tell me about it?”


Jin felt ashamed to be seen at the courtyard and did not expect to meet her again, but upon thinking about it he’s in the exercise corner now. There was nothing wrong with exercising in the exercise corner.


“Yes, I don’t mind. I was doing a radio warm-up preparatory exercise.”


“Warm-up preparatory exercise? It isn’t training?”


“It is something one does before training to stretch the body. It is a warm-up preparatory exercise to prepare the body for the intense activities like trainings that comes after.”


“? I’m sorry. I don’t really get what you mean. What is the purpose of doing that?”


Does the concept of preparatory exercises not exist? Thinking of which, the history of stretching does seem to be quite recent, so perhaps it was the same for preparatory exercises? Jin conjured up various ways to explain and took quite a while before coming up with a conclusion.


“In that case, shall we do it together first? Rather than verbally explaining it, it might be easier for you to understand it by experiencing it.”


“Yes, please.”


The lady answered to the invitation with an ecstatic look, and Jin smiled at the thought that she must have really wanted to try it.


“Alright, let’s do it from start to end first. Please follow my actions.”


Jin said that and faced her; he explained to her about the right movements and did the radio warm-up preparatory exercise again.


“-How was it? Do you feel your body warming up a little?”


“Yes, I indeed feel that.”


“This is one of the purposes of this exercise. It is to warm up the body. By moving the body gently and warming it up, it aid in preparing for the actual exercise that comes after.”


“Does that mean that it is easier to exercise when we are warm?”


“Let’s imagine a cold morning for instance. Don’t you feel your body shrinking when it’s cold? However, as you wash your face after waking up, don’t you gradually feel like you are turning back to normal? This is because your body has slowly warmed up.”


It might be a slightly different analogy but he probably delivered the right message across. It’s not possible for him to explain in clear details in the first place. Jin decided to speak first so that she would not pester him further on that.


“That is similar to this exercise. You let your body get used to light exercises before the actual exercise. It will be easier to move the body since the body is warm.”


“I see. I think I got it.”


Jin was relieved that he managed to deliver the message. It’s difficult to explain something that he’s not familiar with.


“Another effect of it is that it stretches the muscles of the body, making it easier to move. In the earlier exercise, you felt the muscles in your body stretching, don’t you?”


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