Chapter 22


“Will you stop me if you did not like what I wanted to do as a job?”

“Of course not. I will always help you.”

“Even if I wanted to be the president of a firm even bigger than Grandfather’s?”

Father laughed.


“Your dream is so big, Do-jun, that Father cannot help you.”


I thought he would at least pretend to help me, but he was a bit too truthful.


“Actually, there’s a way.”



Father’s tone turned serious at my implications.


“How? I will say that I am not interested in managing a company.”
“You know many who can help.”

“Who? I only know Department Head Hak-jae in Sunyang, but he’s too busy to help you.”

“You said you studied abroad in England just now…”


Father became silent.




“Yun-gi! It’s been a while.”

“It’s been less than a year.”


Yun-gi’s friend, Se-hyun Oh, was a bit too overtly friendly, as he had to welcome rich clients. Se-hyun was the CEO of the PowerShares Korean branch, a global asset management company. PowerShares was established in 1953 and the main firm was in Atlanta. There were over forty branches all over the world and managed over a hundred and twenty billion dollars. The firm was an empire, and Se-hyun was the youngest CEO in Asia. While Se-hyun was two years older than Yun-gi, they spoke as friends like they had in England.


“Why did you call me? Do you want me to manage your money?”

“Where would I have the funds?”

“Your allowance must bet ten times I earn in a year. Give me half, and I’ll make you a profit.”
“You say that because you don’t know how much I spend.”


They were friends who could bicker with one another.


“So, really, what’s it about?”

“It’s my son.”

“How can I help you with your son?”
“My younger one wants me to help him become an entrepreneur like his grandfather.”

“Do you mean Do-jun? Isn’t he in elementary school?”

“Yes, he is in fifth grade.”

“How did you raise a son so unlike you?”

Se-hyun punched Yun-gi in the shoulder, but Yun-gi remained serious.


“He’s too grown up for me to just laugh it off.”

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“Just eat a meal together and tell him not to rush things. I want him to know that he can have fun now.”
“Well, well. A Sunyang’s child is different. I have to tell my kid to study.”
“Jealous, eh?”


Se-hyun raised his fist at Yun-gi’s smile.



“Your father was different from other annoying rich kids. He really was innocent.”


Father brought an interesting friend, as PowerShares would manage eight hundred trillion dollars in thirty years. However, Se-hyun seemed like a friendly neighbor despite being CEO of the firm’s Korean branch during the meal.


“I will take your leave.”


Sang-jun went upstairs like he was in puberty, as he remained silent most of the time. Father sent Se-hyun a look when we were almost done eating.


“So, Do-jun. You want to become an entrepreneur?”


“Like your grandfather?”

“Even bigger than my grandfather.”

“Sunyang is Korea’s biggest group…well, well. Greedy like your grandfather and a dreamer like your father, eh?”


Se-hyun’s eyes brightened.


“Yun-gi, can I speak with Do-jun alone?”


Father nodded, and Se-hyun stood up from the table.


“Do-jun, learn from him.”

Father smiled as Se-hyun and I went upstairs to my room. Se-hyun looked around as he sat on a chair.


“You keep your room clean.”


I saw that he was taking in my personality from my room.


“So, Do-jun. Ask me what you want to know. I’m a bit successful in my own way, you know.”


He was extremely successful, but I spoke up like I did not have a clue.


“Are you a president of a big firm?”

“Yes, but not like your grandfather. I help rich people get richer.”
“Then, you know many rich people?”


“Then, you would hear stories that would make people richer, right?”

“Well, you’re a sharp one. I did hear that you weren’t like most children…”

Se-hyun’s laugh was light, but I was going to push even further.


“I keep my lips sealed and don’t pry, as I would be out of a job if I did not do so.”

Rich people had deep secrets, and people like Se-hyun prospered by knowing how to keep a secret.


“Then, you would keep mine?”

“Hmm…but you’re not my client, though.”

“Oh? Didn’t my father say it?”



Se-hyun blinked.


“I have fourteen billion won in my bank account and will have ten billion more after selling my land. Can’t I be your client then?”


Se-hyun blinked in astonishment. He was silent in disbelief, as group owners did not give such money to their underage children in this era. I waited until Se-hyun spoke up, which took almost five minutes.


“Fourteen billion…?”
“Ten more within the year.”

“Did..your grandfather give you the money?”


“I thought you just said you do not pry.”

“Right, right. I asked the wrong question.”


I handed Se-hyun my bankbook as he still stared at me in disbelief.


“You can check the numbers.”


I thought over how to proceed as Se-hyun stared at the bankbook. I could not keep on pretending to be a child, as I needed to take the risk of showing a bit of myself if I wanted things to go forward.


“I…did not come here for this today…”


Se-hyun laughed tiredly as he scratched his head.


“I planned to have a pleasant talk with my friend’s son, but this makes things different.”

His instincts as an asset manager were kicking in, as he would always want funds to invest.


“Your father wanted me to tell you not to rush things, as he wanted you to have a normal childhood.”

“I saw on the news of a teenage who earned big money by selling newspaper subscriptions.”

“That’s a different story. What are you planning to do with this money?”

“What do you think I should do?”

One thing I learned from my grandfather was that I should be the one to listen and make decisions and not on the side who needed to make explanations. While I have already decided where to spend this money, I wanted to gather information from one of the best asset managers in Korea.

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