Krelia Academy is composed of kindergarten up to graduate school and is known for being the best educational institution in the kingdom.

Unlike schools for those commoners who needs to work at a young age, the academy serves as a place mainly focusing on studies, different kinds of exams are also provided for those students who seriously wish to continue their education. Although, it is for a fact that the academy is dedicated for the aristocracy so regardless how low one’s grades are, giving out bribes will cater to that problem.

With an administration obsequious to those funds, Karelia Academy is now composed of brainless rich aristocrats to the smart heirs of a high ranking family. This makes the situation looks like various foods are being cooked all at once.

――Instead of their academic ability, they prioritize their social standing;  rather than scoring great in exams, they fight through the means of bribery Above all, this place is now a miniature version of a place for social gathering where their parents create connections.


However, the story is different when it comes to the university department.

Those who are not an heir or those who are not smart enough goes back to their parents place right after their graduation in high school. Some even married to a family of a decent status that they have met in the academy. Females who are admitted in the university level are reduced by half and even a part of the group of males are filtered through.

――Although that filtering are through exams and bribe money so majority of it are also biased

However, that doesn’t mean that the number of students decreases since children from low class nobles and merchants’ enrol as well so the total does not really differ to the total number of student in the high school department.


There are also some low ranking aristocrats who want to at least “put some dignity in the end of their academic career” or households who searches for a good match for their daughters, and within those people, some of them have daughters who was returned to their families after marriage and not knowing what to do with them, the household made them go to the academy even just for a couple of years.

Of course, it’s also not uncommon for heirs who does not have much mental capability to forcibly advance through by monetary means.

It’s, without no doubt, a chaos. And things might get even more chaotic than it is kn the high school department since the difference in status will be much more diverse.


In that university department, there is a class that gathers only those who are excellent regardless of their financial capabilities.

That class called the “advance class” are composed of people who are talented and aware of their position as the heir of their household, those who aim for that said position, and those who want to be scholars— in other words, it is a class composed of a so-called elite group of people, full of ambition and excellent brains.

The lessons that are being thought in the university department are the history of various kingdoms and their etiquettes, a study of how to be a good emperor, on top of all that there’s also diplomacy relations with the foreign country and various languages, the level of difficulty can’t even be compared to other classes and, it is said that 30% of the students drop off before graduation. While on the other hand, being able to graduate from the advance class is a form of status —even among the nobility— that is treated as a kind of status money won’t be able to buy.


“Ugh… I did not passed the special class…”


Holding the results in her hands, Alicia hang her head weakly.

On the other hand, Mary and Patrick, who were already convinced that they passed, was not pleased nor proud and was just nonchalantly taking a sip of their tea.


“Of course, just because you were able to study in the high school department doesn’t mean you will be able to go to the special class where all elites gather. That place is only for those who are aiming to be a scholar or for those who wants to overthrow their siblings and be the heir of their family”

“I know… but all of you passed right? That’s amazing”

“It’s only natural for me since I’m the heir of Dice household. That aside, Addie, you passed as well I see”

“Yes, since I’m my lady’s follower I’ll also be going to the advance class, it will defeat my purpose if we’re not in the same class anyway”

“… you have a point”


Patrick gave out an evasive reply and then focused his gaze on Mary.

And of course, she as well is in the advance class. Not only that, during the entrance exam that served as the basis for class selection, she scored the same grade as Patrick which is not only the first place in their whole grade but is the best score in the academy’s history.

Patrick called out Mary’s name, thinking about the fact that her rank during in high school was ranging from second up to tenth place as if like she was playing with it.


“Mary, you’re also in the advance class huh”

“Indeed, that’s right. I’m actually more psychologically motivated to listen to those who are proud of their academic ability that those who boast their financial capabilities”

“… Is that all there is to it? You’re not thinking of wanting to take the place of the heir of the Albert Household?”


In the current times, the eldest son is normally the heir.

However, not all the eldest son of the household are superior, in some cases, there are households where the second and third sons excels more than the first and to top it all off, there are also instances where the daughter is much more fitted to be the family head. Considering the future and prosperity of the household, a few years of age gap is not a big deal and it is not uncommon for the second son to surpass the eldest… but of course, the eldest will not back down without a fight. It’s either he gather allies or he would ask help elsewhere. This is not known in the public since it’s an internal conflict but  the problem of choosing the heir is a serious and cruel one.

Rather, the peaceful way of Dice household— where the second and third son acknowledged the fact that the eldest is excellent than them and is in fact cooperating with each other— is quite rare.


By the way, the Albert household has a twin boys who are older than Mary by seven years.

Though the two are indeed suited to be the heirs of the Albert household, rather than them, Mary is far more-… is what Patrick always thought.

Mary is a woman, but that being said, her talent is far more greater than her brothers. Her eccentric behavior is a drawback, but same goes for her brothers.


However, the person herself listened to Patrick and shook her head saying it’s ridiculous.


“What nonsense are you saying. I have brothers, there is no way for me to become an heir”

“But there are people in the advance class who are aiming to steal the seat to succession. I was actually wondering if you will fight for it together with Addie”

“There’s no way! I am studying to be able to be of help to my future husband. I am not thinking of doing anything to the Albert household!”


Patrick sigh over the two who denies that they did not even think about such things. That is because he knows that it’s indeed very difficult in the advance class and that it’s a class with people who joined to lead their household and those who hold the ambition to kick their brothers away from that position.

And yet, the one reason  that she joined because “it’s much better to be proud on studies” and the other one is because “he wanted to help the Albert Household”. What else is such a waste than this?


“Mary, you can do it if you try. You can become the heir of your household if you wish to”

“The people who are told to “try” doesn’t mean that they will just because you said so”

“… right, you are that kind of person, Miss Mary Albert ; the one who escaped doing the graduation speech due to a careless miss on the graduation exam, making her become only a second placer.”

“That’s how it is, the one who got a perfect score and ended up delivering the graduation speech—Mister Patrick Dice. I’m glad that you are indeed an excellent person as I thought you were.”


Mary elegantly smile and Patrick returns it with a good looking smile.

If only people did not hear their conversation, they’ll surely think of then as a beautiful man and woman who are perfectly suited for each other, smiling at one another creating a piece of art… that is, only if people did not hear their conversation.

Addie and Alicia who’s in the distance where they can hear them was just reading the documents for the new term thinking that the two are acting like usual.

Unlike Mary and Patrick where the university will do all the procedures for them, Alicia and Addie are both commoners so they have to do the all those troublesome procedures one by one.

While spending such elegant lunch break, Alicia let out a a small laugh.


“I’ll still be able to spend time with everyone like this even in university huh”



Alicia said happily. Addie called her name out as if wanting to say something to her but he then heard Mary cleared her throat so he swallowed his words back.

Neither of Alicia and Patrick noticed that interaction

Mary then stood up from her seat saying “I still have something to do so I’ll excuse myself” then left the place. Addie had no choice but to chase after his master, still having the happy looking Alicia in the side of his vision.



“Is the household really going to fall into ruins…”


Addie asked Mary a few hours after their relaxing lunch break.

Classes are now over and since there is nothing to do, they were about to go home. Currently, they were walking towards the courtyard— in other words, the place where they leave their bike.

Mary did not stop her tracks and just gaze at him.

“It needs to”

She answered.


Mary’s objective hadn’t changed from the vary beginning, though if one asks if it’s doing well, she would probably have trouble on answering it. But once Alicia appears as a princess during the graduation ceremony, she will bring the Albert household into a reasonable downfall.

Looking at the current situation, it is pretty obvious that Alicia is affectionate towards Mary and even Mary herself felt it.

Just like a couple of days ago, Alicia nonchalantly barged in the Albert household with cute basket on her hands full of homemade coquettes saying “Miss Mary, let’s play!”

It’s rather impossible to not notice it because even Mary who lives her life as a daughter of the Albert household who is unfamiliar with friendship was able to notice it a little.


This is clearly different from the flow of the game.

In what she knows from the game, Alicia holds fear towards Mary while the latter have a hatred towards Alicia. At this time their relationship was supposed to be beyond repair.

It’s was supposed to be impossible for them to have tea while talking about the upcoming term.


That being said, it’s not like the flow of things became different form the story.

Though Mary and Alicia’s relationship is the opposite of what’s in DoraGaku, the flow of story still follows what’s in the game.

In the evening party, Patrick escorted Mary and soon after that, talk about their engagement rise. That will then be cancelled and Mary will be condemned by the student council officers, plus during the date event the other day, the student council officials appeared in the downtown area even though they are not close with Alicia.

If you just omit some details, this is definitely the Patrick route in DoraGaku. And occasionally, some words of Alicia and Patrick are the same in the game. Mary even felt like it’s a deja vu.


This world is not exactly Doragaku itself.

However, as the days passed, things progress following the story in DoraGaku.


“Then the Albert household will…”

“Whether if things will follow the story or not, we just have to wait for the final result… but, it looks like there are still some work to do”

“Work, you say?”

“Yes, it’s an important job in order to commence the big plan”


Mary said. Beyond her line of sight was a confused looking Alicia by the window of the staff office.


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