Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 53

Volume 2 Chapter 13


As though the commotion that happened a few days earlier did not happen, there’s a tea party, which was customarily held during the holidays, in the gardens of the Albert’s Family.

The exquisite white table was surrounded by Princess Alicia, Patrick, who’s expected to be the next King and highly regarded by not only the commoners but also foreigners, and Addie, who was initially concerned about sitting together with these figures without the lady but has gotten rather used to it lately.

Although the party was held in the Albert’s Family garden, there was not a single person of the Albert’s Family; that’s because they were waiting for Mary.


“Lady Mary’s late…”

“It seems like there’s a construction at the border of the country so she might have went to help them out.”

“Ah, however, she has made a lot of friends in the Eliciana Academy, so she might be away playing with them.”


“That’s not possible.”

“That’s not possible.”


“Sir Patrick and Mister Addie, you guys do not have to refuse my words like that…”

“I cannot imagine that Mary playing with friends.”

“It’s only been a year since the lady has become an exchange student and I cannot imagine her being active.”

“I’m not asking for justifications! Or rather, both of you are just too terrible!”


Alicia puffed her cheeks; Addie and Patrick both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Thoughts of “Well…” ”That’s the truth” were evident on their expressions and it’s clear that they’ve known her for a long time to understand her personality.

With a cold personality that’s both easy and yet difficult to figure out, the lady would not allow others to intrude into her territory, but once she gets close to someone, she’d show great consideration. With such a personality, as a first year exchange student of the Eliciana Academy, she’d probably be able to build a “Family Pipe” but not “Friends”.

While they were called terrible, both of their words were true and Mary is indeed playing the role of a cold lady who has no intention of making friends. Well, this might be something the lady’s used to, but for Mary she would wonder “why did this happen.”

Alicia was reprimanding the two of their attitudes as she muttered “Speaking of which, the other time…”



It was a few months back.

Like today, there was a tea party held by the Albert’s Family, but at that time Addie and Patrick were not around so there were only Mary and Alicia- of course, since it was only the both of them, Mary complained that “if they can just not attend because of some other matters, there’s no need for I myself to return home”, but Alicia happily claimed that “In that case we can just share the cake among ourselves”-

For a while after that, Mary would occasionally say some sarcastic words and enjoyed the conversation when she suddenly thought of something and said “hey” to Alicia.

As Mary had a serious look, Alicia looked at her and wondered what’s wrong.


“What’s the matter?”

“Hey, there’s something I’d like to ask you…”

“Me? Of course, I’ll answer if it’s something that I can.”

“Really, in that case, hear me out… it’s just…”


Mary looked so hesitant that it’s not like her, that’s why Alicia started to feel nervous too.

It might be about her family matters or her birth story. Or it could be about Patrick, or the heritage of the royal family… As it’s rare for an orphan to become a princess like her, she might be curious and have a question that’s difficult to ask. Alicia was determined for that; she has often been hurt by the harmless curiosity and questions of ignorant people, and she’d put on a cheery front many times.

Even so, since the opposite party is Mary, Alicia decided not to put on a cheery front or hide things from her; Alicia was resolved before saying “just ask me anything” and waited quietly for her question.

Right then, Mary slowly opened her mouth…


“…Are we perhaps friends?”


Mary asked and looked at Alicia seriously.

She was resolved and waited for an answer; her serious gaze and nervous gulp made Alicia flustered; before that she said “it’s a match!” and black tea made waves in Mary’s favorite tea cup.


“That was a little… no very lonely.”


After saying that, Alicia thought about the past and sighed. Upon hearing that, Addie and Patrick too remarked that “…yeah.” “Even though it’s Mary but that’s…” and appeared sad.

However, Patrick then suddenly remembered something and started saying “Speaking of which, me too…”



This also took place a few months back.

Patrick has had busy days pertaining to the problems of the Dice Family inheritance and acceptance as the royal family member; he was finally able to put down the loads from his shoulder when he received the help of the Albert’s Family. Of course, that was all because of Mary’s consideration and while they would often exchange sarcastic remarks as good pals, he decided to visit her to deliver his thanks honestly.

When he delivered his heartfelt thanks, she looked away nonchalantly and said that “she has done nothing in particular at all.”

That easy-to-understand attitude made Patrick smile and while he would usually take advantage of her warped persona, this time round he decided to be serious.


“Mary, I’m sincerely grateful to you.”

”Eh, a-ah, what’s wrong…?”

“If there’s anything that bothers you, please feel free to tell me. I’ll definitely help you, no matter what.”


Patrick told her directly and Mary started to fluster.

Patrick’s different from usual; he’s strangely honest today and that makes her embarrassed to hear.

Mary was perplexed and even so she jokingly said with a smile that “I wonder if you’d help me if I’m chased out of the Albert’s Family”. However, Patrick did not change his serious demeanor and nodded deeply while he looked straight at Mary like the romance “Dora School” scene.


“Of course, no matter how much you have changed, or even if you are chased out of the family, I’ll help you out.”



With a serious and line that sounded a little seductive, Mary looked even more troubled; she could feel the intense determination from his blue eyes that he’s not joking. The other ladies would have butterflies in their stomach and collapse from this, and of course Mary herself was affected too.

After a while, both of them said nothing and looked at each other, Mary broke the silence and whispered “by the way…” while looking at Patrick.


“…I understand your feelings of gratefulness very well, but why would you help me even if I’m not a lady of the Albert’s Family?”


Mary once again reconfirmed that she might not be a part of the Albert’s Family and could not believe that; Patrick was at a loss for words.



“…or so that was what happened; that was not just a matter of being distant or dull, it was just rude.”


Patrick talked about it while elegantly drinking black tea, Alicia understood his feelings and nodded. As for Addie, he could not stand hearing it and covered his face with both hands from start till the end.

Both of them looked at Addie and with the current flow, it’s his turn to talk; of course he’s probably the person who knows Mary the most and he’d probably be able to explain about the situations that they’d talked about.

In other words, they were asking him to “hurry and explain”, and sensing that, Addie slowly removed the hands from his face; he sighed and shrugged his shoulders; before continuing to talk, he briefly remarked that “the lady was simply behaving too much as the lady of the Albert’s Family.”

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