Volume 2 Chapter 29


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 69

Volume 2 Chapter 29

Patrick’s absolutely-right scolding made the three of them widen their eyes; they then looked at the clock hung on the cafeteria’s wall. Without them realizing, quite a considerable amount of time has passed by, and it’s time for them to prepare.


“That’s right; I guess we should start preparing soon.”

“Yes, I agree.”


After clearing up the table, Mary stood up and Addie followed suit. But, right then, Patrick, who seemed weirdly elated, slapped Addie’s shoulder.

His smile was so dazzling bright which would make any ladies blush, or even faint.

However, Mary and Addie have some resistance towards Patrick’s smile, or rather they know clearly well that it’s not usual for him to smile like this; looks of suspicion surfaced on their faces.


“…Sir Patrick?”

“Addie, do your best today.”

“Ah, yes… of course.”

“E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is going to focus on you, no, to be specific, ‘the unknown marriage partner who has been chosen by Mary Albert which has overturned the noble world’!”


Patrick laughed happily and Addie jumped back with a frown on his face.


“After all, you are the one whom Mary Albert has chosen after she broke off the marriage arrangement with me. It’s the latest trending topic among the nobles and scholars in this country.”


Patrick lightly said that, and in contrast Addie’s expression turned paler than ever.

However, that’s a fact, and there are already people who have gathered before the starting time as they wanted to know about her marriage partner as soon as possible. They made excuses like ‘We wouldn’t be able to take our time to chat once the party has started’ or ‘I really want to lend my help’ but they’re all looking out for guys in the mansion, who may be her marriage partner, with eyes like that of a hawk.

Some even called over the maids and servants of the Albert family and begged them ‘I’ll pay you money so just tell me who is it’; the marriage announcement is that much of a big deal. Everyone wanted to get hold of the information as soon as possible so that they could butter up to the marriage partner and his family.


Well, since Addie has always been a servant of the Albert family, no one would have thought that he’s the marriage partner even if he’s in the mansion. So even if he’s having tea with Mary alone, everyone would only think that ‘it’s the usual thing’.

Or rather, there might be some persistent people who’d grab hold of Addie and asked him ‘who’s the husband of Lady Mary?’… Or rather it really happened.


That’s how much people have been focusing about this. Also, thinking that they’d be announcing it today… Addie cannot help but turn pale. He, who has always been the servant, would be put in the middle of the attention in the world of nobles. Adding on to that, as someone who would overturn things in the noble world too…

The silence of fear followed suit and Patrick just continued smiling in a refreshing manner towards the pale Addie.


“Oh right. It’s not just the attention from within the country. It seems like there’d be guests from other countries too.”


He even added on with unnecessary information.

In return to that, Addie, who has turned pale white, finally opened his mouth to say something…


“Please let me go home!”


That was the phrase he muttered out.


“Addie, your house is just right there, isn’t it?! You can go home and come back, or rather your entire family members are here!”

“Sir Addie, it’d be fine. I mean I’ve been able to work as the princess normally all these while. They’d only make a fuss at the beginning!”

“Speaking of which, the student council members of the high school are here. It seems like they’ve been talking about ‘who has that Lady Mary chosen’ lately.”

“Don’t tease him anymore, you mischievous boy! Addie, please just come down from the dish-serving platform for now! The chef has been staring at us with a really furious look.”


Mary consoled him and said that it’d be fine; Addie timidly got off.

After which, he glared at Patrick and said ‘thank you for your wonderful congratulatory message.’ His intent of hatred was evident in his tone.

Still, despite being told that, Patrick laughed even more happily than ever and replied ‘you’re welcome’; Mary and Alicia were both dumbfounded and shrugged their shoulders at this.

It’s very like Patrick to send his congratulations in this way. In return, Addie also started snickering in the same manner and it seems like this is the way men run their friendship.


“How twisted, right?”

“Oh, does Lady Mary have a preference for that?”


Alicia giggled quietly while Mary opened her eyes widely and said ‘you sure have a lot to say’ while glaring at her.




After which, the two main characters started their preparations; for dressing up, the lady will take more time to prepare compared to the man. Well, even more so since it’s for the marriage announcement.

After being done with the preparations, Addie, once again, have nothing to do and was wandering around within the mansion. A familiar voice called out his name and he turned behind; it’s a member of the student council of the Karelia academy high school. Well, borrowing the words of Mary, ‘the strategy characters of the Dora school.’

Each one of them wore clothes which bear the mark of their family crest; the way they walk together in a group made them rather intimidating. Even now, the passionate sighs and shrills of ladies could be heard from every direction.


“I’m really grateful to you all for coming today.”


Addie bowed his head deeply and stuck his hand out for a handshake. They did not reply with ‘thank you for inviting…’ because Addie was considered the servant of the Albert family.

Once the announcement has been made, their attitudes would probably change… while thinking of that, he instinctively said ‘would you like anything to drink?’ He’s so used to serving others that he thought that he ought to have a little more self-awareness as a wry smile appeared on his face.


“I heard that Patrick’s already here.”

“Yes, Sir Patrick is talking to the master of the house right now.”

“How about Lady Mary?”

“Lady… Miss Mary is preparing in the salon right now.”

“I see… by the way, Addie”



What’s wrong? Addie tilted his head. The former student council member grinned mischievously. After which, the vice-president grabbed hold onto his shoulder and he had a bad feeling about it.


“You obviously know who the marriage partner of Lady Mary is, no?”


“I don’t think Lady Mary would keep it a secret from you, Addie.”

“No, um, well I do know who it is but…”

“I knew it. So, who is it? I tried asking but there were only rumours and we’d have to wait till the announcement.”


‘That’s why, please tell us,’ they insisted. Addie was troubled as to what to say.

They’re probably asking purely out of curiosity. Who has that Mary Albert chosen? They have been rejected by Mary in the past before, and they knew how she would use Patrick’s name as an excuse for rejecting them; that just fuelled their curiosity about ‘the guy whom Mary Albert has chosen.’

Once he tells them that, the information would be leaked. They’d probably wait patiently for the announcement if told to do so.


That’s why Addie decided to brush them off when another familiar voice called out to them.

When they turned behind, Patrick was standing there. The student council members immediately headed towards him at once and the vice-president removed his hand on Addie’s shoulder; he breathed a sigh of relief.


“Oh it’s Patrick; we’re just this close to getting the answer.”

“You guys are probably trying to dig out who’s the marriage partner by asking Addie, right?”


The guys seemed displeased and Patrick reprimanded them like the student council president; it’s almost unbelievable that Mary called him a ‘mischievous boy’ earlier.


“It seems like you wouldn’t tell us no matter how much we begged, Patrick. So we decided to ask Addie instead.”

“You probably thought that you’d get the answer, right? Addie, please don’t tell me you’ve told them?”

“No, of course I didn’t.”


Addie shook his head and tried to assert his innocence; Patrick nodded with satisfaction.

After these interactions, the former student council members looked rather displeased as they did not manage to draw out any information in the end. Still, they maintained the ‘niceness’ in their eyes, and they changed their approach this time round with childish expressions and ‘cute’ voices.


“However, it must be a rather unexpected person since you guys are tight-lipped to this point.”



Patrick parroted what the former vice-president said.

However, Patrick thought that it was anything but ‘unexpected’, so he was confused and tilted his head.


“Of course, we’re talking about the person whom that Lady Mary has chosen. There’s not even a single reliable rumour until today, the day of the announcement. So everyone’s speculating that it must be a rather unexpected person. Patrick, were you surprised when you first heard about it?”

“Surprised? Me? Of course not.”


Patrick shrugged his shoulder and laughed. Everyone else were surprised at his behaviour and stared at him.

Even though he’s the previous fiancé, they have spent time together since young after all.


“But, Patrick, you have always said that you’ve a marriage agreement with Lady Mary, didn’t you? Yet, you’re not surprised…”

“It’s not me, but the people surrounding us, who said that Mary and I matched well. I’ve always thought that there’s no one other than him who’d be by Mary’s side.”


Patrick snickered happily as he said that; question marks started appearing above everyone’s heads.

They could not think of anyone who’d fit the description of what he said. Even though it’s clear to everyone that Mary and Addie has always been together, no one noticed it; that made it even more entertaining to Patrick and he laughed louder; Addie smiled wryly and sighed.

One of them seemed to be having great fun, while the other seemed to be sick of it; they thought that it’d impossible to draw any information out of them and so decided to greet the madam of the Albert family.

After seeing them go off, Addie breathed a sigh of relief as he escaped from the difficulty.


“…Sir Patrick, aren’t you having too much fun?”

“Of course, if I don’t enjoy this, what would I enjoy?”

“How terrible… is this the admired prince of the ladies? I’m sure half of them would run away from you if they know of your true nature.”

“I’m fine as long as Alicia is around.”

“Thanks for your lovey-dovey talk.”

“In the first place, you called me the admired prince of the ladies, but your one and only lady doesn’t have any admiration for me at all.”


Patrick grinned with a side-look; Addie’s face turned red and he cleared his throat to brush it off.

After that, he took a breath again and faced Patrick, who’s still laughing happily.

Everyone would have fawn over his looks- well, with the exception of Mary, like he has had said- the looks of the ideal prince. His blue hair swayed and his same-coloured eyes were looking at Addie as though he’s asking ‘what’s wrong?’


Ladies of every status would have become a slave to him; he who has it all – charms, talents and authority. Yet, he chose the girl who’s born in the countryside.


He did not mind abandoning his family status…


“I’ve been filled with envy upon seeing you and little Alicia spending a happy life. I don’t want to hand the lady over to anyone else… I used to give up on that, but you have made me change my mind.”


“Thank you very much, Sir Patrick.”


Following his emotions without caring about the family statuses, he chose love over politics.

Patrick was willing to give up everything for the sake of Alicia, and seeing how Alicia was living a blissful life by his side, it relit the fire of ambition in Addie’s heart to follow his desire to be a “man” and not as a “servant” who used to think that it’d be fine as long as he continues working for her even after she marries another person.

He doesn’t want to hand her to anyone else and he’s beginning to think that it’s possible for that to happen.

That’s linked to this very moment of this special day, so he had to express his gratitude to Patrick who was the one who started it all.

Addie expressed his honest feelings; Patrick scratched his head shyly.


“Don’t mind about it. I’d help you no matter what.”

“Sir Patrick…”



Patrick slapped Addie’s shoulder with a mischievous smile- which is so like him and so unlike ‘the cold prince who would everyone would fall in love with.’


“I’m the captain of the ‘Addie support team’ after all”


Addie widened his eyes at Patrick’s words.

Patrick snickered in enjoyment at his reaction; he then once again congratulated his pal with ‘Congrats.’

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