Chapter 4 – The Princess and the Apprentice Maid 2


In an instant, her magical powers began to spread.

…Oh, this?


“Alicia has strong magical power, doesn’t she?”


It’s as if I’m being choked, this is the sign of rich magical power.

To the extent that if someone who didn’t have any magical power was here, they would simply lose their consciousness.


“Er, yes. Ah, no… Right.”


The reason she can protect herself from my magic, the reason why she did not want to release her magical power, and the reason she’s now clearly upset… This is the answer for all of those.


I don’t know what the principle is, but… Maybe that’s it. I’ve never felt this much pressure from someone else’s magical power.


Since I have a lot of magical power, I’ve never felt pressure from others’ magical power before.

But now I feel it acutely.


“Oh, that… Lady Luxeria. Is it okay for me to work here?”


“…No good.”




“If I said no good, it’s no good. Definitely not good.”


“Why not? Because I can protect myself from Lady Luxeria’s magic, isn’t it good?”


“…My magical powers are getting stronger every day. Even if you can protect yourself from my magic for now… In the future, I don’t know… Eventually even you…”


I got too fired up.

And ended up saying something I didn’t have to say.


“I’ve been wondering for a while… Isn’t Lady Luxeria’s magic just hearing others’ inner voices?”


After all, she did notice it, didn’t she?

…Even if I regret it, it’s too late now.


“Because Lady Luxeria, you just said it’s magic that affects others’ minds. Normally, they say it’s hearing others’ inner voices. And… Everyone hates having their inner voices being heard, but I think it probably won’t lead to any crises. So, is Lady Luxeria’s magic just hearing others’ inner voices?


I exhaled deeply.

…She really noticed it.

Even though she worded it as a question, once she is convinced, she can no longer be fooled.


“Yes, that’s right. That’s right. My magic isn’t just hearing others’ inner voices. It’s something that affects others’ minds, in other words, my magic can manipulate others’ minds.”


I wish this magic would disappear.

I’ve always thought like that.

However, contrary to my wish, my magical power increased every year.

And along with that, the number of “voices” I could hear also increased.


“Back then… I was frustrated because I couldn’t sleep. I could hear others’ inner voices even if I closed my eyes or my ears. In the morning, in the evening, in the night. …Time had nothing to do with it. So when my frustration reached its climax, I just closed my eyes and ears and shouted, “Be quiet!”


“…You just shouted?”


“Yes, I just shouted. But unknowingly, my magical power seemed to be in my voice… And unfortunately, the maid who heard it directly collapsed.”


At that time… I was stunned to see her fall.

Really, there were no signs.

Suddenly, she fell asleep.


“Fortunately, she woke up the next day. So I was relieved that she was alright. …But, she didn’t answer anyone’s calls anymore. Her eyes were hollow, blankly staring at the air. I didn’t know why she ended up like that, and eventually even the doctors gave up on her. …At first, it was a small premonition, but I gradually got more and more scared.”


…Is it my fault? Because I shouted, “Be quiet!”?

Such an unpleasant premonition passed through my mind.

That’s definitely not it, but no way… I was getting even more scared.


“Then I shouted. “Go back.” …And the servant was back to normal.”


I was happy that she was back to normal. But it was also plainly because of my magic.


“Subsequent inspections revealed that my magic, which was initially thought to be ‘hearing others’ inner voices,’ was actually something that affects the human mind. …Brainwashing and Hypnosis were my fortes. If used incorrectly, it can easily break people’s minds.”


A young child that has such terrifying magic.

In addition, the amount of magical power I have is way too high to control my magic properly.


“After that incident, my father decided on imprisoning me. …After hearing this story, don’t you think it was just a matter of course? Even I was afraid of myself. About when my magic was going to go out of control… Will it break people’s minds? Even now, I think it was lucky to be able to bring that servant back to normal, but what if I couldn’t bring her back to normal? …When I thought about the possibility, I was too scared to sleep. While I was like that, my father saved me. …That’s why I can’t thank him enough.”


I looked at Alicia again.

…I thought her expression would freeze with fear, but it was unexpectedly normal.


“…Like I said before, my magical powers are getting stronger by the day. You may be able to protect yourself from my magic for now, but even you won’t be able to defend against it eventually… It may be dangerous. So you staying here is no good.”


“…Can I ask a question?”


“What is it?”


“…Someday in the future will Lady Luxeria have to leave this tower? To become the next king.”


“Did my father say that?”


“Yes. That’s what your father decided upon.”


“…That’s right. In this country, the eldest child succeeds the throne, whether it be a woman or a man. So I… Someday I will have to leave this tower. By then, I have to be able to control my magic.”


“Then, how will you be sure that you can control it?”




“…If you’re alone, you can’t be sure that you can control your magic. You have to be able to control it someday. If so, it is better if you start practicing from now on. That’s why I’ll be on your side to help you practice controlling it.”


…What she is saying is correct.

Someday, I have to be able to do it.

Even if I get a sister or a brother in the future, as long as I’m alive, I have to succeed to the throne.

That’s why I’m certainly grateful she’s on my side to help me train my control over my magical powers.


…That kind of thought occupied my mind.

But more than that… My heart shook.

Because it was the first time.

Someone who didn’t leave me after learning what my magic was.

I thought no one would accept me except for my father and mother.


“…I get it. It seems I need you by my side. I’m going to hire you.”


“Thank you… Achoo!”


Alicia sneezed loudly.

…Well, it is dusty here. Rather, it’s impressive that she endured it till now.

I heard a loud sound and looked back in fear.

The remains of the shelf which had been put away collapsed, it was a horrible image to see.


“…Is it okay if I ask you to start working at once?”


“…That’s right. I’ll clean it immediately.”


Alicia had a bitter smile at my request.

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