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In the fields were the muddy Schera, Katarina, and the soldiers all farming while wearing smiles.

As Veloce et al drew nearer, they seemed to notice without stopping their work.

“It has been a long time, Honorable Schera!”

When Veloce straightened her back, giving respect, Schera wore a dubious expression.

“I suspect that I heard those words last week. Even the week before last. And even before that. Is it only me that does not feel it has been a long time?”

“Ah, even with only one, one week passing, I think that one week is completely within the classification of being a long time.”

Veloce explained, though mumbling and falteringly. When observed by Schera directly from the front, she diverted her line of sight downward.

“…Veloce. You are the true owner governing the Mirad neighborhood, right. Surely, being an owner, you do not have that much free time. I am really jealous.”

“It is not fre-free time! The busy time has passed, I am patrolling the area like this.

“So, it’s okay if you don’t come. Because Katarina and I are strengthening the defenses. Please continue your duties without worries.”

Interrupting in the middle, Schera waved her hands. Not because she was acting out of coldness, it was her commanding those that were busy to dedicate themselves to their work.

“Bu-, but..”

“You are busy, right? I am busy, too. The potato breeding experiments will soon succeed. They will have a sweet taste! There will be massive productivity and we will provide them to Wales and Madoros. You will get something in return for it. Right, you must be looking forward to it?”

Without needing to say, Madoros and Wales had just passed through a dogged relationship, one which was stained with blood. Recently, nothing had changed and there was pure hatred.

However, through the leader Schera, who had an odd network of connections, a strange triangulated trade was established between Madoros, Cyrus and Wales.

Even though Wales and Madoros were adjacent, their relationship meant that they had a meaninglessly detoured trade, but with everyone enjoying the benefits, the volume and flow of trade steadily expanded.

When one thought of how it began with seaweed, boiled fish, and a bag of beans, there has been significant progress since then.

“Tha.. that’s right. Yes.”

“That’s okay. So, with that, it’s all good.”

“Ah, tha.. i.. that. That.”

Schera smiled, brushing it away. It was an innocent smile which one could not suspect any malice. Veloce was at a loss for words.

Looking at the situation, Dima tried not to laugh and lent a helping hand.

“Your Honor, please don’t bother yourself with Veloce. Veloce should also be honest.”

“D.. Dima!?”

Dima continued, regardless of Veloce, who had wide eyes. He straightened his Star Church robes and lifted his glasses.

“To speak frankly, her Honor Veloce wants to look after Schera.”

“Look after…”

As Schera titled her head, Dima nodded deeply.

“Yes. Because recently, she doesn’t seem to be talking much. Her heart is not there, even if she’s in Mirad. I’m sorry to trouble you, but even a little… “

And with this being said, Veloce grasped Dima’s front. Her face was bright red with blood from shame and anger.

Petite Dima was stupefied from being raised into the air. He was a young 18 year old, but was struggling helplessly.

Because he was a complete civilian type, it was impossible to break out of the restraint.

“Oh, Oh, you ar..!! Do you understand what you are saying?

“It’s terrible, please, wait, I’ll die.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!! Just die!”

“Gu, Ge-“

“Veloce, how about you let him down?”

“Bu.. but!”

“If that continues, he will die soon!”

Although Schera was watching, seemingly amused, she seemed to be interested in stopping it after watching Dima’s face go from red to blue. Veloce hesitated, but finally let go of Dima. The miserable scapegoat, running away from the devil’s hands, let out a great gasp while on his knees.

“I am sorry to show you this abominable state. To-Today will be one day of rest…”

“It is okay. We have finished work for today, let us eat. When one eats something together, it is more delicious.”

“Bu, but are you sure?”

“Try some delicious Cyrus potatoes. It will be good for you stay the night here. Please do as you like.”

Veloce, whose eyes were watery with the words of Schera, had a shimmering face. With all smiles, she answered with delight. There was no feared warrior called the ‘Red Bull’ there.

“Ye-Yes! As you insist, I’ll stay tonight. Please let me tell you various stories!”

“I understand, don’t pull. I’ll get dirty.”

“I don’t mind at all!”

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