Gaiden 2 – The Two Necromancers

A heart-warming rehabilitation after a long period.
Those persons who do not want to break the reverberation, can end it halfway.
Halfway is that.
Again, writing is a habit I want.

First half of the series before, after the destruction of the Yu-zu Kingdom.
The halfway is after the destruction of the new kingdom.

 One day five years after the liberation war, Katarina received a vacation from Schera and visited a village.
 This village ―― Moruto Village, was more like a small collection of people in a settlement to the east of Tenan City.
 It was the starting place of the so called “Slaughter of Tenan” and, because all of the residents had died, it was becoming ruins while not experiencing any kind of reconstruction.
 It had become a den of thieves, when one approached they would be afflicted by disease, where the decaying dead were making strides around… these were the rumors that were floating around and so there were absolutely no people that would approach Moruto.

Around the time when day turned to night, Katarina arrived at her intended destination.
 Tying the horse properly to a tree, she took out her cane and held a strong stance of alerted-ness.
 In front of the entrance to the village, there was a woman probably in her 40s, sitting in a small chair.
 Furthermore, keeping an eye out and looking around, she was holding a spear like something kind of armed guard.  
 In the middle of the dim light, there was the sound of the armor reverberating. That armor was not all together and some parts of it were damaged.  
 It could be thought that she was the commander, but she was out of her depth.
 With a momentary sigh, Katarina faced the entrance of the village.

“Welcome! This is Moruto Village. There is not much here, but please take your time.”
 The woman who seemed like a good person spoke with a smile, which was the way in which Katarina responded.  
“‘Good evening. I am Katarina from the Star Church and a hearing officer under authority of the Inquisition Bureau. I would like to meet the person in charge of this village, if possible.”
 The woman did not answer the request and simply continued to carry the smile on her face.
 More than ten seconds passed before, the woman repeated the words once-more.
“Welcome! This is Moruto Village. There is not much here, but please take your time.”
 Katarina pulled down her hood and the woman looked over her with a cold gaze.
 She extended her hand towards the woman, but there was not really any response. When she touched the cheeks of the woman, it was horribly cold and she could not feel her body temperature.
  “Welcome! This is Moruto Village. There is not much here, but please take your time.”
 Katarina left the place behind and continued into the middle of the village.
 Behind her, the greeting person continued to extend her welcome, and the woman’s crazy voice could be heard.

 In the middle of the village, there was a strange sight that was spreading.
 The children were playing and the farmers were cultivating small fields, the old women were drawing water out of the well with a blossoming conversation about the world going on.
 With one glance, it was a sight like something out of a beautifully painted picture of peace, but all of the homes around were completely rotted out.
 The farmer’s huts were all covered in burned ash. The fields were desolate and the farmers dug one part of the field with a hoe.
 In the middle, only the children were aware of Katarina’s presence and in a ruffled manner they ran into the middle of the buildings.
 This was a place where long ago people had devoted their faith to the star gods. Now, the Star Cross was expelled and instead some bizarre three emblems were engraved.
 One was a skull. One was a humanoid figure. One more, was a headless humanoid figure. Katarina did not understand what significance these symbols bore.
 As Katarina opened the door, she could see this scene of the children guessing.
 A little earlier, the wives were different and one could sense the humanity. One could say a kind of sign of the living.

“Ahh, excuse me you all――”
 When Katarina raised her voice, they turned and ran as fast as they could. Somehow, it seemed like they have been frightened.

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