Without any help, she opened the half-destroyed door and entered the Church. The middle was exceptionally dim in terms of the light and just a single candle was burning.
 It was not the same sense as the other desolated houses. It had a kind of relative beauty to it. It was such that a person would be able to live in this place.
 Probably the children that she had seen before sometimes slept in this Church. It was not a rare thing for orphans to make their home in ruins.

 When Katarina continued further into the middle of the Church, a single woman was sitting in front of a statue of the god.
 In this place, the light of candles did not continue. So, Katarina was not aware of the existence of the woman.
 In the face of the statue the woman was gazing over, there was a rusty blade sticking outwards.

“Welcome. This is Moruto Village. ….go-, go-, You know this place well. Remarkable, Katarina.”

“…. My self-righteous mother, who had a bad personality, taught me. She said that a woman who had a different soul would do abnormal things in a wasted village.”


“Ah, excuse me. This place is not a wasted village. This is a paradise that I built with my heart and soul. I will continue to build it up.”
 The women continued to smile.This person was the reason for the visit to this place.
 Her name was Necromancer Edel Weiss. Long ago, in Katarina’s hometown, she was the hero that rescued Art village and pulled the strings of 1000 dead bodies.
 That there was a honest person who had called Katarina back to this world.
“In order to ask of your perpetuity, you have come to this remote place haven’t you? …. But, first, thanks should be given for assisting at Cyrus.”
 Katarina extended her courtesies. In the battle for the defense of the Cyrus fortress, it was Edelle who had rescued her at the dead ground.
 The reason she was able to meet Schera again was that, even though they had not asked for it, they had been helped.

“It is fine. I need no reason to help my sister-in-law. Is that not correct?”
 Edelle spoke with kindness. Katarina did not respond to this. Favor, hatred, appreciation and murderous intent. In regards to this woman, she held a complex mixture of emotions and feelings.

“So, my beloved Katarina, you have come here to pay some respects to me. If so, I am very pleased.”
 The woman flicked her finger and an elderly butler-esque type of person brought along drinks for two. It was not alcohol, it seemed like tea.

“……I am fine thanks I don’t need it.”
“You are not allowed to refuse. These are tea-leaves the children have picked for us. It is very delicious. Please drink this for me without fail.”
 The elderly senior with empty eyes forcefully pushed Katarina to drink the cup. The more she resisted the further she pushed.
 Without anything she could do, she accepted it and drank it in one go. The astringent taste and sweet flavor harmonized with each other, which made it delicious.
“Delicious isn’t it?”


“Yes it is.”
 Katarina drank up in one go and resolved to raise the matter at hand. She did not want to linger in this insane place. This village was stingy. She was not able to understand living with dead people. Even her who was aware of her own craziness could not comprehend it. She did not want to be in a place she did not understand.
“Necromancer Edelle. Heresy investigator Katarina commands you. Hand over all of the magic scrolls that heretic Rasu Nubesu left here.”
 She held the cane towards the Edelle but the blood haired witch did not flinch and maintained a smile. Those clothes were not the pink color that she loved but were black cloth.
“Ahh, brilliant. Katarina has become one of the heresy investigators. Becoming this important, your father would be proud if he could see this, surely.”


“Because fortunes are good, hand over Rasu’s diary and all of the magic scrolls now! Just because I am asking, you should do it! You know what you are holding here!”


“Ahh, yes that is so. I do have them, don’t I. ….  Even though I was informed, you fell on a foreign road and it fell into the contradicted hands of the necromancer.  Really, like father like daughter.”


“This is surely not the place to speak meekly of people.”


“That is so, isn’t it. But why that thing only now? ….. Ahh, yes. I wonder maybe you have felt the limits of self-study.  From the standpoint of, the study and execution of necromancy standing out. You want to be more useful for your darling Schera. So with that, you would like to request the research achievements of your subordinate and great father. I get it now, very cute.”
 Edelle laughed at the thought of Rasu hearing this and sheading tears laughing.
 Katarina, having been made fun of and angry with the fact that Schera’s name had been brought into this, had a face growing red.


“If you do not want to be struck out to the church as a heretic, be quick and -”

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