Chapter 255.  The Transcendental Beings (7)



It was a completely unexpected situation.

The transcendental being, the King of the Dead, who rules the north, and the Death Lord were involved?

He and the King of the Dead were similar as their power was based on ‘death’.  Muyoung, too, has completely harnessed the Death Lord’s power as his own.

For this reason, Muyoung felt some level of familiarity with the King even though the transcendental beings were both wary and antagonistic, so it didn’t appear to have been just a simple mistake.


However, Death Lord was in the ‘Darkness’.

How did Death Lord, who was a being in the ‘Darkness’, come in contacts with the King of the Dead?

“Why were you sent here by Artanis?”

Muyoung could not resist asking.

If he has come to help then that would be the best response.


It was because one of the most difficult transcendental beings was the King of the Dead.

“We are to battle using only the ‘Art of Death’.  My god has said that he would cast out the loser.”

However, what the King of the Dead has said was unexpected.

The end of the Art of Death meant combat.

Then, the King of the Dead was someone who also used the ‘Art of Death’.

It was hard to believe that there was another one besides Muyoung, who had the same power.


‘Renounced by the Death Lord.’

Muyoung fell into a deep thought.  As a matter of fact, the King of the Dead was famous for isolation.

Even when the demon gods were going berserk, or when other transcendental beings would come forth, the King of the Dead did not make any moves from the high, cold mountains of the north.

Because of that, the north mountains were a territory that could not be attacked.

However, it was someone who was solitary who had shown up where Muyoung was.

That was how badly the Death Lord’s power was coveted.


“I accept.”

There was no reason to not accept it.

Of course, there was a high possibility that the loser of this battle would become whatever the winner wished.  Perhaps, it was possible that the loser would be brought back as an undead.

However, Muyoung was confident.

At least, Muyoung was confident when it came to art.

Of course, Muyoung wouldn’t be the only one who was confident.

The King of the Dead, too, of course.  Every one of the ‘dead’ that he has brought with him was unusual.

Maybe, it was him who was keeping the tradition of Death Lord, rather than Muyoung.

That was, the ability to maximize the strength using the ingredients.

However, Muyoung valued the narratives.


No one knew for sure who would come out as the victor when their skills were completely different.

“The rules of the battle are simple.  Using the same material, it would be who is able to create greater ‘art’!”

It was art only in words as it really meant the battle of who was able to create the more powerful Death.

It was important to determine the standards in judging that creation, but it was worth a fight should the rules be applied fairly.

“I also have a condition.”

Muyoung spoke, breaking a short silence.


Accepting the challenge was the natural thing to do, but accepting it on its face value alone was foolish.

Even more so in a situation like this.


The king of the dead was carefree.

It was as if he felt that his victory was obvious.

Certainly, if he had been anointed with the Art of Death from Death Lord, he would have been using that power much longer than Muyoung has.

On the other hand, the time that Muyoung has spent on mastering the Art of Death was much shorter.

He would hear Muyoung out.

Muyoung spoke as he looked around the area.



“I want to change the venue.  Our ‘art’ is not something to be seen by others.”

The Demon Gods and demon tribes.  Everyone was looking at the two of them.

However, the power associated with the Art of Death was one of Muyoung’s secret weapons.

As the powers of Luciferre and the arch angel Gabriel were revealed, at least he wanted to keep this one a secret.  The Demon Gods did not know what this battle called ‘Art’ was about.

Besides, both the King of the Dead and Muyoung had already passed the point where it required a 3rd party’s evaluation.  There probably wasn’t anyone there who understood that, either.


That was, other than the King of the Dead and Muyoung.

“That’s appropriate.”

The King of the Dead has accepted the request.

He then swung his sickle.


As the sickle was swung, a black hole appeared next to him.

“Enter.  No one will interrupt us in here.”

The king of the dead entered through the hole, alone.

It was an unspoken pressure put on Muyoung for him to also follow, alone.


“Muyoung, I’ll go with you.”

Tacan tried to dissuade him.  The motive of appearing suddenly and leading him away seemed suspicious.

However, Muyoung just shook his head.

“No, I must go alone.”

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