269 Part 1

King of the Battlefield 269: King of the Battlefield


It was a titanic struggle that shook The World Itself, and the titanic blows between the demon gods formed cracks across the surface of the Demon World, weeping bloody tears of lava and vomiting black smoke. Bae Sungmin could feel it more acutely than anyone else.


“Are we too late?”


The Child of the Moon spoke. Muyoung must have already met Solomon because nothing else could cause the world itself to shake.


“I know that we are not.”


Bae Sungmin shook his head. While he was still disguised as Merlin, the Child of the Moon and the King of the Dragons had felt his essence. That was why Bae Sungmin could speak freely to them. He thought of the connection Muyoung had with them, and the fact Muyoung had started and changed everything. Bae Sungmin was still a central figure in the chaos that followed Muyoung’s wake.

Therefore, he knew that Muyoung was still alive. However, the strange thing was that his heart ached as they approached the savage battlefield.


‘All the demon gods moved quickly, and we also have to go there.”

It had taken over a month to eradicate two demon gods. However, all the other demon gods mobilized immediately afterward. Bae Sungmin thought the demon gods had been targeting them in revenge, but the demon gods were moving towards the battlefield where a mighty tempest was brewing.

The battlefield was chaos itself. They had come near the edge but could not see what was going on because of the massive and fierce black storm.

However, Bae Sungmin was sure that half of the demon world would be in ruins. The storm left nothing behind. The demon gods became dust, their spirits shrieking in silent agony as they were erased from existance, and corpses were incinerated leaving nothing behind, not even ash.

If this continued, at least half of the demon world would be left in ruin and despair and seeing the sight was an overwhelming experience.


“We have to go in.”


The King of the Dragons spoke, and he lifted his massive body to control the winds. Bae Sungmin could finally see the battlefield with his own eyes as the king cut the storm.

There were shouts, screams, and wails, and Bae Sungmin saw hell. He could not count those in the battle, and everyone was locked together in mortal struggle. He could not differentiate between his allies and foes. However, Bae Sungmin’s gazed fixed onto one spot.


‘Why is that child there?’


Bae Suzy stood where Bae Sungmin was staring, and she was eliminating her enemies with shining weapons that illuminated her body.

The Lineage of Light! However, that was not all. Sungmin saw that Bae Suzy was sharing Muyoung’s, his master’s powers. She had done the same when facing Enroth, but now the amount she shared was much greater.


“Who do we attack?”

“They are all demons!”

“Don’t we have to attack them all?”


The allied races were afraid and desperate because of the unimaginable number of the demons in comparison with theirs. However, demons were everywhere in this place, and while they needed to attack, no one was moving because they dared not attack their allies.


“All demons who do not have protective barriers are enemies!”


The Child of the Moon shouted, and they saw some of the demons were shielded with barriers Gremory had created. There were no other demon gods who could put up barriers. The allied races joined the ranks of the shielded, and they fought their opponents as they had done before. However, Bae Sungmin’s gaze was still fixated on Bae Suzy.


Bae Suzy clenched her teeth and suppressed a scream. A demon’s claw had slashed her.


‘We have to win!’


She struck with her fist at a demon, and its face disappeared with a shriek of wind. Bae Suzy did not rest and kept on fighting.


‘How many days has it been already?”


She woke up in the middle of the battlefield, and while she had heard what had happened from a fairy named Woohee, it had taken time to put things together. However, when she did, Bae Suzy chose to fight.


‘This is his power.’


Muyoung’s strength supported Bae Suzy’s will, and it was stronger than ever. That meant Muyoung was still nearby and had not lost yet. So Bae Suzy had to fight and could not fall. The problem was that there were too many enemies, and countless foes to fight.


‘I have to fight for him!’


Bae Suzy could feel the hardships Muyoung was suffering right now from sharing his power. The loneliness and despair she felt from him led Bae Suzy to want to fight for Muyoung. He had saved her so many times, and now was the time to pay Muyoung back.


“You’re insolent for a human!”


The 28th demon god, Berith! The Golden Demon God started to overwhelm Bae Suzy.


‘He’s dangerous.’


Bae Suzy could not face the Demon God, no matter how much power she shared with Muyoung. However, she had to do it anyway. The problem was that everyone was tired out by now, and the number of her allies had noticeably diminished. If it were not for Amon, they would have all died. Amon was buying them time by using magic defensively and also had eliminated four demon gods.


‘I can do this.’


All eradication conditions have been solved after Baal disappeared. They died when their bodies were slain without needing to fulfilling the conditions. So, Bae Suzy thought she could do this.


Bae Suzy screamed as the metallic Demon God was fast despite its solidity. However, it was an attack she should have avoided. Her senses dulled from the days of fighting, and her strength had left her.


‘I have to do this…’


Bae Suzy stood up stumbling, and Berith threw a massive metal bullet. While Suji Bae managed to receive it, the bones of her arms both broke with a loud cracking noise.


“Give up. You have already lost!”

“Shut up!”


She had no time to take in a breath while Berith continued to throw metal bullets that hit like a falling mountain. Bae Suzy’s body was at its limit.


‘I need to do this…’


Bae Suzy’s eyes closed, and her body crumbled. This was a chance that took so much to grab, and she wanted to meet Muyoung and learn the truth. She wanted to know what he was hiding and ask why he kept them apart.


“Are you going to give up like this?”


Suji Bae barely managed to open her eyes by a voice speaking to her.


“You are…”


He did not speak but raised a staff to block Berith’s metal bullets. Bae Suzy barely managed to stand using both hands.


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