The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain

Volume 3 Chapter 1 : Bus (Part 3)


That was the border land of Southern Xinjiang in Daxia. The city belonged to Daxia, but not as well. The government’s control was severely inadequate, so the authorities in the city were divided. There were foreign hostile forces, cults, international groups, and so on. All kinds of dark businesses, such as smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal firearms could be seen everywhere.


Hell, a place of the evil, a heaven on earth, a lawless place… No matter how many names Emerald City had, it indicated the chaos within the city. However, the city was just right for Li Anping. There, he had enough wicked people to eat, and there was justice waiting for him to protect. The government’s management was weak, and there was no better place for him than Emerald City.


The bus he took that morning led to the destination close to a small town near Emerald City. Although the environment in the car was terrible, it did not matter to Li Anping, who was already used to the hell-like cultivation method.


Sitting next to Li Anping was a young woman who was also holding a small baby. He was a boy who could not speak. All he could do was scream mother.  He was very well-behaved and did not wail or make trouble along the way.


The woman was not good-looking, but she was very delicate. It seemed that she was returning home from a part-time job in the city and was taking her son to visit her parents in town.


At first, the woman had a few words with Li Anping, but when she saw Li Anping’s indifferent appearance, she stopped talking.


Two hours later, the sun was gradually setting. The bus stopped at the gate of a gas station, and the passengers all got off the bus one by one, ready to have dinner.


The woman beside also stood up with her baby in her arms. However, seeing Li Anping sitting there with his head covered, she could not help reminding him, “Brother, it’s time to leave the bus to eat. Although the food here is a bit expensive, the journey will resume for more than four hours. There’s nowhere on the road that sells food.”


“It’s fine, I’m not hungry.” Li Anping lifted the black cloth, revealing a resolute face. His current physical fitness did not matter if he fasted for three days and three nights. But, once he started to eat, he could eat eight to ten tables of food.


The woman laughed. Her eyes narrowed and she revealed two dimples. Although it was not good-looking, she gave people a kind impression. She smiled and said, “You’re not hungry now, but you might be later. Why don’t you wait in the car? I’ll get you some food.”


“No, I’m really not hungry.” If there was a bad guy in front of him, Li Anping could slap him to death without hesitation, but when faced with an enthusiastic person, he could not do that.


“How can you not eat for the sake of your strong body?” The woman said, “It’s fine, just wait here, I’ll get you something after I finish eating.”


Li Anping looked at the figure of the woman leaving the vehicle, and suddenly laughed.


What’s so funny? If she knows the amount of people youve killed, Im afraid she would’ve find any chance to call the police. How would she even volunteer to bring you food?


‘Black, you don’t understand. This kind of human emotion is the most precious trait of human beings.’


In the gas station, aside from the bus which Li Anping was riding, two other buses stopped. The passengers were crowded into a small restaurant for dinner. Everyone lined up for a meal and the scene looked very lively.


That was also Li Anping’s favorite atmosphere in the past month. Although he knew no one, as long as he saw the liveliness, he could only feel that he was alone, but not the monster far away from the crowd.


More than ten minutes later, another van drove up from the gas station. Two huge men got out of the vehicle, as well as a fat middle-aged woman. The three of them soon bumped into a short man who came out of the gas station.


The four said a few words, and the short man pointed at the woman holding the child. They rushed forward with aggressiveness and surrounded the woman.


The middle-aged fat woman cursed fiercely, “Brat, how dare you defy me? Why are you taking the grandchild away? You’re absurd.”


The woman had just finished packing the meal and was walking out of the restaurant entrance, but she was suddenly surrounded by four people. Subconsciously holding the child tightly and moving back, she asked, “Who are you? I don’t know you.”


She stepped back and bumped into another man. The man shouted, “Sis, you really are forgetful. How can you sneak the child out after arguing with my mother? Do you know how worry we are?” After speaking, he reached out and tried to snatch the child from the woman’s arms.


The fierce man made the little boy cry, and the woman yelled that many times that she did not know them. However, her voice was overlapped by the voices of the group as they kept shoving her towards the van.


The middle-aged woman yelled, “Brat, we were just saying a few words about your mistakes, yet you secretly take the child out. I have called your parents and told them about this matter, so they knew about this. You can explain the situation to them later.”


Another short man grabbed the woman’s shoulders with both hands and shouted, “Honey, if you have any disagreements with my mother, don’t simply take our son out, alright? It’s dangerous for a woman like you to run around. Hurry back with me.”


The cry of the woman was suppressed. She just hugged the child tightly, but her body was unstoppably entering the van due to the four people.


Things happened too fast. At that time, it seemed that a few people in the crowd stood up. They tried to do something, only to find that the van had already left.

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