A black shadow seemed to be carrying something and was free falling from high from the sky.

His last words, had turned into an eternal masterpiece.

Do you want to know what is the truth behind this? Then let’s rewind and look back.


The black shadow carried something rewind back to the top of the building.

Everything went back to five minutes before.

The black shadow, which was our first main male character, he discovered a long novel around 1 million words, it’s a completed and free novel, he happily used three hours straight to read the novel, and when he read one-fourth of the novel, he started to feel disappointing as he continues. The main male character in the book had successfully mastered a skill that made him invulnerable to woman’s charm, even when the tool was so near for him to commit the crime!

He really couldn’t believe that the author, as a father of the main character in the novel, doesn’t solve his son’s marriage problem. He couldn’t hold his curiosity and flipped to the ending, and realized the male character actually……really……accompanied with cucumber for his whole life.

This wasn’t logic at all.

He jumped to the comments section, typed swiftly with his ten fingers on the screen:

It’s not scary without women, we can wait for the beast to transform into a human. It’s not scary without a penis, even a cucumber can be used. It’s not scary without feeling, eat some Viagra can make you go crazy. What’s scary is, when you had a woman and she is only a decoration, when you had a cucumber but you don’t use it, level up until the end, still a lonely man.

It doesn’t count as life without a woman! Oh lord!


He just pressed send, then he heard a weird cracking sound coming out from the balcony, as if something was broken.

This is an old area, there weren’t any rich families here, moreover, it was the sixth floor, before that he always thought the house was quite secure, so he didn’t install any security window. But he heard there was a thief who tried to steal from high accidentally fell from the balcony and died, later then, the thief’s family even got a compensation from the house owner, he felt that the world had many strange things, it’s even possible that someone broke into his house, hence he smoothly took an old heavy notebook from the table, and walked quietly on tiptoe to the balcony.

He usually saves electric, when he opens his computer, he definitely will not open his lights. He closed his laptop, the entire house went dark, but the moonlight shone into his house and revealed the sneaky shadow trying to climb into the house.

He really met a thief.

While the thief was trying to climb into the balcony, he quickly rushed towards the thief and prepared to chop faint him with the book. Who knew when he got close and his hand was going to reach, his foot slipped and stepped on a round cylinder thing, his body suddenly leaped front and rushed out, helplessly looking at he himself passed by the thief, fall head over heels from the balcony.

At a crucial moment, all his thoughts had gone despair, only a word that came out from his heart that blurted out from his tongue:

“F your mom……”

——This is the prelude of transmigration.

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