Familiar with the situation (2)


Zhan Zhan had already behaved himself at home for two days while looking forward to his beautiful future. Of course, his behavior to everyone and to he himself was shutting himself at home just as always.


But in the times where there were no computers, novels nor games, it’s also considered as a skill to shut oneself happily in their own world.


Zhan Zhan’s way to live himself happily was—gossips.


Although he can predict the incidents and characters easily in this world, but only limited to big matters. Even if the author writes the settings in detail, he wouldn’t write small matters like how many maids do their house have, what do the maids do in the house, how much is their salary…… If the story was written in precise like this, then the book title shouldn’t be “Jue Shi Jian Xie” but “Evil Building Dream”. That’s why he found quite interesting to gossip around.


He didn’t know how did this world exist, and how did he transmigrated into the novel when he just fell off from his own balcony, but since the novel world able to perfect itself by giving out the answers he asked, and it seemed to be reasonable.


Anyhow, the world existed, and he transmigrated, so just spend a normal life.


At the third day, his mother couldn’t bear it anymore and visited him.


“Baby, are you feeling not well?” Yun Wuyi looked at him, that expression was as if he gotten some kind of incurable cancer.


Zhan Zhan was baffled by the sudden and shook his head.


“Which means you’re uncomfortable in your heart.” She sighed: “I know that it’s boring you’ve been in the house for the whole day. Don’t worry, your father will come back from the border tomorrow, you’ll be free by then.”


Zhan Zhan was dumbfounded: “Mother, I’m good now, I don’t feel any uncomfortable.


Yun Wuyi frowned her eyebrows and said: “How could you be comfortable? You didn’t go out for a drink with your friends in these two days, nor you didn’t go to play at the beast fighting arena, you’ve been staying at home for the whole time…… Are you angry about mother?”


Zhan Zhan: “……” No wonder the ex-Zhan Zhan never regretted even until he died. It’s not that he doesn’t want to regret, but there’s no chance for him to regret instead. Look, even if he wanted to reform himself, his mother will also put him back to how he was.


“Mother, did you just said that father went to the border?” He suddenly remembered one thing, a very important matter! Damn! How could he forget about this!


Yun Wuyi saw his face changed drastically, she was shocked that she immediately stood up and hugged him: “Baby, what’s wrong with you? If you have something spit it out, don’t hide it in your heart. Even if the sky has fallen, mother and father are still here to carry for you.”


Yes, the problem is right here!


Zhan Family was completely carried by Zhan Bubai and Yun Wuyi, that’s why when Zhan Bubai died at the border, Yun Wuyi followed him by banging her head at the palace, after that, the whole Zhan Family had completely fallen. Of course, Zhan Zhan died too early, so he never underwent the experience of the fallen God War Family.


He always thought of how to not die in the hands of Han Feixie, but he completely forgot such important matter. If the Zhan Family had fallen, it’ll be dreary for him even if he didn’t die! Under the popular name of bossy king he himself, a number of people Zhan Zhan had offended in the entire Teng Yun Empire could already build a small city.


“Can father not go the border?” He asked tremblingly.


In the book “Jue Shi Jian Xie”, Zhan Bubai was just a background character, he never came out before to the story, but directly described that he defended the border and died there. Zhan Zhan thought that the novel must’ve given him a chance to come to this world, a chance to change the fate!


“Of course not.” Yun Wuyi smiled while she ‘poured him a cold water’: “Your father is a marshal; how could he not go to the border?”


“Can’t he take a sick leave?”


Yun Wuyi was shocked by his words and stared at him thoroughly: “Baby what’s wrong? Didn’t you always hoped your father to go to the border?”


Zhan Zhan stammered: “There are wars happening in the border, it’s too dangerous.”


Yun Wuyi was moved that she patted his head: “Our baby has grown up.”


“Why not ask father not to go anymore?”


“That’s impossible.” A cold gaze flashed over Yun Wuyi’s eye.


Even though the cold gaze flashed very fast, but Zhan Zhan was able to catch it!


He excitingly thought: it’s secret, it must be a secret!


He already had his own experience from reading many of the novels—When a subordinate finished reporting, and the boss had a sharp gaze flashed in his eyes, most probably they’re going to turn each coat. When two people were talking and their eyes were spangled in light, then they must have their own axes to grind, one of them will take a move and another will tackle the move for sure, in the end both sides suffer together. And for his mother, there’s no reason for her to use a cold gaze while answering his question unless there’s a secret behind this!


“Baby, you must behave yourself. Don’t mention this matter ever again. If somebody asks you, you mustn’t say that you don’t want your father to go to the border! Understand?” Yun Wuyi said solemnly.


Zhan Zhan can only nod his head, but his heart was thinking about other plans to rescue.


Since he could not stop Zhan Bubai defending the border, then he should stop the incident from happening?


But, how did Zhan Bubai died?


Zhan Zhan tried to explore every inch of his mind but he couldn’t remember it. It’s not really his fault since Zhan Bubai was really unimportant in the story, what’s left was the news of Zhan Bubai’s death had brought a great advantage to Han Feixie, so when he read the novel he roughly knew the existence of Zhan Bubai, and he died in the story.


Since he couldn’t stop Zhan Bubai from defending the border, and he couldn’t stop the death incident from happening, then the only way was to……


Revive him from death?


Zhan Zhan had thought seriously about this possibility.


In the novel setting, there’s a resurrection pill in this world. And he remembered that only two people had it.


One of the people who had it was Bai Mengzhu, the owner of the Bai Meng Mountain, one of the top six Holy Sword in Shenjian Land, a very godlike character in the early stage of the story! Bai Mengzhu doesn’t even see the God War Family in his eye, so don’t even think about begging for the pills in his hand, probably before he arrived at the top of the mountain, he was thrown down from the halfway.


Another person who had the resurrection pill was the main character of the story, Han Feixie. If there’s any good stuff obtainable in the novel, surely he has it. If he doesn’t have it, which means the story hasn’t progressed so far yet.


But taking the resurrection pill from Han Feixie……


He calculated the possibility, and it was hopeless.


Han Feixie was a cold person who doesn’t like to befriend with people, although after he mastered his overbearing aura had taken quite a lot of apprentices, but most those apprentices share weal and woe with Han Feixie, otherwise, they had a skill that Han Feixie interested in. However, for someone like himself who was incompetent in any aspect and he even sent a subordinate that raped Han Feixie’s friend, probably even if he gave himself in Han Feixie wouldn’t even want him.


What a pain to think!




He laid on the bed and decided to take a sleep first.


The second day, the sun rose up from the east as usual while Zhan Bubai still had to defense at the border.


Surprisingly Zhan Zhan woke up early and went to the entrance to see off Zhan Bubai.


Zhan Bubai was shocked, but he looked at Zhan Zhan with a warmth gaze: “You should think about yourself when I’m not here, a real man should have an indomitable spirit and build your own career! Eventually you’ll grow up, you should stop goofing around.”


Zhan Zhan respectfully listened.


Zhan Bubai lowered his voice and said: “The most important is to train your sword skills! Even a 12-year-old son Si Tufen from Situ Family is one of the top sword masters, you are still a middle-rank sword, don’t you feel shame? Moreover, we’re called as the God War family.”


Zhan Zhan’s face turned red. He blushed for the ex-Zhan Zhan.


“Keep it in mind.” Zhan Bubai had scolded him a lot of times, but this is the first time he saw his son feeling shame, finally he felt comforted in his heart: I’m indeed a god war, even the stubborn son was capitulated by me!


“Father.” Although Zhan Zhan knew it’s useless, but he couldn’t bear but to remind him: “You must be careful at the border, no matter what happens, you must protect your life!”


Zhan Bubai heard his words and frowned his eyebrow, and said in his heart: I attend the war but you want me to protect my life no matter what happens, wasn’t that an attempt to curse me?


Zhan Zhan didn’t know Zhan Bubai’s thoughts, he continued: “Even if any unfortunate happens, remember, you must keep your body safe.” Only keeping his body safe so to resurrect him.


“Get lost!”


Zhan Bubai used his leg and kicked him off, then he quickly left. If he was slower, he scared that he couldn’t bear himself and beat his son into a pig head!


After Zhan Bubai had left, Zhan Zhan thought about it again, he felt that man proposes, god disposes, even if the result was a fail, at least he tried before, it’s much better than waiting to die. He cheered himself: Isn’t it just being an apprentice? He doesn’t believe he couldn’t take down Han Feixie since he knew a lot about him.


He had decided his path, immediately he went to say goodbye to Yun Wuyi.


Yun Wuyi heard he wanted to leave Tiandu, she was shocked that her hair clasp fell from her hair: “Baby, if you want to go to school you can just study at Diguang Academy. Every royal family in the empire also studied at there, why would you want to go to Taigu Academy? And you even chose a small branch.”


Zhan Zhan replied: “I want to go for training.”


“I see you’re not planning to train, but want to find Qu Su right?” Yun Wuyi’s face turned black.


Zhan Zhan said with a bitter face: “I didn’t want to use Qu Su anymore, I sent him to find monster was to make him stay away from me. Mother, you’ve worried too much.”


Yun Wuyi said: “That’s great if you could think like that, but don’t ever say anything about going to Mapo City anymore.” She picked up the dropped hair clasp and ignored him.


Zhan Zhan didn’t have a plan, so he went back and go on a hunger strike.


At the start Yun Wuyi was still going against him, she asked an alchemist to make some supplements and ordered a maid to deliver it to him to drink like water.


After that, Zhan Zhan realized her trick, so he decided not to consume any water at all.


While Yun Wuyi at one side she was so angry that her whole body was trembling, on the other side she tried to convince him. But later on she saw his lips all dried up, there’s no energy in his eyes, even his cheeks were caved in, hence that made her anxious and she agreed with any of his requests.


Actually, going on a hunger strike for two days was already Zhan Zhan’s limit, if Yun Wuyi was going to brace her mind any longer, the one who surrenders will possibly be him.


Yun Wuyi agreed with her mouth to let him study at Mapo Branch of Taigu Academy, but she’s still worried about it, so she wanted to delay his request, wait until his heat has cool down.


But Zhan Zhan was scared that long delay may rise up many troubles, so when he saw Yun Wuyi was going on an act on him, he immediately laid back on the bed indicating he is going to continue on a hunger strike to protest. Then, Yun Wuyi had finally agreed on the matter.


However, looking at her own son preparing to go to a far place, and there’s a Yunmo Forest beside the academy, no matter what she must give him some insurance.


That night, she brought a forty to fifty middle-aged man to his room.


“Baby, this is Mr. Jin Qianjin.”


Zhan Zhan immediately stood up and greet with him, and searched for his information inside his brain.


Jin Qian: The leader of the bodyguard team to protect Yun Wuyi princess, when he appeared in the story, he was a top of Sword General, after he knew Yun Wuyi died, he suddenly broke through his bottleneck and rushed to elementary rank of Sword Stalwart. To seek revenge for Yun Wuyi, he leads the princess bodyguard team and risked to the palace, at the end he died in the hand of the king of Tengyun Empire, Yun Muhuang.


He must say, Jin Qian was one of the most loyalty officials in Zhan Family.


As Zhan Zhan thought about Jin Qian, he couldn’t restrain his emotion and called him: “Uncle Jin.”


Jin Qian’s whole body was shocked, he glared at Zhan Zhan, his gaze was different than just now.


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