Overbearing Aura Chapter 4

Zhan Zhan thought : Knew it! Every novel character has their own special characteristics. If you get

it right everyone will feel better about you.

Jin Qian looked at him with disbelieve, shook his head and sighed,

Zhan Zhan : “……” Why does he not have good feelings for me? This doesn’t make sense at all!

Jin Qian said “Princess, please, don’t worry. Once I send Little Majesty to the university, I will

come back immediately”

Zhan Zhan’s dad is a professor in a university, which is why Zhan Zhan had the prideful nickname

of Little Majesty.

Yun Wu Yi said “There’s no need for that, there won’t be any danger here. You should focus on

your task and escort him there, come back only when he’s on a holiday”

Jin Qian’s expression went down by a notch, but he still nodded.

Zhan Zhan : Please, don’t tell me this is a love story. It didn’t say so in the novel! This world’s plot

really is hard to be expected. But if this happens, his safety will be less ensured. For example, he

already knew that he’ll die at the first 1/6 of the novel, but if he didn’t die, this story will surely turn

into a plot twist. Maybe, there’s a chance that he won’t die for the rest of the story, or maybe he

dies and revive again and again for the rest of the story!

Damn It !

Zhan Zhan decided that he will depart in two days. Yun Wu Yi couldn’t say no, he has to do what

Zhan Zhan wants. Yun We Yi said that as the depart was too soon, lots of things couldn’t be

prepared. Zhan Zhan started to regret, he was wondering that if he stayed for another day, he

could bring more things with him. But as he stepped out of his house, ten huge trucks filled his

vision, his thoughts of regret instantly vanished.

“Are you sure you don’t want to bring two more beds? You are so used to silk made bed, you

can’t get them in the town.” Yun Wu Yi said as she was really worried.

Zhan Zhan asked “How many beds have I brought?”

“Five” Yun Wu Yi replied.

Zhan Zhan said jokingly “Even if I pee on my bed everyday, I still have four days to dry it!”

Yun Wu Yi laughed with tears “What are you thinking?”

Zhan Zhan realised the concern and worry on her face, he felt really touched. It doesn’t take

someone who studies a lot to be touched and feel cared and protected.

He reached out and hugged Yun Wu Yi, and said softly “Thank you”.

Thank god theres her, who gave me sunshine in this unknown world.

Thank you for providing me mother love

Thank you for dealing with my waywardness

It doesn’t matter if this world is real or fake, I will still live here with pride, and be the best son I

can be !

“Me dear.” Yun Wu Yi said while patting him on his head. Tears were rolling down on each side of

her eyes.

Zhan Zhan backed away from her carefully, he smiled, raised his hand up, and shouted “Lets Go !”

Travelling from Tian Village to Ma Po town is a really long journey. They passed through a few

other small village and towns.

On the way to Ma Po town, Zhan Zhan got a step closer to understanding this world.

First was this world’s system of swords.

There are three levels of sword artist – Low class, middle class and high class.

The low class sword artist has a ranking of low to high : Worker, Artist, Young Master, Master,


Middle class’ ranking are : Leader, Owner, and King.

Top class’s ranking are : Majesty, King Artist, and God.

It had been two weeks of travelling, and yet, he hasn’t met a burglar or a thieve yet.

He got really bored, and summoned Jin Qian. “Uncle Jin, may I know why after travelling for so

long, we still haven’t met anyone who needs our help?

Jin Qian did not reply him, he stayed silent.

Zhan Zhan : “……” He had already called Jin Qian by the most respectable name ‘Uncle Jin’, for

two weeks , why does Uncle Jin still seems like he doesn’t like him?

Zhan Zhan rubbed his chin, and summoned the eight body guards. They all have really

complicated names, so Zhan Zhan gave them numbers. The leader’s number is, of course, one.

He called out “Number one. Hey, do you have any idea why Uncle Jin seems like he doesn’t like

me? He threats me really coldly sometimes.”

Number one said “Because Captain Jin is a pro”

“…Is he hiding anything?” Zhan Zhan asked

“Captain Jin trains really hard everyday” Number one replied

Zhan Zhan said “Maybe he has diarrhoea?

Number one replied coldly “Captain Jin rests really early everyday”

Zhan Zhan questioned again “Are you lying? Are you pulling a prank on me?”

Number one replied with respect “I’ve never dared to.”

Zhan Zhan said “Wow, nice reply, finally”

Number one replied “I will always serve you with honour and loyalty!”

After ten more days of travelling, they finally reached Ma Po town.

Zhan Zhan sat in the car, he was nervous and excited at the same time. The exciting part is that he

had finally reached the main part of the story. The nervous part is that he doesn’t know what Han

Fei Ya will do to him.

He counted the time, and estimate which part of the story he’s in, and what Han Fei Ya needs, and

determine if he can help.

“Ahhh” He cried as he summoned number one. “Go to the pharmacy, bring me the few most

expensive medicine.”

Number one asked “Youngster, do you feel sick?”

“Yes, I’m sick of not spending money” Zhan Zhan replied.

Suddenly, they spotted a group of students running alongside their vehicle.

Jin Qian stopped one of them and had a short conversation with him. He then came back to Zhan

Zhan and reported “They said one of their classmate challenged a master levelled sword artist,

they are on their way to back him up.”

Zhan Zhan immediately ordered “ Let’s go ! Let’s go see what’s happening”

Jin Qian did not agree at all.

Zhan Zhan said with power “Those are my future classmates, how can I just watch them get


Jin Qian had nothing to say, he did not fight back. He then ordered for them to split up to two

teams, the first one will go buy a house in town, and the second one will follow Zhan Zhan to the


Zhan Zhan sat in the car, cracking his knuckles, stretching. He wanted to show off so Han Fei Ya

will get impressed, at the same, time, flirt with her, this is the best chance that he will never miss.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the story stated that in this match, one side was Han Fei Ya’s room mate,

Yang Cheng Qi, and the other side was Qu Su. The book stated that Qu Su beat Yang Cheng Qi

up really badly.

This was a precious chance of him being a hero and saving someone, he would never miss it.

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