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Chapter 1

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Almost all people in the Gangho are crazy. They train all day and all night so they can kill people. They also meditate for hours, skipping meals and bathroom breaks to gain inner power. Just how crazy is this? Monkeys are training swordsmanship to kill other monkeys or sit down for days because they think themselves weak. Monkeys who wield swords and monkeys who train all day. This metaphor summarizes who the people of the Gangho are in general.

Those who are chivalrous enough to help others and the Murim Allies, who announce themselves as justice, are all the same inside. Those working solo and the leader of the Murim Allies have one thing in common: they desperately want to be stronger than anyone else in a fight. This was the same for almost anyone training.

That was why the power to fight drove crazy people even crazier, as the training to become stronger was endless. Since people of the Gangho have chosen to walk a road with no end in sight and aim to reach the destination anyway, they become crazier more quickly than others. At times, their body and soul go crazy all at once like they had burned at the stake and become demons.

I, of course, have gone through this experience directly. A wise man had once said not to teach powerful things to a person without decorum, and he had been right. Fighting the Murim way was something not to be taught to the crazy ones. What happens when a crazy person becomes powerful? He lets his primitive instincts fly about without restraint.

The Gangho was filled with those crazy about women, those thirsty for blood, and those who train all day to kill such people. The numbers only increased. When someone says that Gangho’s moral has fallen to the ground, it means that there are more crazy ones than those who train with sanity. However, even the sane ones become crazy when trying to kill those who have already gone over, so Gangho was already crazy. Therefore, it is an endless cycle.

I have lived in Gangho and spent my life killing crazy ones. There were some hidden in the White Path and a lot in the Black Path. Those who walked the Demon Path would fight to see who was crazier and rank themselves.

While I had made many enemies since I killed everyone who deserved to die, I hated those in the Demon Path the most. Some chivalrous men in the White Path tried to do well to others, and there were men in the Black Path who tried not to stray too far from being a human.

However, those in the Demon Path are monkeys who are always crazy and can breathe poison, shoot lightning, and even freeze people.

Now, these crazy monkeys are ruling the Gangho. I had killed them in any way I could, but there were still too many monkeys.

I am the Crazy Demon.



Everyone becomes old, and I now felt my age. I had been able to run seven days and nights when being chased by the Murim allies before, but not now. I felt like I had become a decade older than when at the start of this deadly escape.

I bitterly thought that I should have trained harder. It was true that humans always repeat the same mistakes and regret them later.

I had not set an escape route and had turned on the wrong road. The voices of those chasing me were becoming clearer with each moment. Their curses were varied as their voices. I was a bastard at one moment, a cretin in another, and also became a man without parents. The last one was true, but I just heard someone cursing my parents.

It is a crazy world if an orphan’s parents are cursed. While many men had died after shooting their mouths off like that when I could hear them, I needed to run now because there were too many pursuing me.

To think that a man like me has to run like this. I was embarrassed as hell but remember. The Demon Cult was this powerful. I had killed many during this chase, but there were still a lot of powerful fighters left in the Demon Cult who could give me a run for my money.



When I was young, my foolish dream had been to become a Fighter God. Why I remembered such an old dream while being chased was a mystery to me. I had heard such a dream was impossible during all these years, and many teased me or just laughed at me. But I was certain a dream easy to achieve should not be called a dream. I strongly believe that a dream should be something difficult to achieve even now.

Because I had set my goals high, I was not being chased by a third-rate group, but the worst of them all, the Demon Cult.

If you were born a man, you should be chased by the Demon Cult. I thought that was proof that you were a man in the Gangho. I felt exhilarated while running because I knew those chasing me were true bastards. While I had not been able to become a Fighter God as I had dreamt, I had been chased by the Murim Allies and was now being pursued by the Demon Cult. This was a rare achievement.

Anyway, it seemed that the item I had stolen from the Demon Cult was something really extraordinary. If not, why would men from the Demon Cult chase me like their lives depended on it?

I had already known that tormenting the Demon Cult was a lot of fun, from before. However, I had not been able to attempt this feat because I had been too weak at that time.

Now, I regretted that I had not trained more before making this attempt. As I said, humans repeated the same mistakes. Damn…

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