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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V6C2 Part 1

Young master, taking advantage, all requirements

“Is it possible that you are…” Sister Suehiro looked at me in disbelief.

“Huh?” I looked at Suehiro with some confusion. What’s up with her?

She suddenly took the sword in my hand, the light blue samurai sword immediately changed back to an ordinary wooden one. This scene immediately shocked them all. And they both exclaimed with a “wow”.

“Is it really so? It seems that the ancestral training is true. This sword is indeed the weapon of the demon-killing hero.” Sister Suehiro looked at the sword in her hand with pity in her eyes. It seems that she was really a sword lover, no wonder she’s the daughter of a sword master.

After looking at the sword in her hand, Suehiro raised her head and said to Satsuki and the others, “just return today, the meeting is not gonna be held anymore.” After she said so, she looked at me with a profoundly serious expression. “Lin Xiang, no. Young Master Lin Xiang, I am Suehiro Kaoru, the ninth-generation guardian of this sword. Here, I salute you as the sword owner!” Suehiro said so. She then kneeled down and performed the samurai manners for me, I was so shocked that I quickly supported her.

“Wait, sister Suehiro? I’m not the sword owner.” I explained in a panic.

“Huh? You are not a sword owner? Young Master, stop joking around, since you could turn the wooden sword back to its original form, that makes you the owner already.”

“I…” I’m really not. The sword only recognized me as the master after I converted the dragon’s energy inside me body into spiritual power. Although I wanted to say, I couldn’t. All in all, no one knew the fact that I was a dragon human.

“Xiang? What’s the matter?” Satsuki interrupted all of a sudden while watching.

“Listen, Satsuki Risa, you are not allowed to be rude to Young Master Lin Xiang, you must call him the Young Master, and you can’t directly call his name, you know?” Senior Sister Suehiro frowned at Satsuki. She felt dissatisfied toward the fact that Satsuki called my name.

“I…” Satsuki became speechless. As she was facing her senior sister, she couldn’t refute. She could only frown at me.

“Sister Suehiro? Can I…”

“Young Master Lin Xiang, please don’t call me as your senior sister. You just need to call me by my name, Suehiro.”

“Ugh…Sister…Suehiro.” I really couldn’t change all of a sudden.

“No, you just need to address me by my name. Suehiro.”

She looked really serious; I think that she’s somewhat traditional. If I didn’t follow her instructions, she would surely repeat saying it.

“Okay, Suehiro…”

“Yes, what’s the matter? Young master.” She nodded.

“In fact, Satsuki is my friend. I suppose they don’t need to call me Young Master, right? It’s the same for you.”

“No. How can we do that? We have to respect the descendants of the demon-killing heros. Since they’re your friends, then they don’t need to change the way they call you. However, I have to call you Young Master. This is the basic gesture of a samurai.”

Although I didn’t want sister Suehiro to act so seriously, she looked really serious, as if the way of calling names was an incredibly important matter. I answered helplessly, “okay.”

“Wait, is my dear a descendant of the demon-killing heroes? What is that?” Kamiki asked something that Satsuki also wanted to know.

“The demon-killing heroes, as the name suggests, is a hero who hunts down demons. Our Suehiro family has been the guardian of the descendants of the demon-killing heroes for generations. It’s a pity that we were forced to separate because of something that happened four hundred years ago. We couldn’t find the demon-killing heroes. Also, with the changes of the times, the Suehiro family is gradually declining. However, now that the master of the sword has appeared, Suehiro’s family will surely stand on the top of the Guardian family again. Young Master Lin Xiang, I wish to become your sharp blade and stand your side to fight the demons together!”

“You said that you are the guardian of the descendants of the demon-killing heroes, so what’s the matter with my dear? Could it be that you made a mistake?”

“There’s something that you don’t know. I’ll prove it to you.” As she said, sister Suehiro held the sword in both hands, lowered her head and said to me, “Young Master Lin Xiang, please show them the proof that you’re the master of this sword.”

“Uh…” I’m not a descendant of the demon-killing heroes~~I really couldn’t find a way to tell them clearly. Wait…how about the old man that I saw that morning…

“Young Master Lin Xiang, may I ask what’s wrong?” Sister Suehiro raised her head, her bright big eyes revealing confusion.

“Nothing. I just suddenly recalled something. Listen, Suehiro, I am really not the master of this sword.”

“It’s not possible. You must be.”

“I really am not.”

“Then, please hold this sword and prove to us that you aren’t its owner.” As Suehiro said so, I felt that she strongly hoped that I was the master of this sword…

“Do you want to know why?”


“Heh~~For a guardian family, as the object of protection has disappeared, so the mission is over and their families are separated. This girl named Suehiro is probably a member of the guardian’s family, and her family has been fulfilling the ancestral instruction to guard the sword holder, so her grandfather, even her great grandfather did not go outside, but they just looked for the holder of this sword. That’s why the family gradually declined. For a declining family, do you know what this means? Without the previous achievements, they had to be looked down by the others. I’m guessing that she wants this to change and to make the family thrive again. You know what I mean?”

“Um…more or less.”

“Young Master Lin Xiang?”

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