The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 173

  1. Tiararose’s Call

The atmosphere and buildings in this world are exactly the same as though in Marineforest, but there people living here are strangers to her.

No, or perhaps, they are people whom Tiararose has never seen before, even so that’s somewhat unnatural.


“Luca, Leo. It might not be appropriate to say this, but where’s this place…?”


Tiararose looked at them with serious gaze; Luca and Leo looked at each other while thinking of what they should say.

They probably thought that it’s better not to divulge their identities to her…


Luca and Leo were at a loss for words.


“Ah, um… I’m sorry. That was too sudden, wasn’t it?”


Tiararose did not explain her own situation and instead asked an abrupt question so this must have troubled them.

For now, she decided to explain about her situation and then try to ask for information.


-In the first place, I did not tell them about my identity.

She reflected on herself for being too dependent on the both of them.


Aquasteed was sitting next to her; he looked at Tiararose and told her it was fine before gently wrapping his arm around her shoulder.


Looking at how Aquasteed was taking care of Tiararose, Luca and Leo’s faces lightened up; it seems like there’s a reason why they’re so happy about it.

Luca looked straight at Tiararose and opened his mouth.


“As for this place… I’m unable to reply precisely. Based on my guess, there’s a warp somewhere due to the enormous sea magic power.”


Luca showed a troubled smile as he said that this is the reason why he wasn’t able to deliver a satisfying answer to Tiararose’s question.


“I think it’s better for us to not know each other…”

“Better for us to not know each other…?”

“It might leave a negative impact”

“That… might be possible.”


They were probably worried about the differences between the place where Tiararose was at and this place.

Things that occur here might not be possible in that original world, and vice versa.


It’s as though it’s a trick of the god.

However, thinking about that, she thought that she could just simply restart her life; well, to be more precise, to the time where her memories of her previous life came back.

She felt like she understood the situation and it’s strange.


“I’m sorry… I wasn’t able to provide the answer you’re looking for.”

“No, Luca’s very kind and sincere.”


Luca could have just lied, however he told her honestly that it’s better not for him to tell her.

Tiararose smiled and Luca returned with a wry smile.


“However, it’s true that it’s no solution at the moment; you guys might return to that world all of the sudden, or stay here forever.”



Tiararose was at a loss of words and gulped when she heard what Luca said. However, Luca shook his head slowly and started to take apart his theory.


“However, I think that possibility is extremely slim. I’m sure it’s not a simple problem… or if anything, you guys have lots of reliable allies, right?”



Right now, there are only Tiararose and Aquasteed in this place, but it’s true that they have reliable friends.

Philiane is probably worried and looking around for Tiararose while taking care of Luciarose.

Elliot might have been trying to investigate about the truth and perhaps under the orders of Akari. Furthermore, the three fairy kings must have noticed that they’ve disappeared.


Thinking about that- even if they don’t do anything, help would probably arrive soon; that made her feel a little more secure.


-Let’s stay calm for now.


Tiararose took a deep breath and nodded firmly.


“Even so, we can’t just cause everyone to worry and not do anything. We are going to investigate about the magic warp too, right, Aqua?”

“That’s fine, but Tiara you should not push yourself, alright? If you come into contact with magic, it might cause instability to the baby in your womb.”

“Yes. I’ll be careful.”


Luca was relieved with Tiararose and Aquasteed’s conversation; he was troubled as to how he should explain about this world… but it seems like they’re taking it well.


“When you guys are out, we’ll have knights to serve as your bodyguards; the bird has come by again today, so it’s more dangerous than normal times.”

“Thank you, Luca. Please do let me take up your words for it.”

“No. Even so, it might be difficult to head to the forest with this heavy rain… the visibility is bad in the forest when it’s raining so it’s dangerous.”


The rain wouldn’t stop and for a while the sounds of the thunder continued.

It’s the first time Tiararose has witnessed such heavy rain after she has reincarnated into this world; it would be good if the thunder and rain would go away after tonight…






A night has passed, but the weather remains unchanged.

The sound of thunder and heavy wind with forceful rain; the flowers were snapped off and tree branches were flying around in the heavy wind.


Tiararose got out of bed and sighed.


“If this continues, it’s difficult to head to the forest…”


Even if there’s no thunder or strong wind, there’re chances of lightning, so it’d take a while before Tiararose could arrive at the entrance of the forest.

She suddenly thought that perhaps she could just ask the fairies about the situation in the forest. If it’s the forest fairies, Tiararose could probably summon them over by calling out to them.

Or perhaps, they might be seeking shelter from the rain somewhere in the castle.


“Forest fairies, I’d like you guys to come here.”


After saying that, there were no response at all; usually, there’d be a reply and they would appear within a few minutes though.


-Perhaps they were unable to come here due to the rain.


In that case, what about the sea fairy?

They could appear through the water; even if it’s by the water in the pipe or teacup.


Holding the jug on the bedside, she asked if the sea fairies were around- but there were no reply.


-In that case.


“Keith, are you here? If you are come over please.”


However, there was no reply from Keith.

Even though Tiararose rarely calls out to him, this has never happened before. Perhaps, Keith too was in a spot where he could not come.


No- or perhaps Keith might not be here.

In the first place, she has never seen the fairy kings after coming to this place.


“…I’m not impressed by how you called the name of another guy to the bedroom.”

“Ah, Aqua!”

“It seems like the fairies have disappeared along with the strange happening of the sky, right?”


After turning around, Aquasteed yawned and got up from the bed; since he did not sleep much yesterday, he slept for a while longer than usual today.

Aquasteed stretched out his arm and hugged Tiararose.


“Morning, Tiara.”

“Yes. Good morning.”


Tiararose smiled as she leaned towards the warm Aquasteed. However, her expression was quite cloudy.


“I saw the fairies on the day I woke up. Luca and Leo seem to be liked by them and the forest fairies-”


Tiararose realized something when she said that.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone that got along well with the forest fairies.”


Sea and sky fairies are friendly to humans and would bless them often. However, the forest fairies mostly do not bless humans. Tiararose was blessed by the forest fairies herself, but that was a very rare case.

Other than Tiararose, the forest fairies probably only got along well with Liliarge.


Thinking about that, Tiararose thought that this place is definitely not the Marineforest that she knows of.

Perhaps, it could be the future tens or hundreds years later.

She thought about the future where the forest fairies and humans got along well.


-That seemed impossible though.


Perhaps the forest fairies might have gotten used and keep in contact with the civilians like they did with Luca and Leo- she had mixed feelings of loneliness and jealousy… although it’s true that the country would be blessed and people would be happier with the blessings of the fairies.


“The forest fairies were only close to Tiara, right? I ended up being jealous since Tiara is mine.”

“No way…”

“Well then, it’s time to wake up. Cute wife, let’s get dressed and have breakfast.”



Aquasteed grinned and kissed Tiararose lightly; he then stood up and began preparation for breakfast.

While Aquasteed was preparing, Tiararose poured black tea; she added lemon for a bit of a kick.


After the preparations were done, they called the maids with the bell and had breakfast prepared for them.


The foods were warm and delicious but Tiararose cannot help but to worry as the rain has continued as though it’s not going to go away…


-That’s not possible though.


However, she felt an unsettling sensation.

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