Doted Villainess

Chapter 187 – Fluffy Partner

Thirteenth arc – Seventh chapter


Translator’s Note: I’m changing the names of Stiftluca and Stiftleo, as those translations don’t seem to be accurate to me.

Their names will now be Stiluca and Stirio, respectively.

Also, there were some inconsistencies on the ranking of noble houses (stuff like which house were dukes, counts, barons and etc.) during this story. Part were the fault of the author that seemed to have forgotten what nobility rank they assigned, but part were translation mistakes. Any ranks you see from now on are the correct ones.


Marineforest has beautiful clear skies, a fertile land, a sea filled with life, and a night-sky filled with stars.

This is possible because the fairy kings of the forest, sea and sky, as well as the king of the starry sky always watch over this land.

And now, in Tiararose’s room in the royal castle, her schedule was being discussed.

“For the time being, you will have to take a break from official duties until your magic stabilizes.” While saying that, Olivia, with Levy’s help, started readjusting Tiararose’s schedule.

Tiararose felt sad after hearing those words, but there was no choice when considering that she could become a cat at any moment.

“I apologize. This is only happening because I’m too unskilled…” Tiararose muttered.

“That’s not it! You’re still a lot better than me, who can’t even use magic!” Olivia replied.

Tiararose lowered her eyebrows regardless of Olivia’s words.

But then, Olivia shook her head and smiled, “It’s alright.

“You should just think of it as a great achievement for us, villainesses! You’re becoming able to use more magic, after all.

“As for me, my role as a villainess is about to end, since lady Aishira is getting married. 

“… It’s truly about to end.”

“Lady Olivia…” Tiararose muttered.

Olivia’s words felt somewhat lonely, which gave an indescribable feeling to Tiararose.

Both of them were villainesses, and the actions of the heroines, Akari and Aishira, paired up with who they choose to become a couple with, would end up changing Tiararose’s and Olivia’s destinies.

Though in Tiararose’s case, Aquasteed, the main capture target of the sequel, acted irregularly, so they are now living their happily ever after.

But now, Tiararose was wondering what would happen to the villainess of the sequel after said sequel ends.

There are almost no stories where the villainess gets a happy ending.

Tiararose looked at Olivia while sweating coldly.

However, Olivia did not seem to be anxious at all… Or rather, she actually looked happy.

“What happens to the villainess after the ending? Considering your current expression, lady Olivia, I can’t imagine it being a sad fate.” Tiararose asked.

“I’d be happy if I was exiled, but…” Olivia started saying.

“Lady Olivia!?” Tiararose exclaimed.

Tiararose was quite surprised by Olivia’s sudden statement of being happy with being exile.

She couldn’t imagine anyone saying that they wanted to be exiled in the first place, but more than that, Olivia hadn’t done anything worth getting exiled for, so that didn’t seem like a possible ending.

“Since she’s not on the route of his majesty Aquasteed, then I shouldn’t be impacted by her actions at all.” Olivia said.

“Aah, right… Lady Olivia was originally supposed to be Aqua’s fiancee, after all.” Tiararose replied.

“Indeed. So, if lady Aishira chose to marry someone other than his majesty Aquasteed, then I’d just marry his majesty myself if things flowed in the same way as they did in the game.” Olivia explained.

The reason things didn’t proceed like that, was because Olivia broke her engagement with Aquasteed when they were still children, as she couldn’t stop herself from having nosebleeds whenever she saw him… But let’s not dive into this any further and leave it at that.

And now that she knows that Aishra and Kyle’s marriage would not cause trouble to Olivia, Tiararose could breathe out in relief.

So now, she was planning on brewing a bit more tea, relax, and take it easy, but… At this point, Tiararose became a cat again.

She was a white, fluffy, adorable Persian-like cat. Around her neck, she wore a ribbon that was given to her by Luciarose.

“Aaawn! You’re so cute, lady Tiararose!” Olivia hugged Tiararose.

“Meoww… (Ahaha…)” Tiararose could only smile wryly at that.

Aquasteed and the others have been doing quite a bit of research, but Tiararose’s cycle of switching between cat and human is still continuing.

And well, that’s why her schedule required adjustment.

“I wish I could transform myself somehow by our connection as villainesses…” Olivia muttered.

“Meow? (Does Olivia want to become a cat too?)” Tiararose mused.

“If I could become a bird, then I would be able to fly to lord Grail’s temple!

“Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to reach the temple in the skies…” Olivia said.

Olivia’s expression really showed how much she wanted to go see the sky temple herself.

And of course, she also wants to go to Keith’s castle and to Pearl’s undersea palace.

Just thinking about it made Olivia start breathing heavily.

At this moment, Tiararose really thought that Olivia was a very positive person.

She wondered if it would be good for her if she too started thinking more positively.

After all, in her cat form, Tiararose could let herself be spoiled by Aquasteed more easily than when she was in human form.

She would also be able to run faster than usual, and basking on a sunny spot on the castle would surely feel great for her cat self.

With this kind of idea in her mind, Tiararose thought that it wasn’t all that bad to be a cat.


Pheles and Liliarge climbed a tall tree in the garden of the royal castle and secretly peered into Tiararose’s room through the window.

After asking Grail about the current situation, they decided to first look at it by themselves from a distance.

“That white cat is Tiara.” Pheles said.

‘I want to hug her! She is so cute!’ Liliarge thought.

But immediately after, she shook her head and exclaimed, “That’s wrong!”

“It’s wrong?” Pheles asked.

“Ah, no, that’s not it… It’s just… Her state is… It looks the same as what mine used to be…” Liliarge’s voice became quieter and quieter as she said that.

If Tiararose’s condition was really the same as hers, then she might become a monster due to becoming unable to handle the power of the Starry Sky.

She looked calm on the outside, but Liliarge was currently at a loss, and her anxiety grew with each passing second.

Tiararose was the one who saved Liliarge and Pheles, so neither of them wanted her to become a monster.

If there was a way to help Tiararose out, then Liliarge wanted to do whatever it took to help her.

“Pheles, do you know why Tiara is transforming?” Liliarge asked him.

Pheles smiled gently in return, “She has that ring. It’s gonna be alright.”

“Really…?” Liliarge muttered.

“Tiararose’s appearance changed simply because she couldn’t handle the incoming magical powers, but her essence has not changed at all.” Pheles replied.

Pheles explained that Tiararose’s body wasn’t used to handling this much magic, so her appearance had changed… However, her ring won’t allow her to lose her sense of self, so she should not become a giant monster like Liliarge once did.

“So, essentially, as long as she wears that ring, she’ll be fine…” Liliarge muttered.

“Yes. That’s what her ring of the Starry Sky was made for, after all.” Pheles replied.

That’s why, Tiararose is okay.

However, it’s still inconvenient for things to continue like this, with she frequently changing between human and cat form.

Nonetheless, Liliarge took a deep breath and felt extremely relieved.

She felt like her strength was leaving her body, so she tightly hugged Pheles and let herself be taken care of by him.

For now, she is happy that the worst outcome did not happen.

However, they can’t postpone finding a solution to this problem.

Liliarge then thought that it might be a good idea for her to try studying magic with Tiara.

“You were in this kind of place? Your Highness Pheles, Lady Liliarge?” Aquasteed suddenly said.

“Aqua, it’s been a while.” Pheles replied.

“Aqua! You’ve grown up!” Liliarge exclaimed.

“… I don’t think I have really changed since the last time.” Aquasteed held back a sigh.

He heard about their whereabout from Grail, so he was looking for them, but he didn’t expect finding those two while they were spying on Tiararose.

“There’s something urgent that I need to talk to you about.” Aquasteed told them.

“It’s about the change in Tiara.” Pheles stated.

“Indeed.” Aquasteed replied.

Liliarge said, “Understood”, then jumped off Pheles arms, towards Aquasteed, who was below the tree.

Pheles just raised his eyebrows at that, “Ah…” Then jumped after her, picking her up mid-air.

“I just heard it from Pheles. Tiara’s ring of the Starry Sky will prevent her from becoming the same kind of being that I became.” Liliarge told Aquasteed, “So don’t worry about it.” She then smiled.

“That said, it would still be better if she could learn how to handle magic better, so that the cat transformation stops happening when she doesn’t want it to.” Pheles added.

“I see… Thank you. I’m relieved to hear that.” Aquasteed replied.

Pheles also provided a different solution for it, but it wasn’t very viable.

He suggested finding something that could absorb Tiararose’s excess magical power.

However, Tiararose and Aquasteed were already troubled by the incredibly high magical power of their children, so it wasn’t realistic to try finding something to absorb Tiararose’s magical power when they couldn’t even find something to absorb their own children’s magic.

So, the more viable solution was to improve Tiararose’s control over magic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people in Marineforest who are good at magic, with one of them being Aquasteed himself.

Aquasteed also thought that, since Tiara already uses her magical power to makes sweets, then that should mean that she is actually good at handling magic.

The main issue is that she isn’t used to handling large amounts of magical power.

However, once Aquasteed started thinking about how busy his schedule was, he thought it might be a better idea to ask a Fairy King for help.

Keith had also said that Tiararose should learn how to handle magic, so Aquasteed thought that Keith would most likely cooperate.


“Meow meow!? (Your highness Pheles, lady Lilia!?)” Tiararose meowned.

Tiararose couldn’t help being surprised when she saw Aquasteed enter the room together with those two.

She panicked and bowed to them while still being in cat form.

“It’s been a while, Tiara, Olivia.” Liliarge said.

“Seems like we’ve been traveling for too long, so we arrived late.” Pheles said.

“Meoow… (No, that’s not…)” Tiararose replied.

“It’s been a while, your highness Pheles, lady Liliarge.” Olivia greeted them.

In the meantime, Levy had already started preparing the tea.

Liliarge jumped onto the sofa where Tiararose was sitting and started rubbing her cheek with hers, “Wow, you’re so fluffy!”

“Meowmeow (I’d say that lady Lilia is even fluffier…!” Tiararose replied.

Since they’re both fluffy, it felt twice as soft and warm to snuggle up.

Tiararose felt like she could now understand how wonderful it felt to sleep together with a fluffy pet.

As Tiararose snuggled up to Liliarge, she smiled at her.

The two husbands who were watching it from behind were also smiling. Even in this situation, they could still think that their wives were cute.

While they thought about how it could be a good idea to call a painter to immortalize this moment, Tiararose and Liliarge fell asleep due to their mutual warmth.

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