The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 82 Part 1


I’ll be secretly borrowing that for a while…!



Even though she had decided to proceed with the event, she still needed Aquasteed’s ring of the King of the Starry Sky.


After having enjoyed a pleasant bath, Tiararose laid idly on her bed, wondering how was she going to go about getting it.

Indeed, it wasn’t something that could be lent simply by asking nicely. It might be possible to borrow it if she were to explain her motives, but it was written that she could not let anyone know about this.

In other words, she would not be able to discuss this with Aquasteed.


–I don’t want to be keeping secrets from him.



“Ah, Prince Aqua. Welcome back.”

“I’ve missed you. Though I could use some sleep.”


Aquasteed’s workload has increased since the king had fallen ill. He was showing no signs of getting any better and was getting more and more worried with each passing day.

But that didn’t mean there was no way of curing him. Tiararose did not know how, but Aquasteed and Pheles seemed to have a better understanding of his disease.


All Aquasteed said when asked about his father’s condition was a mere “He seemed fine”.


“He didn’t seem to have lost his appetite, so at least that’s something to be relieved about.”

“It’s important that he’s able to eat something.”

“It seems that only Mother has been there to nurse him.”


Aquasteed crawled into the bed and laid beside Tiararose. He then quickly turned around with his arm over her waist, as if wanting to be hugged back like a spoiled child.

His actions were cute as a cat’s, but his words were burdened with concern.


“Lady Lavina… I understand just how worried she must be. How about I prepare some tasty treats and invite her over for tea? Ah, but I wouldn’t want to inconvenience her…”

“No, I’m sure she’ll be delighted to join you for tea, Tiara. If possible, it would be better to do it outdoors rather than indoors, though.”



Lavina has been confined indoors for a while, but she would definitely come for tea. Aquasteed would rather her mother to go outside for a change, even if she would prefer otherwise.

Hearing that, Tiararose smiled, saying “You can’t just order Her Majesty the Queen around, can you?”


“Well, when the time comes, I’ll just tag along and join you for tea as well. If I do that, I should be able to bring her along wherever I wanted to, don’t you think?”

“If you say so, Prince Aqua, it’s fine by me…”

“Okay. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Then I’ll prepare an even more delicious cake. Of course, I’ll prepare other things too.”


Tiararose sadness was dissipating as she became calmer.  Aquasteed was having an even tougher time with his father being sick. When thinking about that fact, it was as if something that had been pinned down into her heart had been released.

Gently brushing Aquasteed’s hair, Tiararose continued talking.


“I hope your father gets better soon. It seems that Lady Lilia had the same disease once… and she did get well.”

“… That’s right. I’ll cure him.”

“Prince Aqua…”


After hearing Aquasteed’s words, she unconsciously straightened herself. As she sat on the bed, Aquasteed turned around facing upwards resting his head on Tiararose’s lap.

Aquasteed seemed to be pondering about something as he slowly closed his eyes. No, it might have been better to say that he was getting closer to a decision.


The next time he looked at Tiararose, there was no doubt in his eyes.


“I want to become the King of the Starry Sky.”



The sudden confession took her breath away.

A deep silence quickly filled the room making it still as a grave, but time began to flow once again as Tiararose started breathing again.


“Though it might be rather hard on you, Tiara–”

“It’s okay.”



Tiararose had raised her voice as she interrupted Aquasteed.


“What’s more, I’d like you to get me involved in it. I don’t want to just stay behind as you protect me, Aqua. I’d like to walk by your side.”


She shared her thoughts with Aquasteed as she breathed on his shoulder. Her eyes were swelling up with tears, but she was very happy that she could build up enough determination to be able to tell him.

Tiararose’s endless tears were falling off her cheeks and onto Aquasteed’s face. He then scooped them out of his face with his fingers, and licked them.




“O… of course! What are you doing, Prince Aqua?”


She hurriedly wiped her own tears with her hands.


“Here. If you keep doing that, your face is going to get red.”


Aquasteed gently took Tiararose’s hand as if asking her to stop. Then he kissed her tenderly under her eyes, taking her tears in.

Aquasteed wiped her tears with his nightclothes’ sleeves, saying he was sorry he didn’t have a handkerchief…


Tiararose tried changing the topic so as to hide her embarrassment.


–Sweets? Ah, no… umm… ah! That’s it!


“Prince Aqua, could you let me see your ring?”

“My ring?”

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